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  1. Just FYI, carbon fiber isn't allowed in Champ. Could you make them out of fiberglass instead?
  2. Maybe the cheater teams will get a bunch of people and have them just stand around the car at impound. Kind of like F1 when they do the grid walks on TV and the mechanics always have something to be doing right in front of the camera. Someone mentioned something about intent of the rules. With the BCCR, the intent and the actual rules are waaaaaay off of each other. The problem is that CC is making their decisions based off of intent rather than what the rules actually say. That's where a lot of the problems come in, because everybody has a different interpretation and tech seems to make decisions on a whim. I'd love to see someone actually protest an engine to say that it's not stock. I wonder how much disassembly would actually happen. Even something like the spark plug gap, do you think they would pull them out and measure?
  3. Is there any consideration about trying to get another date? We were really looking forward to this track and race.
  4. I think I see what you might be thinking here. If you figure out what you're pressure on the pads need to be, you can then back into how much pedal pressure there needs to be. If I were you, I might spend some time looking at how you could change where on the pedal the master cylinder is attached. You could also just make the pedal longer so you have more leverage. It might be easier to change the brake pressure by changing that than putting a different master cylinder in. Then again it might take a lot of work to re-engineer the brake pedal in your car.
  5. So it's inconsistent corner workers then. I know that I have bump drafted in I think every CC race I've competed in. Never once been called out on it, so were the corner workers not paying attention? Or inconsistency in enforcing a 'rule' that is written where? The rulebook says to leave racing room and that cars should avoid contact. In a situation like this contact is what everyone(almost everyone) wants to be happening. Very frustrating that CC is making the racing less fun and being inconsistent. My request is to at least be consistent. No matter the decision made or the rule, CC needs to be more consistent in applying and enforcing things.
  6. I'm pretty sure that's the entire point of this thread, seeing as I'm the one who started it. There isn't anything about where the halo bar (#9 in the picture) needs to be height wise. Just put in inside the dash right next to the dash bar and all of the requirements are met. It is feasible to run a production cage within the rules, but CC will just kick you out because they don't like it - As shown in exhibit A. Exhibit A:
  7. This is the same type of thing with the dash bar. SCCA does not require a dash bar in a lot of its categories and requiring a dash bar will eliminate a lot of potential cars to race in CC. Adding a dash bar to a pre-existing cage is very hard and would require a lot of time and most likely money. It seems like there could be an easier solution to help include cars from other series in CC. Also, there is no indication of the shape of the main hoop in the BCCR. It says that it has to be as wide as the cockpit, but nothing else. Where? Top? Bottom? It doesn't say it has to be symmetrical either. The only thing stopping you from running a production cage is the mention of a halo bar and the fact that CC has the right to not let you on the track. Kinda sucks that you can't have that much creativity before getting shut down or the rules changed on you.
  8. And? We know we can run that cage, but can we use a production style cage? I know the rules would say otherwise, but it's not like people really follow them anyway. Right now the rules seem up for interpretation and messing with.
  9. In the rules, there are only descriptions for cars with at least a windshield. There seems to have been no expectation for somebody to cut the roof and windshield off of a car and race it. Would you still have to use the same cage construction and guidelines? SCCA has a few 'production' classes, in which its competitors make their cars very light. They cut off everything above the dashboard and have less of a cage on the passenger side. Would this be legal?
  10. Haha!! The runoffs happened this week at VIR. You should see the "limited prep" cars. I think that's the reason most of us are here doing this instead of SCCA. There is a spec tire you have to use in SM, but no amount maximum. Most go out on a new set every session, possibly even changing tires halfway through. Not to mention they can be upwards of $1000 per set depending on what state you buy them in. I don't think the solution is even that complicated. Find a number(determined later by somebody smart) and multiply it buy the number of hours in the race. This gives you how many tires you can bring to the event, rounded to the nearest one. Have officials watching the pit stops for tire usage like they do when fueling, and have them report to race control saying that this car put these many tires on. Race control has a spreadsheet they add to throughout the race to see how many tires people are using.
  11. Hehe.. That's where the confusion comes in. I could swap any random head on that fits the block and makes more power. It would have all the work done to it and everything for the full beans. The head may not have come off of any car... There are no regs about that part, and you could just claim whatever manifold you want to be the 'stock' header for the head. If the head has no part numbers or ID, you could just say whatever performance header you have is stock. I know the rulebook says that part numbers can't be ground off, but it may never had any to begin with... ^^
  12. You're close. If there were spec tires, there would need to be a specific amount of tires that a team can use per race. This would stop the guys from going out and getting 20 shaved tires for the Nelson race, and would keep costs the same for everybody. Say 4-6 tires for a 12hr and about 8 for a 24 at the most.
  13. If I were you, I'd have gone and had a word with the race director about it. That's pretty bad of them to penalize you for bump drafting, or not even. There isn't any reason they should not let people bump draft. As a new part in the 2020 regs, it says that " CAR TO CAR CONTACT WILL RESULT IN A BLACK FLAG BEING ISSUED AND A TIME PENALTY TO BE SERVED." In 2019 it does not say such a thing and I would at least send an email to Mike about it. I don't know of any wheel to wheel motorsport that people don't try to draft each other for an advantage. That really sucks. I hope this issue gets fixed soon.
  14. If somebody were to take 100pts for a head swap, what other paraphernalia would they get with it? I thought that the cams and valves/springs went with those 100pts, and you could possibly get a header with it too? If the head only fit the block and nothing else could you add whatever you wanted? If the head isn't off a particular car, I'm assuming you can add whatever is 'stock' to it, being whatever you want. There are no rules surrounding this issue and it would be helpful for people to know what it would come out to be. Keep in mind the fact that it does not specify the need for a swapped head to come from another car off the VPI list.
  15. I'm interested to see how the NHMS race will turn out. It's a fun track, especially when running the south oval (NASCAR 1 and 2). Any news or special things about it? Don't you need to wear a helmet and be 18 to go into the pits(cold side)?
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