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  1. Yea was good fun! Had a fun time running. Had a netcode/bump with @mostmint after our mirrors touched tips. Mid O is tough, I wasn't any good though any of the corners that felt like double apexes. Was fun last laps running with @cowboys647 at the end, one peek in the mirror and I lost my trip to the booth. See you guys next race! I guess practice really did pay off
  2. Why dont these bassholes (iRacing) put an alert up on the main site maybe? That would of saved me some time
  3. So the UI wont let me login, keeps giving me checking creds and spinny circle. Attempted everything recommended online, still not working. Uninstalled, reinstalling now
  4. Good practice, the start was kinda jacked, no one was ready for that half lap.
  5. I'm still waiting on my 2019 Trophy. Prob the only trophy I'll ever win in champcar. Used to be a running joke with Doc, I miss that dude.
  6. Crap race, crap driving from me. Something something get gud scrub. I kinda figured this was gonna be a rough one when I couldn't put together 4 contiguous laps in quali. 2 laps into the race at Quebec corner I caught a spinning car to the right front wheel that took out steering and put me in the wall...had to wait on camel towing back to the pits. Get back out, 2 laps later I mess up and spin, have to back onto track, thought I found a gap, backed up and saw car coming, tried to get back to the inside as he was going outside...until he attempted to go inside. Call up camel towing again...1:50 of optional repairs...whatever I'm laps down at this point. On my second lap back out, car still doesn't feel right and understeers into Clayton...into the wall. That's enough for me. I used to like the SS...not a fan. Combined with how this year has gone overall, my iracing/real racing career seems to reflect that as well.
  7. You bringing the car down for Barber? AA already hit me up for a place to stay.
  8. Kinda looked like the Z followed him though the grass and then slung it back on the track.
  9. I wouldn't have been sad...just saying. Yea changed up the scheme a bit and just picked some random livery. Needed a change in the Miata.
  10. Kind of a crap show for me last night. Got home, got registered, then I had to run to my father-in-laws to help him get back on his feet...literally as he fell and couldn't get up. So once I got that taken care of, I get back to the house and its 7:25pm. So I get one lap and get qualified p9. Everyone was pretty civil for most of the first lap until someone decided the inside of south bend was a good spot to pass...well it pushed me wide and I clipped some grass and ended getting shot back into him that put my wheel pretty close to 90* from where it was supposed to be. I drove a few more laps to see if I could make it work but it was just making me slower than I normally am. So I pitted early and let crew chief decide my fuel load. I also took the time to take my shoes off as I was hitting the brake and the gas at the same time just trying to brake...made for some terrible corners. Got back out in 17th place and just drove as best I could. Had a few offs, caught a bumper to the rear of the car going into one, but just tried to run consistent laps in the dark. Crew cheif came on and said I had 51 mins of fuel left but we still had an hour left in the race so I had to stop for another splash. After that it was just keeping @mostmint behind me. I had nothing for either 4th or 5th place. Ended up p6. Fun race, I love the mix up of the 2 hour races and night time is always fun. When are we gonna get some more team events?
  11. Good luck to all you lucky teams racing this year! 24 is a heck of an event, someone make sure Bill stays awake the whole time. I'll be watching as much as I can.
  12. Hate to miss this one, at the beach with the family. You boys and girls have a great time!
  13. 400 Laps??? Yea I havent had any time lately to play...at all. So generally I can make practice sometimes and the race...maybe.
  14. Another sad report from me. WG is not my best track, I lose time in most of the corners. The bus stop is about the only spot I was quicker than anyone. Started mid-pack p15 I think, had some losing battles. A few laps in I got a late call about a car inside at one that sent me off and back on which caused me to take out the car that was inside. Apologies for that. Hit the tow button, took my gas (too much) and tires and went back out in p28. Stayed slow and clean the rest of the race, had a little battle for p22/23 at the end that I somehow was able to hold off. This is not my season. It was fun to see Alex finally has some worthy competition. Hopefully he finds him a seat in that miata of his at some point. Anywho, see you guys at Lime Rock. I need to hire an iRacing coach.
  15. Yea, after me dodging 4 cars and getting back on track iRacing decided that I went from 4th to 3rd instead of 5th so I ended up in the pits anyways. Had fun digging back up the field. Touched a few walls towards the end and got the steering all wonky. See you guys next week.
  16. Standard iRace for me, qualy ok, wreck second lap in 6th place, motor blows between Nascar 3&4 trying not to tow. Just make it into the pits at a solid 14mph. Crew chief only puts in a gallon since I only did one lap. Come back out in 27th. Had fun running around trying to get back into any position besides dead last. Get back to 12th and Crew chief says I need fuel....so I pop in while cussing my crew chief, ended up in 17th. Not my year this year combined with lots of really fast folks, plus all the racers who are getting better while I'm getting slower.
  17. I just finally changed the plugs/wires in my 09 tahoe. 172k...oem original plugs in it. I went back with the same ones, Iridium's I think. Man, feels like a different truck now.
  18. Came here for race reports (and maybe to read a little more about the tutts) found people arguing about fire suits, jugs, and race gas....
  19. Glad to see rules enforced. I know Mr. Tuttle can be a bit full of himself sometimes and dealing with that overflow is tough. I'm glad to hear upper management was able to bottle him up and apply the rules.
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