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  1. Wow, there really wasn't much changed. I didn't realize that WAS the red lined edition. I'm more concerned someone is running an Isuzu Gemini, someone must have a magical unicorn swap in mind...
  2. Still, it would be nice to know who got more to work with and if anyone got less (+/- in VPI).
  3. Darn, hoping my 318is went down 50 or so points...
  4. Are we expecting updated VPI lists too? When are those due?
  5. So the teams with a ton of money are doing all of this extra work for fun? This doesn't help them win?
  6. All these free parts are making my off season shopping list longer and longer. If I ever want to get out of the middle of the pack I'll be spending thousands on a 300 point car and still be at 300 points. Then a few thousand more to get to 500 points. If we wreck, I can't afford to build another car.
  7. I didn't check, but is the part about using common tools to modify thing still in the rules? I wouldn't call these common tools that most average Joes have in their garage. But this is where the big money teams step in!
  8. Ready to start spending money/points. How many dollars depends on how many points I have to work with!
  9. Large metal bits came out when pulling the drain plug. Need to evaluate the full scope of damage still by pulling the cover. We're in Upstate NY. Car is near Rochester.
  10. We grenaded ours, just looking to see if anyone has something they'd part with before (while?) we rebuild this one.
  11. That's more than our E30 Champcar cost to buy! 2x needs a cap, a sliding scale, or 2x cost limit AND points.
  12. +1 This is where I found the lead for my lift and got to read a ton on which route to go with it
  13. I built my own shop 6 years ago. 40' x 32' with 12' high walls for a 2 post lift. I did a "stick built" instead of a pole barn because of resale value (wrong assumption for me). I paid for excavation and concrete slab (did a monolithic slab instead of a tradition poured 42" footer), but did the rest of the construction myself. The whole project was done part time as I had a real job to go to everyday and money isn't infinite, so it took 2 years to have a shop with vinyl siding, 3 garage doors, shingled roof, insulated walls and ceiling, electric, lift, air compressor, welder, and storage sh
  14. I used this... http://kayakoutfitting.com/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=15&zenid=696cf8a568a57998f0ec5eecf892932a Had to ditch the tank though because of rules, so it only lasted 1 weekend.
  15. Good point, but you could also increase tire width (maybe not 40mm) and still stay within the stock fenders (or rolled fenders without flares) and get an improvement on tire life. Obviously some cars are limited with how much, some more than others.
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