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  1. Fun race for the most part. Highest I’ve ever qualified. Kinda figured I couldn’t stay there all race but I gave it a shot. Had a headset blink that caught me out, and then someone spun into 1, I attempted to go around the outside right at the same moment they decided to back up. Story of my iracing career. See ya guys next week
  2. Seems like added complication, I've never understood the confusion or why all the talk about this. Come racing up...station is yellow/waving yellow/yellow-white...stop racing, put hand up to signal other drivers, look for bad stuff, avoid bad stuff, if you can see next station doesn't have a flag, take off once you get to the next station/past incident. Per Rodgers example above, if I get to a station after a yellow and it doesn't have a flag out, im going.
  3. *looks at thread title* *reads thread* *closes browser*
  4. Ugh, not a great race. Sorry to Joe who I pitted coming out of 5. Thought you were going out wider than you did and tried to shoot a gap that closed up since you guys were both a little slow coming out of 5. Glad to see all the usuals. Missed @Hugh Jass but was glad to see your faster clone was in the race.
  5. I liked the fuel change...made for some interesting choices. Whoever the new guy was blew away most everyone with a 1:36 during the race. I think foweather kept it close. Once everyone else shows up next week, I imaging my 5th place will turn into a not top 10 in the real race. Rd Atl was the race that really killed me last year. See you guys and girls next week.
  6. Hey @Rapido Thanks for the practice session. Was good fun! Is the race going to have a faster time multiplier? I miss the night driving....and you.
  7. We tried that at our first 24 and we never got it right. Rain x took a few attempts but we’ve got it down now
  8. who knows, I asked for corner lights to be required and got told it was too expensive
  9. Champcar and HughJass, Thanks so much for a great season! Has been fun all the way though! The mid season enduro's to replace the real races were a blast! The regular season was great fun as well! Thanks for all the work you guys put into this @Rapido , @Hugh Jass, and the rest of the Hugh Jass crew that helps with the broadcasts and all the other stuff. @Doc Thanks for all you do to keep the iRacing side going as well. I always look forward to my mid week break from family life to jump in the sim and race with my Champcar friends. I hope to see more of this in the future an
  10. I watched you guys move in from the skidpad/proving grounds. I heard you guys run sat and Sunday from the house. Hope everyone had a great time! Was glad to see local boys @Burningham take home the top spot Saturday. Looked like Sunday turned into a pretty day.
  11. Good fun last night! I hadn't turned on the sim since our last race, so it was nice to brush the dust off the oculus and strap back in. The understeer machines at Barber were more of a challenge than I thought. I lost count of my mis-shifts over the course of the race. Dipped two wheels off at turn 1 and had to run in for fast repairs. Had fun trying to make back up spots. Passing was really hard, had to set them up over a few turns. @mostmint kept me honest, was sad to see ya eat wall coming off 16. I almost made it back up to my starting spot...one more lap and I could of had it. Se
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