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  1. Would be a BLAST IMO but a lot of people would hate it. I do like the fixed setup, everyone in the same car. Feels more apples to apples and lets me know just how inconsistent I am and what I need to work on.
  2. Looks like its only a 40% chance after 7am on sat, so might start out wet but should dry out pretty quick. Will have a TON of grip in the wet tho, not much rubber down on the surface, no rubbery seams to slip on.
  3. Was a good race! Was hoping to be a bit more of a front runner, but those guys running up front are real fast.
  4. As someone who has raced almost every single race, both Atlantic and Pacific (Minus 2, was out of town), the racing has been good and participation has been better than I expected. I think we as racers need to help spread the word to other Champcar guys who don't race and really pump the league. Heck if you find someone who you have a good race with in a public lobby invite them. Champcar has a unique opportunity where sim racers can become real racers and real racers can become sim racers. Not many other amateur endurance leagues can say that. And the ones that do don't have the support of Hugh Jass and the broadcast ability that I personally LOVE.
  5. One of the guys from Bimmerworld is currently turning a school bus into a motorhome/live-aboard. Not sure if he's planning to use it to tow, but I imagine it could be done pretty easy.
  6. If you reserve it online, mileage is unlimited. We used enterprise for 3 or 4 races and it was nice. Those F250's are real nice and they pull like they aren't pulling a 26ft haulmark steel enclosed trailer. Almost unbelievable.
  7. A whole bunch of spots with power. I think you can pay for power when you get there. Most spots are on the second or third levels of the paddock.
  8. Yea, and our real jobs are keeping us out of town for work weekends and she has yet to even turn into a roller. Im pretty sad about it since its our home track and all, but not a lot we can do about it. I wont rush to get her done and show up untested only to ruin a race weekend.
  9. WUDU is out for this event. We made progress with the car but not enough to call her race ready. Will hopefully be a volunteer worker or if someone wants a driver or drivers with a few thousand laps around Barber....
  10. I might not the smartest guy here, but i feel like you answered your own question.
  11. Off topic for sure, but every time I see the title of this thread, I have to restrain myself from making "your mom" jokes about head swaps. Anyways, carry on, sweet ITB's
  12. If you read a bit more into it, you HAVE to buy direct from hankook and the tires have to be ldr branded. So you cant just show up with a new set of rs4 from tire rack. I dont know how well that will go over...
  13. From the webpage: Tire rack right now is $163.22 for the 245/40/17 and I can have the tires on Wednesday. I too am curious to see what the shipping works out to be
  14. They need to have a get together with the guy that does media and get facts straight:
  15. So some of you may have seen that one of the other series now has a tire sponsor and all entries are required to run a spec tire, the RS4. They get a pretty decent discount on the tires as well. One of my teammates brought up an interesting point, that sponsor is guaranteeing stock in the most common sizes and now Tire rack is showing a back order for the 245 we run. Now that may or may not be related but it would be nice to know you can get the tires you need before a race without hoping tire rack has stock. How would Champcar feel about a mandated tire with a discounted price? Not that I think this would EVER happen. I can't imagine the rable that would arise from that. Gotta say tho, that discount on that tire looks pretty good (Doesn't include shipping, so I don't know what that would run or if it would offset the discount). But if I could show up to a race, go to the tire truck and get 4 mounted and balanced for that price....I'd be in.
  16. Being an old RSX-S owner, this looks really cool to be able to run in a Miata.
  17. Jab31169

    COTA fuel usage

    I feel like this is pretty close
  18. Good times last night! Was fun hanging with some of the fast guys for a change in some great pack racing. Great broadcast! The donuts were a blast until they weren't...VR donuts feel too real
  19. Yea, summer break too long. I didn't tell my wife about the break so I could keep my Wednesday night's as race nights
  20. Indy took a lot of people's money. The entry was close to the cost of two discounted races.
  21. Don't leave out driver improvements/experience. Trans failure correct?
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