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  1. That jeep was at the wrl race at barber. They dug him out of the turn 5 gravel trap at least 5 times. Was fun to watch thou, would put down a sweet set of 11`s off any tight corner. Super nice guy as well.
  2. I was kinda sad to not see any broadcast or streams going on during this event. Was even sadder to see Doc's car on fire!! Have we determine the cause of the fire? Looks like a great time had by all. E30 domination for sure.
  3. Yea sorry forgot my green font. I'll bring up some Birmingham brews. Any requests?
  4. #SlowStintoftheday Just kidding!! @pintodave is awesome, Glad to have a drinking buddy(s) at Indy and glad I'll be able to see the shark blow past me on the straights.
  5. Beer, who drinks beer. We have a bunch of flavored water in aluminum cans that tastes like beer, but its not beer.
  6. WHAT A FUN TRACK. Holy crap. Really sad I'll be missing the race for this one. Track takes some courage and a heavy foot. Big shout out to Alex A for showing me a line that works (willing or unwillingly). I'll be watching the stream next week from a crappy hotel in West Virginia.
  7. Or the cone chicane at Charlotte that turned into a straight line after cars ate the cones
  8. I agree with @Round3Racing on this one, I'll do what I am told but I'd like a reason other than do what your told. Its paved, it has more grip than grass, why can't we use it?
  9. We weren't looking to win either, we just couldn't afford to pay back the renters if they couldn't drive.
  10. The Test and Tune before is more for just getting a feel for the track before you send your first driver out. I will agree with everyone who said get in a full test and tune before you head up to VIR. We did a motor rebuild before VIR last year and ran out of time before the race to shakedown the car. Our Test and Tune time before the race was used to chase down an oil leak. We only got 2 drivers in the car before the race. Once we started the race, 40 mins in our motor broke a valve retainer and dropped a valve. Cost us 12 hours in the garage swapping a motor. Don't be us, test before you show up to a 24 hour race. And after your test, double and triple check every single bolt, fuse, fluid levels. Record as much data as you can at the test, then use that for the race. And you need to test the car like 3-4 weeks before you show up to VIR. Not the day before. HPDE's expensive? How expensive do you think its going to be when you show up at VIR and something goes wrong 3 hours into the race that costs you the weekend? Crew...pfff. We are our own crew. 4 owners, 3 renters normally. Set up shifts, give people time to crash, shower, eat, yada. Crew would be nice, at least someone to run fire bottle and fuel.
  11. 7qts of WD-40 in the Motor 2.1qts of Maple Syrup in the Trans 2qts of Liquid Nails in the Diff Mobile 1 10-50 in the Motor
  12. I am a poop camel, cant poop until after the race is over.
  13. Still think the oval for 10 hours would of been epic
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