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  1. The Aero Man

    Flashy Lights?

    Would having flashing lights be acceptable? I'm thinking something like the LeMans cars have where they flash their lights for a slower car to notify them that they are behind them. Would this be helpful or just annoying?
  2. The Aero Man

    Last piece of the 2019 Rules Puzzle

    Thanks for this 4,000 posts I see
  3. The Aero Man

    Last piece of the 2019 Rules Puzzle

    Where could we find the correct raw formula? The online calculator is correct but it doesen't say it there
  4. The Aero Man

    Last piece of the 2019 Rules Puzzle

    I've looked at this before and come to some "conclusions": The if statement is saying that if your weight/power is less than 16, then it goes through the then statement. If it's more than 16, it just adds 50 pts. The then statement is the weight/power ratio ^6, then subtracted by 16. This is all then multiplied by 0.032 and 50pts is added for the surcharge. I am not sure why the .032, 6 and 16 are the way they are, but I'm thinking they are just baseline averages that can make the formula accurate for most cars. The ^6 is a large power compared to the regular ^2 and ^3, and that's why you end up with thousands of points if you try to swap in anything more than ~250hp. This is just what I've found, I don't know if this will really help you but here it is.
  5. The Aero Man

    Clarification on Spec Miata Penskes

    My interpretation is if you take the 10pts a corner for the coil over kit, you can do whatever you want with springs. They probably added that exemption in so it was more clear that you could cut the stock springs if you wanted.
  6. The Aero Man

    For Sale: 1994 Miata Racecar

    Could you put some more pictures up? I'm thinking cage, interior and spares Thanks
  7. The Aero Man

    Last piece of the 2019 Rules Puzzle

    The ones I've seen have almost 16gal while the NA6 miata's have 12
  8. The Aero Man

    Last piece of the 2019 Rules Puzzle

    True Usually cars with less hp have smaller tanks. Less hp = Slower car Cars with small tanks were made that way on purpose. Less power = less fuel consumption = smaller tank
  9. The Aero Man

    Tech Response time

    Where is this statement found? I have seen nothing within Champ that would prove or disprove this
  10. The Aero Man

    Tech Response time

    So what's the difference between a splitter and a flat bottom/undertray? Or where does one start and the other end?
  11. The Aero Man

    Last piece of the 2019 Rules Puzzle

    Uh Oh.... There is no way for the calculator to measure reliability, but if the swap is looked at in depth by Champ then they could factor this in. How many swaps are actually being taken to races? If there aren't that many, then the swap calculator could be used in conjunction with a real official to evaluate the cars value. Human judgement can help clear up problems. An idea
  12. The Aero Man

    Last piece of the 2019 Rules Puzzle

    I disagree with the diff interpretation, that it does mention the year of the car in the rule. On the idea of doing a swap on an na8 and claiming it as an na6 is a little harder than perceived as there is a lot of subtle differences here and there. I'm sure its possible but tech can't really do anything about it, as they can't verify what year the chassis is and there is a difference in points on them, making it two different cars.
  13. The Aero Man

    Driver's Championship

    There is a rental kart track at VIR - If you really want a drivers "championship" or just a contest between drivers you could do it there. I'd agree and say that having a random person jump in a random car is wicked sketchy. Look at the amount of damage somebody can do to your car when they aren't even driving it.
  14. Is there anywhere for the air to go after its been through the radiator? If the back of the radiator is really close to the front of the engine that may be a problem. Consider vents to try to get the air out.