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  1. Have fun this weekend boys and girls! Hope it stays lightning free and you guys get 14 hours of racing in!
  2. Yea at the start we (all 4 of us) battled our way out of the first pack and separated from the back half....no mans land.
  3. Thanks for the race, was fun for the first half, second half was pretty boring mid pack. I obviously didn't try pit entry before on used tires. Also, sorry to the lapper I dumped...my fault, understeer city. See you guys at the next one. Also, I thought my incident count was high until I saw everyone elses...
  4. That's awesome! Good luck at COTA ya knuckleheads
  5. Yea I know, I gotta teach @Gordo how to drive a FWD car...if that's what we even pick. His flight scheduled might get in the way...unsure at this time. Might have to "rent" a seat again.
  6. Spend the extra money and get a 1070ti, worth it.
  7. Yea we lost a lap to 1st and 2nd the last race that way, but such is racing. FWIW, we got back on the same lap as 2nd, got around them, then lost the position to them after a pit stop.
  8. I like the FCY for a few reasons: 1) Strategy: Makes it just like the real thing, you gotta have a plan for your plan to use your plan. Its pretty much the only way WUDU has placed as high as it has in both races 2) Competition: Without the yellows the field would get more spread out, the top 2-3 teams would be laps on laps ahead of the rest of the field. The cautions act as a competition yellow and keep the field bunched up. Most of us are hoping for wave around and sometimes you get it, sometimes you don't. 3) Feel: Brings that race track feeling to my basement. You get in a rhythm, something happens and the yellow hits. Now you gotta focus on how to get back in it and manage that tight traffic for the next few laps. Having raced in the fastest class in two races and the worst wheel drive class the last race, I still like the feel of the yellows. We too also got the 40 sec penalties for entering a closed pit, but 40 seconds doesn't really hurt much when you are going to be at the back of the field anyways.
  9. I would of had a 0x but I put one wheel off going into turn 8 and did a nice slide though the grass. Like everyone else said, the street stock grew on me a bit.
  10. Just prep yourself for disappointment with the voice commands working. You can however set crew chef up to auto fuel you and set how much over you want the fuel to do.
  11. iRacing black boxes. You can scroll though them, select fuel load, tires, and fast repair. Its the same box that displays the relative display
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