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  1. Oh yea, why we ALWAYS rent a garage. The gods were nice enough to bless us with one of the Garages with AC and fans as well. All that being said, still sucks changing a motor on race day.
  2. That cuts deep Tom...(Me changing a motor at a 24 hour race, would of killed for a quick repair) FWIW, In practice I had an issue three laps in taking too much of the snake pit that put my wheel a bit off center. After that I was good, but it was a pucker every time though the snake pit. @Gordo is the one who had to take a 25 min repair after his first fast repair.
  3. Jab31169

    Daytona 2020

    Alabama boy here, I'll just put this out there...
  4. Of course you would choose the Roval after we practiced on the old road course last night. See you guys tonight
  5. Agreed, lets also make sure those people who were involved with ruining someones race weekend before it even started are never allowed back in to another champcar race.
  6. You guys cant do this to us, we need the story....we WANT the story. I need to judge someone ASAP. IN ALL SERIOUSNESS, I am sad to here there was some issue whatever it was. I would however like to know more as to avoid the situation in the future if at all possible.
  7. Trans gave up the ghost pretty early on if I remember correctly
  8. Yea what happened to Cone Crushers? I had them in my top 5 for sure, along with KSR. I hate it for both teams. I didnt get to watch much of the race as it was my birthday and I was doing taxes, and I was moving out of my old house. Would of MUCH rather been at Daytona.
  9. Yea....I found it kinda odd the one tuttle car ran a 2:14.1. That seems really fast for a C class car. The next best was a rbank sabb at 2:16.6 Fixed it for you
  10. FOMO taking over my brain at work today. Good luck to all the teams! Have fun! Im missing Daytona on my birthday...would of been a blast!
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