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  1. Very sorry to hear I'm sure it was a difficult decision.
  2. All fluids changed, rad fan operational, new brake pads, new RS4's, pit equipment and car loaded in the trailer. Next stop the Brickyard!
  3. Make sure whatever you use or buy is fire resistant.
  4. And don't forget Georgetown is closed at 16th and Crawfordsville. You can't go south to the roundabout.
  5. Kudos to everyone who put in the time and effort required to allow us to race on what I consider hallowed ground. When I attended my first day of qualifying in 1978, I fell in love with the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, and never dreamed of being able to turn laps on the same surface as my heroes. Michael S., Fernando A., Rick M., AJ, Emmo, Scott D., Mario, the Unsers, ad infinitum. I was thrilled to have the opportunity to drive at Sebring, Daytona, Barber, AMP, NCM, and Road Atlanta, but for me this will be the biggest thrill yet. We even washed the car and cleaned the brake dust off the wheels. Can't wait for our team picture on the yard of bricks. Thanks again to all who made this possible. Mick R. #970 ODOR (old dudes out racing) Motor Group
  6. He speaks the truth, these cars are always fast and almost always near the pointy end of the field.
  7. Thanks Bill, makes sense to me. We were walking the back straight aka: Hulman Blvd. during the 500 weekend and noted how wide it is, and we weren't sure what the racing line would be.
  8. I used a hacksaw it doesn't deform the tubing.
  9. Bought ours from Discovery Parts $80.00 list, less 10% ChampCar discount, quality unit.
  10. They are the sponsor for Class C this year. If you are in C you probably have the correct decal.
  11. What a clue, Alice's Restaurant is the new sponsor!
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