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  1. Official 2018 - Marathon Coach Daytona Beach Enduro

    Under three weeks!! Starting to get the pre-race pump going
  2. Your fuel cell installation tips

    Hot Balls for Sale! Get your Hot Balls right here! We got small balls, medium balls, and some big ol balls. Balls everywhere!! Come and get your balls if you want a set or two.
  3. 2018 petitions

    Wait...your 390 point car can keep up with a basic e36...which at its lowest (m50b20) is 475 points...dang
  4. AMB Transponder

    Yea, we just bought a wired one for $500 shipped. It should hold its value and save us the $50 rental fee.
  5. Protests

    I might even just keep a protest sheet in my car so when Huggins blows by me at Daytona I can just throw it at him when I give the one finger point-by. Better keep your passenger window down homie. As one of the teams that gets walked by these fast ass e30's, I'll chime in. Maybe I look at it differently, but I just see it as something to strive for as opposed to the cheaty angle...but that's just my sunny disposition.
  6. Nice to see another Alabama team coming out to run. Good luck with the build, maybe I'll see ya testing at Barbers here soon
  7. So we just had a discussion about cleaning up our decals and I've become a bit confused on what is required and what is not. So looking at RVA's website, they show the decal package and it does not include the Maxxis sticker, but the BCCR shows the Maxxis sticker. Is the Maxxis sticker required to be on the car?
  8. Protests

  9. Official 2018 - Marathon Coach Daytona Beach Enduro

    Aw man! Bummer. Always wanted one of those pics where people are standing on the banking. Thanks for checking!
  10. Protests

    The things people do for old brake rotor trophies....
  11. Official 2018 - Marathon Coach Daytona Beach Enduro

    @Bill Strong any chance of a track walk Friday?
  12. Daytona, Where to stay?

    Good question....not a whole lot left
  13. Man, you guys really can argue about anything
  14. Glad to see this car coming back to life. I was behind you guys at Rd Atl when the motor let go, was sad to see it happen. I even stopped by and checked on you guys in the paddock. My favorite paint scheme in chump right now....cant wait to see you guys back out there!!