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  1. Jab31169

    BMW Endurance series

    As a side note to this thread. I got to meet James Clay this weekend at the BMWCCA race school I attended at Barber. He brought the champcar with him. I've got a few notes about the experience I'll share: 1) I don't think I've met anyone as nice as James Clay, ever. Just shooting the poop with him, he treats everyone he talks to like he's known them for years. 2) That car is the poop and is built like a tank. 40,000 race miles on the chassis...insanity. Lots of R&D into that car. 3) That guy is fast, real fast, and was nice enough to coach me and a team mate up and we didn't even ask him to, he just offered it up and helped us follow through on it. It was good to see how that car is built and what our baseline should be built to. Changes will be made to get our car closer to that fine example of an automobile.
  2. Jab31169

    GT86 in chump?

    The last GT86 I saw on track with chump had a big v8 in it and sprayed gear oil all over my windshield. With the stock motor and the free mods, car would be a 550 or better. I doubt it would make 2 hours on 13 gallons, would have to swap in a cell and swirl pots to get close IMO
  3. Jab31169

    Downloadable in car lap timers Android

    *Shamless Plug* https://apextrackcoach.com/ *Shameless Plug* If you end up at Barber this year or any track event at Barber, let me know and I can setup a demo for you. I know we talked about it at Daytona before, but I think both of us got busy with race stuff.
  4. CORRECTION: So the lifeline rain light in flash mode alternates between 60% power and 100%. Any other way its 100% power. Just as an FYI for those who come looking.
  5. Asked the question at VIR, was told flashing was the way to go. I don't know if I would wire it into the parking lights as that focker is bright and it shouldn't be on unless its blinding rain or fog.
  6. Man, We got some pretty quick karters on our team (Myself excluded), we'd be all in for this. Bring scooters or Big wheels to Barber? Race around perimeter road?
  7. Jab31169

    BMW Endurance series

    Yea springs and shocks are fine, we run the same setup until we can afford some custom springs. Not sure on the Xbrace, I'm sure someone would argue it's worth points, I personally think it just adds weight. Electric fan is fine since the car had one to begin with.
  8. Jab31169

    BMW Endurance series

    That's a M52 in that video. Spece36 is required to run stock airbox as well. I will state again, for the record, I AM MAKING NO CLAIMS THE MOTOR/TEAM IN QUESTION WAS CHEATING OR IS CHEATY , Just in case that wasn't clear. I am really just discussing this for more knowledge into the subject besides what I have read on the interwebs and what I know from my limited personal experience.
  9. Chump\Champcar first official OVAL race?
  10. I'd say getting to run at Indy is like getting to play golf at Augusta, and I'll jump at the chance to get to race at the brickyard and kiss the bricks.
  11. Whats stupid money? More than 1600?