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  1. Where the hell did he even come from? Seems like you were all the way left meaning he had little to no pavement to run on. AND you were in the same proximity to the left edge for a couple seconds. You did not make a sudden move to the left I was in the race and no way would I expect someone to be on my left flank at that point. Never mind thinking they could pass! Poor judgement on the other guy. Low percentage move with little potential to make a pass. Not your fault in my book and dangerous on theirs. Let's see the Anderson video guys if you think you are "just racing"...
  2. Danger Racing....I was the one driving the Well Lubricated Focus in that first stint. I'll be honest, I never saw you there and was most likely focused (no pun intended) on making that pass stick. As I reviewed a few frames, I couldn't help notice how high up our door handles are compared to your dash top! I'm betting all the body roll forcing the mirror up higher made it difficult to see your car inside of me as I turned in. We need an "attitude adjustment"!! LOL Regardless...very sorry about the hit. That was the first body contact I have made during over 10 hours of Champc
  3. Hay all! Great times for sure! Wanted to give a huge shout out to the NLS guys who helped the #478 Well Lubricated Racing team with pit stops and conversation, since we had no crew with us for the event. We could not have done it without them and goes to prove this is the best damn series to race in PERIOD! I appreciate you rescuing my 20+ year old HF jack that I love and can't be replaced since it isn't made anymore.. I will definitely let you know what we decide to do. We are entered in the Nelson 24 event next, so we will see if VIR is in the cards this year. I will send you contact in
  4. Hey all! Is there fuel available in the South Paddock? When we ran the 24 we used the on-site fuel making life easier. Never ran the South course so any help appreciated! Se y'all there! #478 Well Lubricated Racing Ford Focus
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