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  1. You are correct, anything that measures suspension travel will be affected by bumps. But, with an electronic measurement that can be logged along with all of the other data collected, you can get around this problem. By graphing the results over time, you can see spikes in the data and rule them out. You can also compare side by side with g-force data to tell where the bumps are. Compare two sets of data, with and without the aero. Do some math, and you've got yourself the exact amount of downforce you are making at each axle at any given speed or place on the track.
  2. Bad idea. As soon as you hit one bump, even in the paddock, it looks like you're making more downforce than you actually are.
  3. Why can't we just say 10 pts for any aero in front of the front axle?
  4. Is this per element or 10pts for as many as you want?
  5. To me, it looks like it is just based on what axis it uses. It's been said that if it is only vertical or horizontal then it's 10pts, but if it is both it should be 20. The circled ones(mostly the first one) have a diagonal/curved piece that may be only one piece, but it does go horizontally and vertically. Curved or flat? 10 or 20?
  6. Talk to the SCCA enduro guys who can do hyper fast pit stops. With 5 guys over the wall at once, a car did fuel, a driver, and 2 tires in a minute and a half. There was no touching the car or driver changes allowed when fuel was over the wall.
  7. In one way or another, the cars will become faster over time. Some people try harder to make their cars faster than others, and that's a given. Even if rules are changed or the cars become completely spec, there will always be somebody who wants to spend more money and time than you to be faster.
  8. Put the truck in 4WD Low and drive up on a set of oil change ramps. No ramp building needed. And if you blow a trailer tire you can drive the other one up the oil change ramp to change the flat.
  9. I know this is an unpopular idea with a lot of people, but it could help this speed creep that people are concerned about. There is nothing stopping you from making the free stuff worth points. An ECU could be 20pts and a non stock air intake could be 15.
  10. Has anyone looked at power in this case? Having a really heavy but underpowered car could throw a wrench in the system. Not really sure if there is a goal for these statistics to push, but I'm thinking that most people would want the high powered cars to have to stop more frequently for fuel.
  11. "I see", said the blind man to his deaf friend over the phone.
  12. As far as I've seen, there is no rule about lugnuts. Go for it
  13. Exactly You had said that your car is mid engined so it will spin on a different axis. You picked that car. You prepared that car. You Maybe he should have gone sliding off the track, but he still should have put two feet in. Be predictable.
  14. Remember that whole "we didn't pick your car" argument? And I think coming to a stop would be better than moving, even if its in the middle of the track. Isn't one of the main things they say at the novice school "be predictable"? A stopped car is much more predictable than a moving car.
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