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  1. 400 Laps??? Yea I havent had any time lately to play...at all. So generally I can make practice sometimes and the race...maybe.
  2. Another sad report from me. WG is not my best track, I lose time in most of the corners. The bus stop is about the only spot I was quicker than anyone. Started mid-pack p15 I think, had some losing battles. A few laps in I got a late call about a car inside at one that sent me off and back on which caused me to take out the car that was inside. Apologies for that. Hit the tow button, took my gas (too much) and tires and went back out in p28. Stayed slow and clean the rest of the race, had a little battle for p22/23 at the end that I somehow was able to hold off. This is not my season. It was fun to see Alex finally has some worthy competition. Hopefully he finds him a seat in that miata of his at some point. Anywho, see you guys at Lime Rock. I need to hire an iRacing coach.
  3. Yea, after me dodging 4 cars and getting back on track iRacing decided that I went from 4th to 3rd instead of 5th so I ended up in the pits anyways. Had fun digging back up the field. Touched a few walls towards the end and got the steering all wonky. See you guys next week.
  4. Standard iRace for me, qualy ok, wreck second lap in 6th place, motor blows between Nascar 3&4 trying not to tow. Just make it into the pits at a solid 14mph. Crew chief only puts in a gallon since I only did one lap. Come back out in 27th. Had fun running around trying to get back into any position besides dead last. Get back to 12th and Crew chief says I need fuel....so I pop in while cussing my crew chief, ended up in 17th. Not my year this year combined with lots of really fast folks, plus all the racers who are getting better while I'm getting slower.
  5. I just finally changed the plugs/wires in my 09 tahoe. 172k...oem original plugs in it. I went back with the same ones, Iridium's I think. Man, feels like a different truck now.
  6. Came here for race reports (and maybe to read a little more about the tutts) found people arguing about fire suits, jugs, and race gas....
  7. Glad to see rules enforced. I know Mr. Tuttle can be a bit full of himself sometimes and dealing with that overflow is tough. I'm glad to hear upper management was able to bottle him up and apply the rules.
  8. So you mean to tell me that a team full of rocket scientists and developers didn't realize that those vents at the right rear of the hood would put water into the spark plug holes? As someone with a vented hood on my nice e36, I've done this before. Congrats on the race! We'd check on you guys though out the race, was nice to see you guys claw your way back. Congrats to @Team Infiniti heck of a race!
  9. Meh race all around for me. First lap got a bit of a brake check that gave me some decent aero damage. Managed to stay in the top ten. Koffard was nice enough to pull myself and another HJ guy towards the front. Pitted with them in 8th place, fueled and as soon as my speedo hit 56mph...15 second black flag, then it hit it again just for good measure to take it to 40 seconds. Stopped, fell all the way back to 24th place with 15mins to go. Made up some spots towards the end, had a fun last two or three laps with @mostmint and another guy. Set the other guy up at the end for the last lap pass after nascar 4. Managed to get back to 15th. Street stock is fun, need more time in that car. See you guys at RA.
  10. Passing under yellow is not one of the 7 deadly sins guys. Everyone at some point will do it, its bound to happen if you race enough. So lets not act like southern Baptists who cant look each other in the eyes at the liquor store. The thought process behind giving laps as opposed to parking someone is easier enforcement and ease to fix. If someone is a repeat offender or an offense is egregious enough they will black flag the car. Its in the rule book for WRL, pretty easy to interpret. I'd say most enforcement comes down to how well the reports come in from the stations. Some of the high dollar tracks have CCTV that they can go back and see what happened if they want, some don't. From the little I saw at the race at Barber, the yellow single file to purple rule seemed to work well. Different strokes for different folks and all that jazz. I like the way RJ and the crew at WRL run the events just as much as I like the way Dana, Chelsey, and the rest of the Champcar folks run events. Pretty fortunate to have 4 different endurance series to run and I'm glad they are all a bit different.
  11. Was that the Bimmerline car? Didnt they just get done building that car after their other car got demolished here last year? From the other teams In Car:
  12. Fun race for the most part. Highest I’ve ever qualified. Kinda figured I couldn’t stay there all race but I gave it a shot. Had a headset blink that caught me out, and then someone spun into 1, I attempted to go around the outside right at the same moment they decided to back up. Story of my iracing career. See ya guys next week
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