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  1. Late to the party, but we finally got our one stint that recorded posted. 1st stint of the day, yours truly. I didnt realize how passive I drove for the first 45 mins. Not a good opener.
  2. Pit in was not closed, pit out was. They were trying to keep the cars in a pack so they could clean the oil from turn two all the way to turn 5.
  3. First timers to Champcar, tech missed it on the sheet as well.
  4. What if a team fills out the form, puts in the points for each mod, but gets the math wrong or doesn't really understand the form and puts the wrong total in. The car gets tech'd and signed off on that weekend and tech does not catch the mistake on the form and does not total it up right either. Say they make impound and then tech finds the mistake on the form. No one protests but tech comes and tells the team, "hey we messed up, you should of been at this point total so post race we are going to apply the laps you should of started with". Had they finished 6th, the mistake would of never been found and results would of remained. But because they made impound the mistake was found and fixed. Just for clarification, I'm not bad mouthing anyone, mistakes happen, people write stuff down wrong, and some are terrible at math like me. I just want to get a feel for how membership feels this type of situation should be played out (IE: Enforce post race or say our bad this one's on us, next time you're at this total if nothing changes on the car).
  5. HA! We watched that spin unfold from pit out, really glad no one got hit. Good avoidance maneuver by the Miata
  6. Seems like the 95% are just teams without imagination at this point. It's been confirmed if you read the rule for intent, then you were reading it wrong seems to be the message being broadcast.
  7. *goes to garage to see if I can get all these custom rate springs to fit my front struts*
  8. Me and most people i've talked to, understood it to be the same shape as a stock spring. Hence why we were running an H&R "stock" style spring. Per the rulebook: So, in my tiny little brain I take this as ID at its smallest and OD at its largest. So if a spring is keg shaped like most stock springs, then you need to find a spring just like it. So you don't get to cherry pick your springs. P Car spring for Reference:
  9. After reading around the interwebs and looking at P car suspension parts and options...
  10. The battle on track was AMAZING. I have never paid that much attention to the last hour of a race. It was one of the best races I've ever seen on track (From pit out at least). And that's what makes the impound situation so terribly crappy. All anyone wants is a fair race. Once that car was up on jack stands it was pretty evident something wasn't right and wasn't on the tech sheet. One of the worst bits about it was the way the team of mechanics acted. We are sitting there, looking at the rear and the lead flatbill hat guy starts getting pissy about it and says "Maybe you should worry about your own race program". This is the apparent mantra of that team of mechanics/workers as they all appear to be spouting this across the internets. I personally find it odd that a team with that much backing and a "race program" cant read a rule book or look at the book as more to be guidelines as opposed to rules. My official opinion is one I will refrain from posting on this forum as its rather vulgar. You want to bring two cars, a hauler, a team of mechanics, and all the other jazz with it....great, come on down. The least you could do would be to bring one single legal car. The rest of us with limited time and budgets tend to get a bit frustrated when a team with unlimited resources cant seem to build a legal car. Some might say they are working the "Gray" areas but to me it seems a bit like willful ignorance/ask for forgiveness type of situation. As far as the official protest thing goes...it is what it is. I cant blame anyone for not being upset over it, but I also cant blame champcar for ruling the way they did. Rock/Hard Place type situation.
  11. Team WUDU here, we didn't race this weekend but we did work the event. So I'll give you a report from pit lane like Bill does, but with less words: Just for reference, if you saw an idiot running around Saturday morning splashing in the puddles on pit lane...that was me. If you're gonna be in the rain, might as well have fun. Was our first time to work an event and I think every team should be required to do this, gives you a new respect for what working an event really takes. A lot of teams first fuel stop is just shaking the rust off and some of it was just comical. Face shields, teams who forgot to pull pins on fire extinguishers, teams forgetting to put gas caps on. Most of you guys were pretty chill and respectful when corrected. Overall good safety stuff going on during the stops so kudos to you guys on that. Had a few new teams who struggled in the pits. The saturn guys who were getting in from the passenger side...made my back hurt just watching it. The white neon guys were BRAND new to track driving, but they were super nice. I kinda wish I hadn't been working, I would of taken them under my wing and tried to help them out. To me, they are what champcar/chumpcar was originally about. I know it was prob different on track with them being as slow as they were, but they were good people who just wanted to race. Pit out was fun as well. Different feel for sure. Our job at pit out is check timers, ask about fuel, belts, hans, armband, helmet stickers. MOST of you were pretty cool about this and understood it was part of the process. And the process was valid, I fixed numerous belts not on hans and loose belts. One or two teams had one or two particular drivers who wanted to be "Richards" about it and would yell at us when we were checking belts telling us "I'm good, I'm good". Yea that's great, still gotta do my job so deal with it. One team just didn't want to stop, at all. But for the overwhelming majority of you guys, you were all cool and made it fun. Sunday was comical however when the yellow hit right at 2:30pm and half the field headed for the pits. As most of you guys were in the pits taking fuel we got the call to close pit lane. So me and my teammate decided to go ahead and check all you guys when you started lining up and let you know what was going on. Again, most of you were cool with it. Tuttle thought this would cost him the race...which was funny because they were up 3 laps on the car behind them and that car was in line right behind him, waiting to get back out on track. Anyways, they released pit lane, we let you guys out, and we got a props from jay for thinking ahead about pulling timers and checking you guys while the pits were closed. Great racing, had fun watching the battle on track Saturday. Impound on Saturday was a different story that most have heard or read about. Sunday watching Tuttle pop some champagne was pretty entertaining.
  12. Tuttle made a smart call by letting a local really really really fast driver run 5 hours for him today. He also got a good bit of luck with his pit draw as he was really close to the front. That car is also pretty fast
  13. Looks like the first two stints might get wet...start calling dibs on the last two stints. Sunday looks like its gonna be really pretty. Good luck to all the teams this weekend, WUDU will be on pit lane working so say hi and we might do the same.
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