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  1. HEY, Just posting this here to hopefully drum up more help with the food. Friday Night the 5th at the lower garage, Come one come all (and bring some food and libations too)!! sign up here for what you can bring. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1pz9VjTTHX-t_UroGAzIGv56N98zHdu64N_td13EZseU/edit?usp=sharing
  2. let me check on the grill for you. I'll let you know. However it might be all protein and beer from the looks of the sheet.
  3. BUMP For the Pot Luck! Come on Guys and Girls, Need a lot more help to make this happen.
  4. I think my guys at All Roads got into those tire piles twice, once on Friday, and once in the middle of the night.
  5. I believe I had to go and get a monster geny, and it still was not happy.
  6. Wish I was going to be there organizing this, But Alas, Someone else will have to take the lead.
  7. Added my things to the doc. Thanks IPF!! Now we need a bunch more people. I can't feed you all.
  8. We had a great turn out last year. I'm going to try and pull off a couple hundred wings, multiple sauces. Maybe a pie or 2
  9. Well, I will not be attending. Is da wifes birthday.
  10. OK, Pot Luck Friday 6 PM, I'll figure out the location as time goes on, but probably the lower garage, just like last year. The event last year was a smashing success, Lets do it even bigger this year! I have a plan!!!!
  11. When the all roads guys let me take the car out at the citrus event in April, I cam back in and they discovered that the hood pins had not been installed. Fortunately nothing happened.
  12. This the one from Ohio? Now I have to come all the way down there to cut your fenders!!
  13. Rob - A common friend of ours with a certain furry gremlin, has (I believe) a few GTP motors. Don't think he was planning to use them any more. One of them came out of the furry car.
  14. I'm going, I assume it will be with All Roads. There will be a potluck. I will probably be there Thursday. There will be desserts!!
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