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  1. Race was fun for the first 35 mins running with @Rapido, sorry to see you get taken out by lap traffic. The start was a cluster, not sure exactly what happened but it didn't look fun. See you guys at VIR South!
  2. Yes, I dislike this track. Both of the hairpins murder my time and momentum. I spent 45 mins last night trying to get better and I only found like .2 tenths maybe. Still wayyyyy off the pace of the top 8 most likely.
  3. The only way the hub fails like that is if the axle nut comes off....where the hell is the axle nut. Am I seeing things or does it look like part of the place you stake the nut has gone away? (I know you said part of it was damaged). Something happened with the nut, either it backed itself off for reasons unknown or the metal on the tip but I wouldn't call this a hub failure. PSA: Please replace the rear rubber brake line.
  4. What do the axles look like? How old were they? 6-8 Races on what brand of axles? We had a cheap axle fail on us after about the same number of events
  5. Awsomesauce. Dat guy was quick on the track and prob will be really fast in that supra.
  6. I was hoping that switching vehicles out every other race might make it interesting, but then I remembered you're prob still way faster than me in all of them.
  7. Seriously? You can't honestly believe this can you? I hope you are just playing devils advocate...if not you are being incredibly obtuse.
  8. It's between the bridge and black flag on the back straight, if they haven't moved it.
  9. Yea, me and Roddy messed around at Daytona with the road setup...it liked to do what I call...Turtle a lot. 3.15 gears please!!!
  10. AA? Audi's Anonymous. Do you or your loved ones struggle with keeping an Audi on track? If so, we have a support group just for you to help you with your problems, and its a simple three step process: 1) Accept the fact Audis will break in the first hour 2) Put it on the trailer 3) Get in your e30 and finish the race *Green Font*
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