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  1. Jab31169

    Newby Question

    We drill holes in our wheels for weight reduction
  2. Got the motor ready to come out, pulled our bent trailing arm, got our windshield blower installed. Also got our rain light installed and wired up. Forgot to take pics because im a dummy. All in all a productive day.
  3. At this point they are super flimsy already. I'll take the weight penalty. We got some other areas we can go after once I get a nibbler
  4. Jab31169

    Transponder Mounting

    Ours is far enough forward that if the wheel hits it we've got bigger problems.
  5. Jab31169

    Mazda Miata lightened flywheel points?

    Come on caveman...at least use a grinder
  6. Used to play the heck out of some return to zork. Got my first podium last night, 2nd place at lime rock. Good clean racing all around...so surprising coming from the turn 1 wreckfest that is Forza.
  7. Jab31169

    Transponder Mounting

    We used to rent but we jumped on a hard wired one back before Daytona. Sounds like we've got ours mounted in the same place as everyone else almost. RF Frame rail just in front of the tire. Using the store bought bracket that's screwed, JB Welded, and Velcro strapped to the car.
  8. Meh, I wouldnt say that. Too many video games I think 😀
  9. Ended up a good friend had a Oculus Rift setup never opened that I got on the cheap. My wife might murder me but I'll take that chance. Had my first "Official" race last night at lime rock. Qualified 2nd, opened up the race well, fell back to third. Going up the back hill the 2nd place car was slow so I eased up, then he did the same thing going into the turn before the downhill and I was stuck to his rear bumper. He got loose and I went with him right into the wall. Limped it to the pits, got it fixed, got back up to 5th place before the end of the race. Good fun for sure.
  10. Sweet. I'll see if I can get in tonight. Gotta talk the wife into putting the kid to bed.
  11. Yea...I gotta get me a nibbler