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  1. You forgot that they have been going two wide since before we were born. I was lucky enough to avoid them on track all weekend. Others weren't as lucky. The fact they don't know who the race leaders are with 20 mins left to a race as they continue their "testing" day speaks volumes about their sense of entitlement.
  2. I think the corvette had to remove some go fast bits. The front of the field has gotten much faster since last time we raced at the glen (2019).
  3. So i guess we will be adding more bumper structure to the car to prepare for the inevitable carnage?!?! I'd feel so much better if chumpcar could explain their logic on this one...
  4. Here's one: Banning a team - ChumpCar International Inc. - Board of Directors Forum - For member use - TireRack.com ChampCar Endurance Series
  5. Oh nooo. That guy is literally the worst. C'mon champcar. Protect your valued members from unreasonable hazards.
  6. I have one but we still opt for the hauler. NY doesn't play games.
  7. We use 245 40 15 rs4. Once tried rivals but they were pretty beat after about 6 hours of racing We have also tried 205 re71r. We didn't notice any improvements in lap times and they obviously had wear issues compared to the rs4s.
  8. Since 2017 I have participated in 1 AER, 1 WRL and 7 Champcar weekends for a total of 17 individual races. Roughly 35 hours of seat time, all in the shutupracing E30. Before that I did 4 HPDE events and a race school in my E30 turbo street car.
  9. I stand corrected then about the waving the car by. It all happened in half a second and the other driver seemed to appreciate it. As far as using video to levy a penalty, seemed like the system worked in our case. It's a shame that video is not always being allowed when it seems to be the most honest and consistent way to make a case. That should be addressed by the higher ups.
  10. In fact there was a paddock wide announcement that morning specifically about passing under yellow. I accidently passed a car under yellow earlier in the day and made it a point to wave it back by me since I was well aware that it was against the rules. Being called tattle tales in a member policed series is laughable and any experienced team should know better.
  11. Doesn't seem too hard for me/us to keep up with race monitor when its not our turn to drive. The only crew we bring are drivers who are waiting for their stints, IE we usually have 4 people or less present for a race weekend.
  12. I can say for sure on Saturday, when our car was chasing. Sunday i was ignoring them so i'm not sure.
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