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  1. @Team Infiniti You ready to part with some fuel displacement balls yet? My 318is has a 63L tank and I don't want to move to EC! Our car is finally on the ground again after getting new suspension/bushing/bearings/brakes, next step is the dropping fuel capacity to avoid EC and get the stickers and radio installed.
  2. Agreed, I'd like to know if I need to take a different approach the my weekend at the track. I don't always lock up ALL of my tools during the race, I leave them in my garage space should we need them in a hurry. I also leave my car unattended in the garage during meetings and whatnot.
  3. I'm guessing they touched someone else's car/tools/spares/etc. and not in just an inquisitive way.
  4. It obviously has to be a guy who has SFI tags, right?
  5. Who does this certification? Do I just pull the bottle out and mail it someplace? I assume they'll put a new SFI sticker on it?
  6. Any more word on making this happen?
  7. Would the new top be additional points for material as well? I'm curious how that all works in the real world.
  8. If someone is just interested in the cars, I would be interested in spares you might still have available.
  9. I have 4 brand new Z3s mounted on 1 set of wheels. I have 3 Z2s with 1 practice and 7/8ths of a race on them on another set of wheels. Really just wanted a matching set for the second set of wheels. Z2s aren't available anymore new, so if I could find a used one that would be cool. I don't like mixing tires too much because of how much the heights can vary or handling in different weather conditions, but I suppose 2+2 for the second set is ok.
  10. Bump, I'd really like to find 1 tire to match the 3 good used tires I still have.
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