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  1. Blockage in the binocular tubes is a very serious condition, please don't joke about it.
  2. Current tow vehicle doesn't get driven much and it is having issue after issue. Might need to consolidate vehicles, so my daily (not tow capable) might have to go too. Requirements: Tow a single car open trailer - may move to a small enclosed trailer 4 doors 4 wheel drive Used Might use this for a few several hundred mile road trips for my son's lacrosse tournaments, so comfort is kind of a big deal.
  3. As for the beyond 2x cost rule, for any component... Wouldn't a component beyond 2x unfortunately land someone in EC? A super expensive set of fancy shocks could put you in EC, why not a set of Uber brakes?
  4. We're able to go 2+ hours with this beauty and the stock 318 tank.
  5. Someone want to build me an ITB setup for an M42B18?
  6. We had a good Saturday, not so good Sunday when we think our diff let go. Here is a video with a little excitement shortly after the restart.
  7. Have you corner weighed your car? What sways are you running? Do you have dampers to match those spring rates? The numbers might be fine for a track 635, maybe not a full on race car though.
  8. We've since wrecked the car and moved on, but I believe I was charged 50 points for intake/TB plus the 100 for the head swap.
  9. I agree with all of that. For any swap or modification, if you chose to do it then you have to take ALL of the consequences that come with it. If it's really that great of a swap, it is worth all of the points you should be hit with. If it isn't worth the points, DON'T DO THE SWAP. Why should it be treated any differently than "we didn't pick your car"?
  10. We did a VTEC head swap on our Integra last season and had to take the points for the mating intake manifold. Verified with Champcar officials this was the only way to handle the swap and the total hit was for both head (including internals associated with that head) AND intake manifold.
  11. How expensive would it be for all the other teams who are compliant with CC rules to meet your (theoretical) proposed inclusion rules for your car (and other EC cars)? If I wanted to spend the money to build a GTS car I would, I chose to build a car for a lower cost series because it meant more money for racing. If you truly desire to win a CC race, why not build a CC legal car? I see people pointing to speed as a reason why EC cars should be included since current C class (or other) cars are just as fast. It's not just absolute speed, it's the reliability mods or huge fuel cells, or fully adjustable suspension, or.... that make the car better for endurance racing. If I'm faster than you but need to stop for fuel more times than you, who might win in the end? If I'm faster than you but can't get ideal camber for tire wear but you can, who wins in the end? If I'm faster than you but my engine grenades because I can't add reliability mods, who wins?
  12. I thought the fender flare rule eliminated tires being cut?
  13. I agree. I was just curious if this rule was to ENCOURAGE better attendance or DISCOURAGE attendance by non-series regulars. Or purely to crown the best car of the series, which it sounds like might be the case.
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