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  1. In case you didnt read the FIA guidelines i just posted which clearly you didnt. The illustrated shoulder harness mounting is REQUIRED for 2023. Its not longer written as a recommendation. And I'm not telling anyone to do anything. I'm stating whats in articles from a regulating safety agency. Yeah i'm sure everyone here would feel safer in a car thats built for a budget endurance series compared to an FIA regulated series... You know since both have the same budgets, and testing equipment, and resources.
  2. I dont know why this was so hard to find but here it is: FIA Saftey equipment guide Appendix J – Article 253: https://www.fia.com/file/77724/download/20691 Looks like I can not use a booster that is higher then 50mm and answers to whole lot of other questions I had. Wish I saw this before I built my cage. Skip to the end to see harness specific stuff to be applicable on 01.01.2023. TimS and Speedmaverick, Either post a link to a document or I'm not reading a single word you guys are writing.
  3. Its the same as everything else I already posted. But none of them specifically identify the seat layback angle in various configurations. I've already made my mind up for harness install. And for anyone else wondering the same, Read FIA, Read SFI, Read the harness manufactures guidelines, read your FHR (Frontal Head Restraint) Manufacture guidelines and make up your mind. Undocumented, non-certified opinions are NOT valid sources of information. FIA: https://www.fia.com/file/58634/download/19427 Schroth: https://www.schrothracing.com/docs/Competition_Instructions.pdf HANS: ht
  4. I'm not doubting the experience from you guys, but coming from an engineering background its kind of hard to argue against the regulating agencies like the FIA and the HANS and Harness manufacturers. They designed the safety products and tested them. I'm going to assume there was something else wrong with the harness/seat configuration. Quote from Schroth install instructions... "Shoulder belts run down from HANS or shoulder to the harnessbar at an angle from 0° to a max of -30°. In no case should the shoulder belt run at an upward angle from the shoulder or HANS to the attachment points
  5. Got my answer from BSCI Energy Impact Systems: Azim, If your insert is required to be FIA certified, you will need to use sheets of our EC-50 foam to shim yourself up, then use an adhesive such as 3M super 77 to glue the pieces of sheet foam together. After you do this, you will then lightly glue the sheet foam inside the bag before mixing and pouring the chemical. The pieces of sheet foam will become a part of your insert. If your insert is not required to be FIA certified, then we would recommend using sheets of EIS-W18 in place of the EC-50. Thanks, Taylor
  6. If this is why they changed the seats it makes sense. But all the install guides still show it the other way... FIA: https://www.fia.com/file/58634/download/19427 Schroth: https://www.schrothracing.com/docs/Competition_Instructions.pdf HANS: https://static.speedwaymotors.com/pdf/451323531.pdf
  7. The thing i dont like is that i need a 3" lift to get my shoulders up to the minimum dimension. I just talked to pegasus they mentioned making a seat insert but I dont know how I would hold my self up in the seat (~35min) while I let the foam set.
  8. I seem to be having what i believe is a big problem with all the new FIA rated seats. They moved all the shoulder harness openings up too high for people under 5'10ish (I'm 5'5") with these new 2020 seats. Make sure you guys are getting strapped in properly with your HANS, I dont believe it works correctly if the harness doesnt fully make contract on the full surface of the unit. I reached out to OMP & Sparco about it, waiting to hear back. Please someone step in and correct me if I'm wrong.
  9. Brand new never used HTE-R 400 Fibreglass Seat. The shoulder harness openings are a little too high for me to get strapped in correctly. I never installed the seat in the car, just took it out of the packaging. Or I'll trade it for another like new 2019 Sparco Pro ADV TS Seat. Price: $650 Location: Stratford CT Phone: 914-672-9080 Photos Dimensions
  10. Yes sir, I do miss the twin turbos. I sold it when i started this
  11. Yeah thats where im stuck, I cant get motivated to make changes if I dont think its going to put us in a position to have a shot of winning. Feel like i've given up half my weekends for the last 2 years working on this stupid thing.
  12. I mean i spent a decent amount this year upgrading from $20 shocks/struts to bilsteins, changing final drive ratio, lightweight wheels, running better tires etc... and im still 7 seconds off pace at the glen. I've got teammates yelling to get the car down from 515 to 500 points and remove like 20lbs of extra metal in the rear end.... like what the hell is that going to do on a 7 second per lap gap. Maybe my car is crap? At least 1 of my drivers is very good and I'm still not even close. Going to figure it out this winter i hope. I also dont get how matts 330ci best lap at the glen is a
  13. Ha the one thing i don't have to worry about is there is no wife to hide all this from. I spent just under 9k to get to race 1. But after the first motor blows up, transmission breaks, crankcase vent clogs and blows out the rear main/destroys the clutch, you have second thoughts about all the Chinese parts you bought and decide to replace them with OEM, and your trying to close the 10second/lap gap between your car and the top of class C.. yes its adding up pretty quick hahaha. Running a FIA rated corbeau seat out of my other car and I paid $800 for the car to start with.
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