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  1. Yessss! So VPI numbers today?
  2. The Aero Man

    Time to revisit 2X shocks?

    You are correct, you could do it that way. But, both ways still require you to buy multiple sets of shocks($) and go to a test day(more $).
  3. The Aero Man

    Time to revisit 2X shocks?

    Having the rule about adjustable shocks is a little weird to me. If you wanted to find what setting/stiffness of shock you wanted for that particular track, you don't need adjustable shocks. You just buy four or five sets in the range that you are looking at, and you go to a test day a week before the race to test all of the different shock configurations. When you get to the race, you claim your shocks under the 2X rule and you are all set. 👍
  4. So the question is, this - is the NA1.6 the same "model and chassis generation" as the NA1.8 or are they different? The NA1.8 cars never came with a 4.30 ratio. The NA1.6 cars and the NB cars came with the 4.30.
  5. What about all the 1.8NA cars with 4:30 ratios (because that's what gets used in Spec Miata)? That was never available for the 1.8NA, so isn't that a 25 point add? It would appear you can take an E30 from one line item with one VPI and for no points swap the diff from an E30 with a different VPI. Hoping an E30 person would chime in here about the options here, I really am only speculating.
  6. Differential swap: 25pts for any diff. not originally available for your year, make, and model or chassis generation From what I understand and see, this helps only BMW's. If you are going to make this a rule, you should make the criteria a little more broad so more tams can take advantage of it. I suggest you either take this clause out or make the criteria broader so it can be used in more circumstances.
  7. The Aero Man

    FIRE & FUEL. Read

    The penalties should only be applied when there is fuel on the ground. If your fuel lands in your catch can, you are all set. I do think some common sense needs to be applied in the routing of the exhaust to keep it away from the fuel filler though.
  8. The Aero Man

    FIRE & FUEL. Read

    Yes, they are. But, there are cheaper options, and the careful factor. With SCCA we used a funnel for many years and never got penalized even without a minimum pit stop time. Just be careful.
  9. The Aero Man

    FIRE & FUEL. Read

    If there were actual penalties for spilling fuel, people wouldn't spill fuel. Fuel is getting spilled because people don't care. Everybody would care if there was penalties applied for split fuel. Nobody spills fuel in SCCA because they get penalized if they do it.
  10. Make sure the charcoal canister is hooked up. We had the same issue but fixed it by putting the charcoal canister back in. There is almost no pressure when you open the cap now.
  11. The Aero Man

    Trailer and towing rig

    In the first picture the truck looks like its frame is bent a little from slowing down the trailer. Am I seeing that correctly?
  12. The Aero Man

    Aftermarket bumpers/body parts

    You could claim it as a splitter or air dam and take ten points for it if they try to make you take the sq ft points for it.
  13. The Aero Man

    Elan made airfoils starting at $275

    I know somebody already asked how much these wings weigh, but how much does a Miata kit weigh, including the mounts and everything?
  14. The Aero Man

    Grandfathering Rules

    This is not going to be a popular answer, but you could measure distances from the bottom of the head to the bottom of the intake route and measure the degrees of the turn that the air has to make in the head. Don't know how you would really measure that, but just an idea.