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  1. This is a semi regular thing for the citrus guys. Dave Morrow ran a set of 500's in the front and rear of an Eldorado. 1000 cubic inches!!! It doesn't always work as good as you think it would.
  2. You got room at Nelsons for a crew member?


    I might just be able to make it.

  3. I believe that the standard for junkyard sliders are the volvo 240 units.
  4. Ok all you racers out there, We are going to arrange a potluck on Friday night. Sahlen's will be providing the protein, in the form of there legendary hot dogs. Its up to you to bring sides, chips, deserts and make it a true event. I'm going to do a couple of pies baked on site, and probably a potato Salad. Post up here what you can bring. And it the weather is good, I'll put Ford vs Ferrari on the big screen.
  5. As it looks like I'm coming, I'll bring some beer from the burg. You don't even have to trade me. Just come and drink my poop, and say hello.
  6. Festiva need to have the front shock towers stitched if you add HP and drive it hard.
  7. Fitsbain


    I don't know what they had on the mini we ran at Nelson, but I do know it ate white a few sets, down to the cords.
  8. Hey, once again, I'm just a silly citrus that likes to hang out with Champ when they come close to my neck of the woods. My thinking is that you claim your parts and take your laps at tech, or if found later you are DQ'd and or pushed into EC (Also raced). Giving teams laps based on the unclaimed parts only entices teams to not claim parts, and hope no one notices. If you cant be honest and claim what you have, then the "punishment" should be worse than having claimed them in the first place. It should also earn a team an enhanced "look" at tech the next race. Now my car will never qualify to race other than EC as my engine swap adds a few (1400) too many points.
  9. Y U need Tow Pig? Drive the race car to the track!!!
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