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    What level of building is too much?

    I dont think money matters to those with money. I also dont see where costs have ever been capped. We got teams spending double our yearly budget on fuel in one race.
  2. Jab31169

    What level of building is too much?

    In my humble, tiny, insignificant, opinion...I'd say the series is in a good spot. I think it wedges nicely between lemons and wrl/aer. Still have recognizable cars, built by great builders and other more standard builds like we run. The ingenuity that you see from all the different teams is what I really like. Things like danger racing and the trunk spoiler, or huggy and his under hood LED lights for night races. Those are the things that I LOVE to see, great, simple ideas. I think as of now, we have spent close to 10k on the car and 10k on expenses(fuel, lodging, food, hookers, blow) over the course of our team. I love to compete but at the end of the day, as its been said before, I just love doing race car stuff with my race car friends. If its finishing the race 1st or 67, still a blast. All that being said, keep it close to the way it is, a good gateway drug for people to try out racing.
  3. So, we were driving back from the Daytona 24 the other day and we stumbled across a contest to win the use of a intech trailer the other day. We decided to enter it not really thinking much of it. Well..come to find out we made the first cut for the top 25!!! So now we really, REALLY need some votes!!!! We really want to bring this trailer to INDY for everyone to check out, so help us help you and put us into the top 10!!! http://apply.intechtrailers.com/cast-your-vote Cast your vote for Roddy, Paul | Mountain Brook, AL
  4. Thanks to all that voted! We will find out Friday at 4pm CST if we made the cut. If so, I'll be back looking for more votes to make the top 5.
  5. Good practice, I've never run south but man its different. Cant wait for the race, should be a good one.
  6. Talking some next level stuff here. I've looked at the Megasquirt stuff from DIYAutotune, I just lack the knowledge (I haven't tuned anything since I had a Hondata KPro in a RSX) and funds. We will probably keep kicking the can down the road on data until we can really dedicate some time and money to it as a team. Thanks for the info, I might pick both of your brains in the future about it.
  7. What about ODB1 cars? Any love for us? How are you doing it @Huggy? Our solution for now is using the apex pro and comparing laps, but its not a full fledged data logger as you guys are using.
  8. LAST DAY TO VOTE FOR TOP 25!!! PLEASE PUT US IN THE TOP 10!!! Lets do this Champcar Forums, lets make a baby...or a trailer....you know what I mean. Thanks for all of the support!!
  9. I think the system is a great idea and Im glad to see them testing. Im guessing the system is always going to be faster than a human, maybe incorporate a 3-4 sec buffer, or just tell the person pushing the button to hold 3 seconds so the flag stations can catch up.
  10. 2 Mis-shifts, both motor eating 1 Dropped valve at VIR 2018 after a fresh rebuild 1 Left Rear Bearing at NCM 1 set of front brake pads at RD ATL in 2018 (No more Hawks)
  11. @Bill Strong We kinda assumed it would be ok to pimp you guys in our bio for the contest? Y'all cool with that?
  12. Might be booked that weekend since we will be at Indy, but I'll most certainly let you look at it, from a distance of course...no less than 20 feet.
  13. Yea, a lot of drag racers, one or two road racers (including us), and some other randoms. Should be interesting if we make the top 10.
  14. That's about what we figure we are making on a good day, we just carry around an extra 300lbs or so. I gotta ask james clay for that epic tune they run. Now if I can just figure out where I put my hole saw...
  15. We don't really have a social media presence besides here and maybe our personal facebook stuff, but we are in the same boat, minus the fat guys. We are only surrounded by hot women..and by that I mean our angry spouses.
  16. Thanks for the races!! WUDU had two entries in both races. Atlantic was fun, nice big packs, really really clean and fast racing. The top 5 guys are on another level that I can't get to from my desk chair. The pacific only had 8 entries and was going well. Somehow I figured out how to get a quali lap of 1:49 while @David Haines took the rest of us to school. My race was over 3 laps in after a racing incident in the last hairpin took me out. Thanks again Hugh Jass guys for all you do!! The broadcast of the first race is awesome!! PS: Not gonnna lie, really glad this race is over...not a Sonoma fan. And yes its because I suck at it. Anyone as long as they are slower than me
  17. Bummer. I honestly have no idea how we made the top 25, but we did and now we are hoping for top 10. If we win it, I'll let you borrow it for a weekend
  18. Yea, that turn is prob my favorite/scariest turn that is awesome when you nail it and one where you will pull the seat cover up into your butt when you don't. I did my ITS school at rd atl and during my check ride, he made me do that turn off line at full pace for 3 laps in a row just to mess with me.
  19. Yea like @jakks said, you gotta be on the gas to keep the rear planted though that corner. His lift mid corner wasn't ideal, but that turn takes a lot of guts. Glad to hear his ok, sorry about the car.
  20. Before Edit: I don't think anyone with half a brain would think that, however most of us racers only have half a brain so....
  21. Looked pretty dang fast to me. Watched a lot of the race from your stream (on mute, PLEASE fix the wind noise). Could tell the final 4 hours was fuel save with enough pace to stay out front. @Burningham looked real quick in the car too. Congrats on the win!