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  1. I don’t think so but don’t you have data on your phone?
  2. Al did a tremendous job at Charlotte enforcing this, would love to see the same at the Glen
  3. There always is more than we can get, the good ones are searchers looking for speed in every corner
  4. We are getting close to needed a new front bumper cover, the OEM is $$$. Adding up the parts gets over $400 http://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/showparts?id=BM33-USA-12-1999-E46-BMW-323Ci&diagId=51_3679 There are Chinese knock-offs out there for $150, they are "M-Style" but there is no practical advantage to them, Bimmerworld sells them, we made them legal for Spec E46 because spending over $400 on a piece of plastic is silly. Will there be any issue running the Chinese replica bumper cover in Champ? https://www.bimmerworld.com/Body-Aero/Front-Spoilers/BMW-E46-M3-Style-Front-Bumper-with-Fog-Lights.html
  5. Cool that you guys have an aero and non-aero car to test with. We thought about taking the diff out for a speedway course like CMS or Daytona and trying an undertray for the aero. So what's the motor differences between the 2 cars?
  6. You got to know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em. Know when to walk away and know when to run...
  7. HOLY poop BALLS how could we have not posted about this already!! Who saw the fire bottle man immediately put out a fueling fire?? It was just up from the wall break towards the pit out end of pit road. TREMENDOUS JOB whoever that was!!!!! I really hope someone has video that we can share, Champ should be all over that. The person did an amazing job and the dynamics of the rule obviously work very well - the distance back from the fueler, watching the area and not looking around, pin pulled, visors down.. It worked guys. It was scary but awesome to watch. Anyone on here involved?
  8. I radioed in at the beginning of my seconds stint "jesus, the car will do it, it just takes me 2-3 laps to not crack it at least a little bit damn". Everybody had the same experience in our car. I think the highest speed was turning in from the top of the track and apexing around the center of 4 and tracking out. Of course that required no one to be around me. I'm really glad most folks stayed in their lane through there! Our car wont do the lap the 246 will at VIR but it was good at CMS. Yes speed was the key but it was born from handling. You guys' E30 with the completely legal power to weight ratio it runs plus aero is really tough to beat but CMS is one of those places where the short wheelbase and more narrow track width put it at a disadvantage. It's amazing how the cars get to a similar lap time coming from so many different places. RBanks car was so freakishly fast in the straights it was mind blowing. If that car handled like ours it would have run 1:20.
  9. Man... what a weekend for DamSon Racing. Prep did not start late, we nut and bolted the car in early March, but it ended late with the final touches being done Thursday night late and Friday morning causing us to leave town earlier than expected. Huge shoutout to Al with Champ for policing the garage area with assigned parking spots, being late didn’t cost us a parking spot. We only brought 4 new tires and rummaged through the scrubs for the best 2 lefts and 1 right we could find for changes. I personally wasn’t aware we were in contention for anything and I certainly didn’t know this was the Championship race, work has been an absolute bear for the past month and I just hadn’t paid attention to anything car related. Late Thursday night I found a busted FCAB bushing and had to get a teammate to pick up the replacement parts on the way to the track Friday. Not the way we like to prepare for a race- overwhelmed. Once we were on site, went through tech and got the FCAB bushings in/ things were pretty standard. We have worked for a year getting our program nailed down, people know what to do and why; we’ve added some new stuff but overall it was business as usual. Last year at Charlotte was out first full race as DSR, at VIR that year we took a splitter stanchion to the gas tank cutting our day short in the first session. At CMS we had fuel issues (that persisted almost all through 2018) and couldn’t make fuel to 2 hours because we could only get 12 gallons out of the tank. We had that fixed and felt good for this year. Well, With the different track config our fuel burn was off the charts, we were burning 15+ in 1:45ish. Once we realized we couldn’t make 2 hour stops we figured we were out of contention so we were just going hard and thinking about a swirl pot for next year. Our team was amazing and stops were super clean. We had to change a front left a stop earlier than expected and saw that right front was getting as much wear as left front, which made me sick to my stomach knowing I’d only brought 3 spares and scrubs to boot. We changed the right front the next stop to find it was through the cords. During that stint I was in the car and radiod in that the next guy would appreciate that right front more than the left front I had gotten because 3/4 were a little nerving knowing that tire was near its end. Anyway, got the front right on and we went back to work. Those three stints before the final hour stint were the difference, we put down a metric ton on sub 1:30 laps and stayed in the lead, all the while thinking that we had to make an extra stop than everyone else and/or that f#ck!ng Saab was a rocket ship! 😉. We hadn’t given up when we realized we were short on mileage but we thought we were beat. Our engineering types started adding it up and giving us some hope, if Simon stops, RBanks stops and/or a good yellow comes we could change our pit window down to... poop, YELLOW, BOX BOX BOX. We caught that last yellow, got the car in immediately and got our closer out on the track. The race came right to us. We were lucky, bottom line. Calculating our gap back to RVA Graphics for a podium turned into a P1. We ran a good race, hit our marks and executed our stops fantastically but the luck of the yellow gave us the win plain and simple. We didn’t know we had won the National Championship until Bill said it during the interview. We were lucky to be there, to have the car truck and trailer there, I almost said I was too busy to get the car finished. Walking into the registration building I had seen the trophy but the thought of winning it never crossed my mind. I was just happy to be there with friends on the team and in the paddock. That win was really a high point for all of us. It’s hard to win in this format as preparation has to be graced by fortune, that makes the wins sweeter. Oh and that trophy was the best thing I’ve ever seen! We are excited and look forward to proudly wearing the #1 this year. Thanks to all of our fellow racers.
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