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  1. Ahh...guess this has already been discussed.
  2. Any chance we can get VPIs for those or does this have to be in an email?
  3. I've never actually been sure how these things are determined, but basically, is there actually a "competitive points race" that goes on in champcar or is every race seperate (except for qualifying for nationals)? I ask this because based on the BCCR, it means that the teams who end up going to most of the races will qualify for nationals, is this correct?
  4. Any chance you could disclose the Power/Weight? Wondering if it's NASA HC1 compatible.
  5. I think Spec Miata should still be champcar legal, right? That will easily go into both series. It's like what they say...the answer is always Miata. Haha
  6. Depending on the region, SM, SE30 have great car counts. Out here in the Northeast, GTS2/SE46 is also big. Don't wanna ruffle any feathers here, but I know people who have run many different series (AER/NASA/SCCA/ChampCar) and I really think it depends what you're looking for in racing. I don't think sprint racing should be compared with endurance racing.
  7. If it's anything like the club races here in the northeast, unless you run the spec classes (and your car fits in them) you will likely be outgunned as far as car preparation goes. Also, your car may not fit the ruleset of the class. It really depends on what car you have.
  8. Wow, really makes you realize how expensive club racing and AER is.
  9. Thanks for this very good post. Is that 900-1500 for an all-in cost that includes the entry fees or no?
  10. I know this might be asking a bit much, but could anyone give me a summary of how long the following items last them? Brake Pads/Rotors Tires and how much fuel you guys use in a race? I haven't endurance raced yet so I wouldn't actually know how to make assumptions on lifespan of these kinds of items. I know there's many factors such as the tracks (some are harder on brakes/tires, etc) but an estimate would be nice
  11. Wow, that's pretty cheap. The AER seats that rent out are 2000-3000 per weekend! Haha.
  12. Oh yeah....club racers (sprint racers in general) drive the balls out of the car. It's just all they know. Well, I'm sure people here have rental agreements to account for that kind of stuff right?
  13. Do you feel renters are that much of a hassle? I actually want to do arrive and drive services to help introduce people into motorsports.
  14. Thanks for the breakdown, but I was specifically wondering how you break down "wear and tear costs" for example.
  15. I think you'll be fine. One of my friends is a NASA GTS3 club racer and he just does fine with one arm.
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