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  1. At least a few of these, you can count on my cooking if you join the team.
  2. I suggest not attaching it to the easy up Some times depending on your neighbors and what they are doing right now, you may need to stop the car earlier or later.
  3. I've seen fuel and driver at Lemons, in under 2 minutes. If it was just driver I think those guys could do it in under 1.
  4. Wrench/Hangout with a team or 2. See if its your thing. I'll be doing my 5th, in April, and might hit 9 total this year. I wrench, and fill the car with fuel, and the people with food. No driving yet, but my own car is slowly coming together. And ya, its a blast!!!
  5. Miata teem next to us at Nelson, had this arrangement. There hunsuckers had a foam seal. When the catch can started taking fuel, the car was full.
  6. How about a certain yellow festiva that may be getting 626 power? It's practically 100% mazda.
  7. Here is a paper written by guys at RIT about the time I went to school there. http://edge.rit.edu/edge/Reports/public/2009-10/Technical_Papers/P10227_Technical_Paper.pdf
  8. It is my understanding (Remember I'm a citrus), that a straight edge rotated about the hub, must touch/prove the fender extends beyond the tire as said straight edge is rotated from 10 till 2. Beyond 10-2 the fender may recede, back toward the center of the car, thus exposing the tire.
  9. He He He based on my car, and the proposed engine, Calculator says: Drum Roll Please . . . . . . . 1541
  10. I don't think so. I believe that repurposed metal from one part to another part has to be charged points as new metal. But then again, I'm not the authority. I'm just a silly citrus, hanging out and cooking at champ races.
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