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  1. Driver looking for either A&D or team to get involved with in northern VA. Been doing HPDE (Advanced/Black/Red groups) for several years, attended race school, also top sim racer (road). Planned on moving to TT this year but decided I need a dedicated track car with cage so saving for that. Would prefer to get involved with local team and can help wrench and support but open to other options as well. Have truck (diesel) and tools (jacks, hoist, lift etc). Email jhouser@yahoo.com
  2. Looking at getting into ChumpCar and looking for any teams looking for additional members. I am in NoVA have track and autox experience can also turn a wrench and have access to a good selection of tools. Do not currently hold a racing license but I am eligible for SCCA racing license just need to apply. Once again I am in the northern Virginia area and work in the greater DMV area so looking for a group in the area.
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