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  1. Well after a year of working on this car and waiting on a local-ish race, we finally made our debut at Harris Hills Raceway this past weekend. We were thrilled to just be there racing with some awesome people. We had great conversations with several teams and helped out where we could. We're a team of three rookies who thoroughly enjoyed our time and learned a ton! WE are looking forward to racing as much as we can! Hopefully we'll see some of you at Houston!
  2. Had a great time with Champ this weekend, looking forward to going racing again soon!
  3. still interested but hadn't seen email of the pictures that won't load, it could be just my computer but i'd be coming from Texas so i want to be sure. Let me know if you can get some more pictures. BrandonGuy03@gmail.com If you sent them, give me the email and i'll rummage through the junk/spam folder. thanks, brandon
  4. i may have to get in on this! just joined Iracing and have been having a blast.
  5. wheels are still available. low ball me. I don't need them and can't use them for my car. thanks.
  6. a few of the pictures aren't loading, will you email me the pictures you have. BrandonGuy03@gmail.com thanks brandon.
  7. snake, do you guys use FB to stream or a different website? we've been talking about doing this with one of our phones but hadn't heard much feed back from people who do it.
  8. Unfortunate circumstances but the young man should have never done what he did. I couldn't imagine having to deal with this on either side.
  9. NOTE: Both Sets were taken off a race car so not gonna win any car show with these. For sale: Two full sets of wheels and both 5x120 1st set- 17" M3 wheels with old hoosier slicks wrapped around them ( not much if any life left on tires) all wheels are in pretty decent shape. asking 400obo 2nd set- 16" Team Dynamics Pro Race 2 (white) with Toyo Proxes that might be okay for a practice (no guarentee on that) - 300obo (one wheel has some wheel contact from another racers wheel) these are in Denton Texas. if interested please call or Text @ 214three54one642 thanks, Brandon
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