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  1. My Father in-law said hell haul his small smoker down from Grand Rapids for us if we want. Im pretty sure i could fit 3 or 4 shoulders in that one.
  2. I was thinking i should load up the smoker and throw on a few pork shoulders early in the morning on practice day. But then i remembered....Where the heck will i have room for my smoker?!
  3. As long as your guys bring more of that helltown IPA i got for my spotted cow....wow is that stuff good!
  4. Also do you have track experience? Iracing? Do you have time to help with the car? Mechanical Ability? All those things will be important to a perspective team. Good luck, hope to see you at the track!
  5. Looking to see if anyone has one or used one in the past. Howd it change the ice consumption, howd it feel inside the helmet, any problems with the extra connections and so on.
  6. For a second i thought you were headed back in front of me! Our go pro got it im sure but our "Video Guy" isnt very speedy lol. Here it is from @E. Tyler Pedersen
  7. Shout out to @mostmint for somehow welding our power steering hard line we cracked on Saturday. Allowed us to finish on Saturday and held all day Sunday. Ill write up a report on our dismal weekend later lol!
  8. Do guys pull in at an angle as well? Similar to how we line up on the grid?
  9. Were headed down Thursday morning. We will be enjoying our patio overlooking IMS from our rental house! As on of our team members said "This is really happening!" LOL!
  10. 4th took car to Road America for a quick shake down before Indy. Broke a rear connecting arm, fixed in pits, went back out had a front brake caliper fail going into Canada Corner, ended up next to the tire wall in the gravel no damage but my underwear. Fixed in pits quick and back out for the remainder of the day for a successful day getting drivers comfortable in the new setup. Now swap some fluids, throw on some new tires,finish loading trailer and Thursday head out to Indy!
  11. Can we get clarification on the no fuel brought in rule. We were @ the track this weekend and a fellow racer informed us cars must be empty as well from their past experience with Indy. We were planning on having a full tank upon arrival so we were good to go for the morning. @Bill Strong
  12. We are actually developing a program through race capture to tell us how long we have remaining on fuel at your current pace. That way if we are trying to stretch fuel we have the read out telling us how many minutes at the average burn rate we have left. There are a lot of really cool things you can use it for, id highly recommend getting it. Ive seen and wanted this setup!
  13. We run an Aim MXL2 with race capture on megasquirt. We do have an older aim MXL Pista unit that we are sending out for repairs that we will be looking to sell. It has a lap timer and everything but i dont know what kind of datalogging it does. That could be had on the cheap. Look us up @ indy if you want to talk.
  14. EC with caymans and what not looks like a $1500 16hr test/driver development steal. Where else can these guys go and drop $1500 and get 2 days of wheel to wheel track rental for a driver they may be wanting to develop or modifications to the car they want real world testing for. I am shocked more teams with high end cars havnt jumped at the opportunity. EC with guys who just purchased the car, or are working out a swap, or want to just go race before they attempt to make the 500pt mark or who have a car thats 550 or 600pts looks like what it is. Whatever the case, add laps, move on. If the EC car wants to know if they "Won" or how they did overall then they can see total number of laps completed and figure it out. Let the fast guys enter as long as their is room for 500pt leagal cars, and that they dont cause a problem with the rest of the population. Just my opinion.
  15. Cans or bottles Two Brothers Racing will have you covered.
  16. Had boats for years and learned to put car tires on them after a few tires cost me $500+ fiberglass fenders. For the car trailer we put Load Range E truck tires on it and have had good luck so far.
  17. Its easier to ask for forgiveness than for permission, isnt that how it goes?
  18. We have a factory air dam that we were able to modify to make ours sit at 3” static. We could go to 2 - 2.5” and be good yet but havnt put that much effort into it
  19. 1000% agree. Are they going to have 5 fill spots per truck? Because if they have 2 per truck and each team needs 80-100 gal for one day that is going to take several HOURS to take care of fueling along with drivers meeting and final car prep..... Assume each team will want 80-100 gallons for the day. 10 minutes to fill witch is probably slow 4 Fill hoses, 25 teams per pump = 4+ hours of fueling average! 6 hoses bring it down to 2hr 45min. 10 hoses = 1.5hrs I dont think having the fuel pumps open Friday @ 3:30 in the afternoon is too much to ask. Then its Tech, Fuel Beer....and the following morning is much less stressful on everyone INCLUDING Champ staff.
  20. Well lol we fried all our electronics in the car 3 days before the race, and since we were planning on being there we called up and said, we’d Marshall just to be at the track. But normally a team would choose a track they don’t plan to race, and volunteer. Show up, they tell you what they need and what to watch for. Then you go out and keep people safe, watch and listen to race control all day. After the race a few teams around where you marshaled will usually offer up some beer and say thanks, you pick some brains watch people prep for the next day pick some more brains and then rinse and repeat for day two if there is one.
  21. The accomplishment for a new race team should be to finish, and learn everything possible for the first year at least. There is a lot that goes into these cars staying on the track the way they do and small tricks guys use to make a pit stop more productive or how they prepare for trouble when it does happen. Id highly suggest volunteering to be a pit Marshal, we volunteered earlier this year and it was amazing the things we learned by being FORCED to watch other teams (while paying for our gingerman race). I cant stress enough how beneficial it was to watch, i learned more on one day than all of last year racing because i wasn’t worried about our car staying on track i was open minded and observant.
  22. My favorite was @Bill Strong talking to @IPF Racing racing last year at gingerman. Question-"Why are you guys celebrating with champagne?" Answer- "Because we won class D two days in a row and weve never won a thing before" If there is an award we can race for, we are racing for it and we going to be happy if we win it. If we didnt win it we dont expect it. Pretty simple. Its hard enough to finish a race at pace so if someones going to bag on us for winning a class oh well they can bag on us for being happy lol. If you dont like the classes or class trophy petition to change it.
  23. Car Racing VS Running, two different sports. If i run a class A car and i finish 6th, and a class A car finishes 2nd over all. I dont want the Class A "WIN" because i didnt WIN class A. Look at it as: 1.Overall Podium 2.Class Winners 2 separate races being ran at the same time. If we start handing out class wins to second place were down the road of, "I want a participation trophy too." Just my opinion.
  24. Ok, thanks, for the clarification.
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