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  1. I'm with this guy, we used one good tie down strap and the "flimsy" Velcro straps at Indy and our cool shirt box didn't go anywhere after the impact. We had the one strap system down pretty good in the pits. Also with the way its worded "4 attachment points, I am guessing that means I cant wrap the straps around my cool shirt mount that is bolted in to the stock seat mounting points? And we are not dumping all water in the pits, we are just washing down the lil bit of fuel we spilled. 😁 In all seriousness, we put giant ice blocks in our coolers, we have to take the water that melted from the last one and get a quart or less out. We didn't really think or haven't heard of anyone having an issue with it until now. We cant really drink it, I guess we could dump it into another cooler to then dump into the grass/trash can/toilet/next pit stalls beer cooler?
  2. The thing I noticed was I knew who I was racing in class and most other people did too. If I knew you weren't in my class I would generally let people go if the car was faster than me. If you were in my class and you weren't slow, then it was a race and racing ensued. I did however have a fun battle with a GTO vett for what felt like an hour but was prob just like 20 mins for an overall position that really doesn't matter in the long run, but it was still fun. I even found the guy afterwards and let him know why he was slow though the back half.
  3. We ran at Barber in our M3 and I found the driving to be similar to champ (Outside of one team that showed up...you know who you are). We had just as much contact from other teams in WRL as we had Champ , which is not much to this point outside of a few rubs and bumps. I'm pretty sure the teams running the big money cars wont sweat losing a big money car because...they have money and they know the risk when racing like all of us should. Not to mention most of the teams in WRL with big money cars are rental operations from what I saw. [SOAPBOX] I never really get the perceived hate between the leagues from either side. All of us as racers should be working to make all of them work because variety is the spice of life and it breeds innovation and frankly, when I win the lottery, I will do every race I can in any league that will let me race [/SOAPBOX]
  4. MOSPORT MOSPORT MOSPORT Already had a talk internally about renting or if we can figure it out, towing up.
  5. Yea you guys looked strong. I was teaching a street survival school and was trying to keep up on T&S. Looked like a race the last two hours for 2nd.
  6. A lot, like a lot of smack talk and bullpoop. Did you join the right one?
  7. Fun race last night, two hours is hard in a VR headset. Hope all the HJ guys have fun at the 24 you lucky som batches!!! Missed ya @pintodave, I spotted you mowing grass down the hill at south bend.
  8. Smells like depends and Boost nutrition drinks
  9. I'll need a spare room for a few months as well once my wife kicks me out of the house.
  10. Man, I really wish I didn't have a kid going into kindergarden....or a wife. Then maybe I could be eating brisket and drinking beer in the paddock with Racebar guys talking about cool stuff and then maybe getting a stint in. Good luck this weekend fellas!
  11. Saturday, we updated our list: We got FIFI off the trailer pretty easy with a harbor freight wheel dolly: But it didn't like attempting to go up the hill: So we moved on to the next idea: Which worked but we were pretty sure it wouldn't make it up the steep driveway, so we broke down and put in a new trailing arm and pulled most of the broke stuff out: STANCE IS LIFE BRO: Got her up the hill and in the garage. Prognoses isn't great right now, lots of broke/bent stuff. Might be time for a new chassis.
  12. If anyone comes across a junker/roller e36 325/328 chassis please let me know. Cheaper the better, something within 8 hours or so of Birmingham, Al.
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