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  1. Good dinners arn't expensive, if you know a guy, And they are served at the track.
  2. +1 for all the team members out there (on all the teams), that don't drive, get up early, stay up late, (Champ staff too), So that everyone can have a good time, and go fast.
  3. Don't drive the race car on the street
  4. Im sure we can find you a team for pittrace. Where in burgh are you?
  5. I could see this incar for drivers that have trouble with paying attention. I could see this incar for drivers that have trouble with paying attention.
  6. It's time for the silly citrus to ask a question. Will the individual units have a battery? Can't use for pit stop timer, if the car is off. Or do we wire it around the disco switch? Will that timer be sent to the car from the master control? or will it be on the local unit based on it entering the pit road "zone"? If it's local, then turning off the car would disrupt that. (unless the unit recorded pit in time based on GPS timestamp, then once turned back on and re-acquired GPS, could update, resume counting) Anyway, that's my thoughts.
  7. 41 cars, 2 MCM entries, 1 DNF. The DNF was a crash into the wall day 2. Much time spent off track due to penalties. Called unsafe by someone I know that was there.
  8. I believe it was a very small field (37 cars?). May not have had much interaction, but ill ask someone.
  9. They are good people. If you were around when one of the drivers on the team i was crewing for punted one of the porches at Pittrace, the repairs on that car were amazing!!! They have helped with my potlucks! If we get to serve food at this one (doubtful) we will make it good for all of you!
  10. First consider all of the consumables, brakes, tires, gas (tow rig and car),etc, then add the cost of registration, and extra to address non-standard consumables (repairs). Divide by the number of drivers. You will want all of the drivers to help build a buffer for the future "things". Also consider how the team will eat. Each for them selves? As a group? IF group, each picking up there own part directly, or paying you and you pick up the whole thing. The food part is near and dear to me, as I don't drive, but cook and crew. Some times each person pays me for there portion directly, other times, the team captain has paid me for all the food.
  11. Now hold on a minute!!! I run with a couple of champ teams and a couple of citrus teams, and all I do is crew and cook. So all of those teams get there own personal chef. Half the time I make extra food/deserts/alcohol, and give it away around the padock. Now I work out of the back of an F150, and 2 10x10 pop ups, no heavy hauler with crew quarters here, but my teams eat well. Last 2 races included a crown rack of lamb, and a beef wellington. Wish I could make it out to OK but it's not in the cards.
  12. He's in CT. I'm sure we could find atleast a crew position at Pittrace. wouldn't be too far to drive.
  13. I am indeed talking of Dave. The gremlin had the air intake under the dash. So there was a firewall box that had 4 in pvc plumbing in a u turn and then out to the passenger headlight. I had the "honor" of sitting under the dash to change out the MAF during the race at NCM.
  14. There is a certain citrus racer that has put the 3800 in just about everything. Get the supercharged one and push 400hp, however the intake on a supercharged 3800 in a rwd can be.....Interesting
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