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  1. The Aero Man

    Trailer and towing rig

    In the first picture the truck looks like its frame is bent a little from slowing down the trailer. Am I seeing that correctly?
  2. The Aero Man

    Aftermarket bumpers/body parts

    You could claim it as a splitter or air dam and take ten points for it if they try to make you take the sq ft points for it.
  3. The Aero Man

    Elan made airfoils starting at $275

    I know somebody already asked how much these wings weigh, but how much does a Miata kit weigh, including the mounts and everything?
  4. The Aero Man

    Grandfathering Rules

    This is not going to be a popular answer, but you could measure distances from the bottom of the head to the bottom of the intake route and measure the degrees of the turn that the air has to make in the head. Don't know how you would really measure that, but just an idea.
  5. The Aero Man

    Splitter stay designs

    I don't think that any real limitations should be put on the splitters/air dams. I do think that they should only extend to the centerline of the front axle, but that is it. If somebody wants to go make a ridiculous splitter with little winglets hanging off of it, I don't care. We are going too slow for it to really matter, the most important thing I think is the ride height.
  6. The Aero Man

    Grandfathering Rules

    On that note, they are lucky that I forgot who first mentioned it to me that this was a thing. What about these unwritten rules? A diffuser is 10pts and so is a flat bottom? That you can mod your engine with hand tools but not with any machines? What if I am 'really good' at porting my engine with a dremel and die grinder?
  7. The Aero Man

    Grandfathering Rules

    I had thought that at one time you could have a 22 gallon cell in the car, and after the rules changed some people didn't take them out.
  8. The Aero Man

    Grandfathering Rules

    I've heard that Champ has grandfathered in some cars from a couple years ago that now don't have to follow the current rule updates. Is this really true? Does Rbank have a 22gal cell in their saab because they don't have to follow the rules? If this is true, WTF! How can it be that since I've only been racing with champ for the past couple of years means that I have to follow the other rulebook, not the one from six or seven years ago, or whichever one I want? Not as relevant, but what about all of these 'unwritten rules'? You can port your engine with hand tools but not with any machines?
  9. The Aero Man

    Official 2018 24-Hours of Nelson Ledges

    Does anyone have that picture of the civic driving over the yellow Miata? Id like to see it
  10. The Aero Man

    Aftermarket Hood Vent Points

    I’d say 5 or 10 pts for unlimited hood vents
  11. The Aero Man

    Splitter stay designs

    I would recommend making the splitter attached with something solid because it will stop any flapping that happens. I know you have to run a higher ride height, but that will help with the fasteners being ground off from the bottom, and it will make the whole system a bit more sturdy and safe. I would not like to end up like that guy who had a splitter stay get through his gas tank and his race ended.
  12. The Aero Man

    Splitter stay designs

    I will also be at Nelson this weekend if you would like to check it out. You can ask for more details about what car I'm in if you want.
  13. The Aero Man

    Splitter stay designs

    I have threaded rod in four places and a channel at the back that the splitter slides into. The threaded rod has rod couplings that connects to more threaded rod that comes up from the splitter. Mine are consumables, 3/8 plywood and a vertical part made of aluminium making it pretty light. With only four threaded connections, it is pretty easy to change quickly. Some questions about things that I'm curious about? How low do you guys run your splitters/air dams? How far back underneath the car and forward from the front of the car does yours go?
  14. Not really helping you here, but you can do this to make the video record for a long time: Drill a hole in the side of your camera case where the power plug on the camera is Get a long charging cord for the camera Get a USB plug that goes into a cigarette lighter Mount the camera and plug everything in, so the camera is hard powered Make sure you have a big memory card to hold all of the video Take a bunch of cool enduro videos(just not at night, you can't see anything)
  15. The Aero Man

    Cheaty/vague/rules stuff I want to talk about.

    I agree, there should be more fixed point value items on the list, and they should be a little more specific.