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  1. To the top for another price drop prior to the RA race. Car is an hour south of Road America. Thanks everyone!
  2. 2005 Nissan Altima SE-R built for Champcar after (slugworks) Paul Kruse cleaned up at Road America in Oct of 2019 in front of my eyes (and continued to dominate in 2020) Did the build over the 2019-2020 winter for debut in the 2020 season. This car was built for PartsBadger employees, my brother, and my wife to run. Took it to 14hr of Road Atlanta in Feb of 2020 to shake it down, able to finish that race under snowing conditions. Currently stored at PB headquarters near Milwaukee WI. Missed out on NCM and Road America in April due to Covid Finally got back out for Ging
  3. Brake Dancers Altima had its share of issues, A/C went out early on so our drivers were getting hot and someone had left the groceries in it from Friday but we were able to use the weekend as a test n tune kind of like Money Shift was. Everyone repack your bearings! Silly to go out just because the grease in your stock bearings can't hold up to 8 hours of pounding on them. Look forward to seeing a bunch of you at Road America in 2 months! -Jimmy
  4. Sorry everyone, bringing our poorly handling Altima lol
  5. Same driver and traffic too. Overlaid the data to make sure that the line was the same each comparable lap
  6. Trying to run down v8s in a 4 cylinder, gotta do everything we can
  7. Accurate that it wasn't said here. If someone wants to protest you though, it is implying that you are cheating? That was the point I think. And when Mike says "this protest is on me" because so many people want to protest, it doesn't feel good. Our car was in pieces on pit lane when everyone else got to drive back to their rig and pack up.
  8. on a v6 (my altima build) I used this stock piece because I read the rules to be that it is the collector
  9. If the wing was any narrower (like it is now), it would've taken my ear and not got me square in the back of the head. Wing or no wing, I shouldn't have been standing there!
  10. Call me Icarus lol. In a series where a saab, a miata, and a mustang all finish within a few seconds over 7-8 hours, I think that something is right about the rules.
  11. I guess after you've had Mike or Jay walk up to you 30 min before green flag and tell you that you need to change or remove something because another member complained (even though it is/was within the rules and tech approved it) you'll start just putting everything in the tech desk like we do.
  12. I did want to point out that you can always come at us on our build post (link below) This poor guy just had a quick question about a miata top and we are now discussing the engine we have in ours lol:
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