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  1. Not that it would be easy, but the issue of some marquee benefiting and others not could be addressed by tweeking VPI related to reliability. Again, not easy, I'm not volunteering to be a punching bag when the adjustments go against someone, but that could align things.
  2. I'm against free mods for reliability, but I could get behind low point costs, especially if performance adders become more expensive.
  3. I agree with his tire petitions, 100%. I was referring to his (and others) reliability mods being free petitions. Honestly, I respect Troy and his racing and what he's trying to do for the series with his petitions. I'm not bashing him, or anyone, for how they've built their cars and what they want to see in the series. I'm just voicing my opinion, if I don't get my way I'll mod the car to the limit of my budget, it just won't be the same extent as everyone else. I know low budget teams would love to keep the series "cheap", relatively speaking.
  4. Generic examples that worry me related to speed creep, I have no data to say this is the case, but I can't say it isn't somewhat realistic. The Miata Ecotec example, I feel, can be related to speed creep. It was a swap someone chose to do, and because of it there were reliability issues. Could they have spent points on an Accusump instead of elsewhere? I don't know. But because they chose to go faster, they now need free stuff. Stock Miatas don't require an Accusump. Does it hurt the series when teams choose to go somewhere they can run more mods? Of course, but is it fair
  5. That's not the angle I was taking. If you are building a car from scratch, read the rules. If you have a car already and are now asking for free stuff to go faster and keep up, the series is doing something wrong. I think as the value of speed adders goes down (or becomes free) it is making the series more complicated and more expensive. That's a broad statement and there are several things that are directionally correct that benefit everyone.
  6. Since I don't know the answer, does Jer's car have fairly wide tires? If he ran narrower tires would the hubs last longer? Serious question since I don't know either way.
  7. There are so many examples on either side of this argument, I can see it both ways. I'm against free things in these scenarios, which is broad and generic and makes it hard to enforce/support I get... If I add 50hp, my trans won't support that power level so I need free coolers. Stock, the trans will survive all day though. Free coolers support speed creep. Bigger wider tires and better suspension allow high G's in the corner, my car has a poor oil pan design and pickup, so an Accusump allows me to last all day with my (now cheaper) suspension mods. Free Accusump
  8. I think that's a bit of an extreme example and not what Jer intended. I think he's more generic in what he'd be siding with. If someone wants to make reliability mods free so they can add tons of speed, but the majority of the drivers are against this, he'd side with the drivers. If they want to last longer to keep them coming back to races without blowing up, he'd support that. Siding with a loop hole or cater to a specific build or model is not what any majority would get behind, and neither should anyone.
  9. I just got a Roux with built in comms. I love it and got it with a Champ discount through Discovery Parts.
  10. Chisek put a suit on and threatened to ban anyone who had something negative to say. How can a team do the same AND cause harm to other drivers or their cars MULTIPLE times and still be allowed here? If our car is wrecked, I'm fairly certain my team wouldn't be able to pull the money together to have another go at it. Maybe we aren't the target audience of this series?
  11. Probably going to outline the financial benefits of MCM being in the series and why we're better off with them
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