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  1. Or a fuel tank that is too big. Those are the cars that should be fine to race with, seem like easy enough fixes if they want to fall in line with the rules of the series. If they are regulars in another series and an occasional guest in ours, then I understand why they wouldn't want to make the change, but give them penalty laps (points) and leave them in the rest of the field. Do away with EC and cars not on the VPI list and be done with it.
  2. For an issue like that, a car that is really close to class legal, just nailing them with a big point (and therefore, lap) penalty and do away with the EC class and put them in whatever class they belong would be an easier integration into the series and easier to keep the cars on track "sorted out" with scoring/flagging/caution/etc. For someone who has a big fuel cell, heavily modified engine, fully adjustable suspension, giant wing....they get tons of points and end up with -1,257 laps in class A, B, C, or D. They have a lot more work to be class compliant, but isn't that ok? Also, not on the VPI list, not gonna race, regardless of car or sponsor.
  3. Can EC just be eliminated, give ALL cars the correct number of points based on modifications and apply penalty laps as necessary? This would allow them to compete for the overall win if they could overcome the penalty laps. Anything specified as NOT legal per the CCES rules could be given a blanket 250 point hit (e.g. >+2 gallon fuel cell).
  4. What kind have cars have shown up to a race and have been turned away as they are too fast even for EC? I genuinely don't know if this is once in a blue moon or every race weekend has a couple of cars way beyond our rules.
  5. I love the arguments for all E30s getting the 16.5 gallon tank, I really do. I just have seen enough info supporting this car only getting 14.5. It's easy to spot the difference looking under the car, so a DQ would be a no-brainer for anyone who cared to protest.
  6. Also, your link took me to an 850i. When I look at a 1991 318i it also confirms 55 liters.
  7. RealOEM.com indicates my car should have come with a 55 liter tank.
  8. 100% mistaken. When I purchased the car it came with a 16.5 gallon tank, which is not correct for a 318is. I asked National Tech if I could add 2 gallons worth of fuel displacement blocks to avoid going to EC. I was told this would be acceptable, until I got to Watkins Glen and Tech told me there it was an automatic EC because it was not the stock 318is tank, even though the displacement gave me the stock volume for a 318is. Tech acknowledged that I had emailed them prior to the event and instead gave me a "fix it before next race" note in my logbook as we both agreed I'd probably finish mid-pack anyway and it wouldn't matter for that particular weekend. At no point did I try and run 16.5 gallons, I openly asked the question well in advance of the race if there was anyway to run 14.5 gallons legally and was given a path forward at that time. There is a legal option for me to run ~17 gallons that I am now considering and that is the reason for starting this thread.
  9. We're miles from having that scenario, but I appreciate your point of view on this. I really just wanted to avoid the immediate bump to EC for the weekend.
  10. I'm over being bitter about being told displacement blocks would be ok then at the track being told the opposite, so I'm on to the fuel cell vs cool surge tank on the 55 liter tank idea. I'm my opinion, any 318is being raced in Champ should have the 55 liter tank or a 16.5 gallon fuel cell. All based on specs available online. The 4 cylinder is fairly fuel efficient and I'd like to stretch fuel stops to ~3+ hours for certain races.
  11. That's where my info comes from and Jay told me the 325i tank would put a 318is in EC because of the extra 8 liters.
  12. If we can't go off internet or manufacturer's specifications, how do we control it? What is your source? If your claim is that they can be made using whatever parts, how is that more credible than another source? I'd love for that to be true, but if tech were to search online I'm fairly certain the larger tank would be deemed "not stock" as most list the 318is with a 55 liter tank, not 55 or 63.
  13. We're definitely interested, let me know when the time is right.
  14. I'm game to hear more! National tech told me running the 325 tank wasn't legal (+2 gallons over 318) and running fuel displacement to keep capacity stock wasn't legal. I'd like to petition for "any tank within the platform/generation" but it won't help me this season.
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