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  1. Your right dude for God’s sake. 100% right. This guy was right. His car is totaled. Anytime you want to be right at the expense of totaling your car go ahead. OR you can learn how to see around you and know that a car is there and not turn in, be right and not be totaled
  2. Do you have video from the 8th hour stint? There’s a teaching opportunity for entering T7 that I’d like to highlight for the other event thread. You guys were coming up the bridge straight, I moved over and left 7/8 of a car width, you guys took it, we didn’t crash- transaction complete. I had the choice to go all the way over but didn’t want to give away that much of my turn in for one and didn’t think you’d take the 7/8 for two but either way it was a perfectly legit interaction, the type of which happen 100’s of time in a race.
  3. I will our more emphasis on one part of my comment hopefully for some benefit. This is something I say in race school verbatim- “we took the A B and C car diagrams out of our rule book (BMWCCA CR) because it tried to establish who “owned” a corner or had the “right to the apex” and we replaced it with the assertion that both drivers are responsible for getting through the corner safely. Sure you can be “in the right” according to the old diagrams about overlap but if you turn down on someone and crash you’re right- and you’re damaged and no one is going to pay to fix your car”. Do you think the driver of the wrecked car said “I own this apex” and turned down on the guy or do you think he didn’t know he was there? These comments about reading the rules aren’t understanding my point- be able to see the cars around you so you don’t have to rely on the other car to do the right thing. Pretty simple.
  4. Maybe just read my post, I said some sanctioning bodies MAY NOT... and I also said- never mind. Reread my post.
  5. Not to victim blame here but man, you've got to be able to see, feel. sense a car that close to you. There are sanctioning bodies that may not have penalized the car on the inside there based on his position. The inside driver's post and apology is what matters here, just make sure your mirrors are set and are the proper type to be able to see cars overlapping your bumpers. After James Clay's big hit there a few years back in IMSA I've always had a convex mirror on my a pillar for that specific turn. The outside driver couldn't have changed where the inside driver was but he couldn't not turned down. OK so I'm victim blaming, not for fault in the crash but for not avoiding it.
  6. THAT's how you drive with a 6 lap lead in the last stint! GWR - WOW that was badddd
  7. Tha k you. The question is (if DSR can get another P1) do we tow to Sonoma? Package deal on sharing a tow for both cars? We don’t want to give up the Gold 1 and I know you guys want it! It would be a shame for it to run around California next year at 40 car events 🙄
  8. We thought it was but I’m not sure the Camaro did. Our guy said they could go an hour full out and they went an hour and a half or so. They got behind us and waited for a while but then passed us and put down some faster laps. If they were screwing with my mind they did it perfectly because I was thinking why would they pass us early and or run harder than they needed to after passing us if they were conserving? Maybe 2:15’s was conserving since they did get to 2:10 but if it were me I would’ve been doing 2:20’s. It was fun and we were really engaged in the race for P2
  9. Congrats to the Huggy squad for the win, well earned! Not sure who the lady on the live broadcast is but thanks to her for picking us and sticking with us, sorry for letting you down 😞. This event is all about staying clean and avoiding contact. We had contact in our first night stint that pushed our right rear tire to 1 1/8” toe out and slowed us about 2 seconds a lap. In the next stint our shifter selector rod sheared off and we had to get a flat tow back to the paddock costing us 20. Considering those occurrences we are very pleased with finishing 3rd overall. The last half of the event was all about disappointment and regret but this is a team event and, while a large part of it is results, the performance of the team is something to be happy about. Our crew was 100 out of 100 executing perfect pit stops, miraculous fixes and doing the little things perfectly. That’s how we made the podium and that’s why I feel better today looking back at the race. We want this race so bad, it’s brutal and requires flawless execution to win. Bimmerworld pitched a perfect game last year and Huggy pitched one this year. That’s what it takes overall all other things (especially speed), 11 stops, no contact. We look forward to trying again next year.
  10. Not picking on them, jealous. If we were doing it over it would be an E30 fresh build. Well, as fresh as an E30 build can be... 😂
  11. It’s neither predominately. This series is one of opportunity, people with 0 experience can get behind the wheel and race. That’s a frustration to racers but it’s a constant and we all sign up for it. The series is competitive and that’s always been a mystery to me but it’s the fact. Walk up to Mike and complain about car VPI and he can show you the leaderboard with 10 cars on the same lap after 15 hours. I don’t know what it would take to blow the VPI up, 4 pro/semi pro guys build a full on E30? Whatever it would take it hasn’t happened, the series is competitive as hell despite our perception of the rules.
  12. So far the best prep we can muster plus good equipment has served us well #1
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