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  1. How much does it cost to be the coolest guy on the planet for 2 hours a day? Answer: who cares
  2. we took 1/4" copper tubing wrapped it around 1.5" pvc to make a coil, then put that inside some 3" PVC with each end of the coper sticking out of the 3" elbows then blew air through that. to the helmet. We mounted it all to the bottom side of cooler lid, put a bilge pump in it and T'd the line so one went to the coolshirt and one to the helmet coil. If you want pictures PM me your email and ill ship some over. Hell if you want the cooler let me know i still have it you can give it a whirl. Edit: We were able to obtain up to a 20* drop in air temp from enter to exit of the cooler. We could do more if we slowed the air down or added a divider to lengthen the contact time i am sure. We used bags of ice, blocks would be better 100% I thought about a Air transfer system using dry ice nasty cold. But gasses off and you need to deal with that.. Smoke and racecars are not a good combo.
  3. We did this already, it blew through ice in like 30 minutes running 50% but man that helmet blower was COLD!
  4. We used to do it for like 85 but that was several years ago.. Cost me more in fuel to haul there than it did to put the car on track!
  5. Milwaukee mile road course is not all that interesting. Good for testing and that's about it lol. We used to do the track nights during the week for testing it was super cheap.
  6. The measurement they made us go to was the body width. So i misunderstood what measurement they were using. We are ok it only was like 1.5". I was just trying to make sure Bill wasn't gunna get told to cut 1/4" of his wing off is all.
  7. No ones been clipped by a wide splitter tho?!
  8. @wvumtnbkr 190E Mercedes That was one of our problems ours was so hacked up they asked what OEM body width was......uhhhhh no idea. I argued that OEM wheels are tucked into the fender so it should be at least 2" above oem wheel width. I gave in and just hacked it off because they only found a width on the interwebs of XYZ and that was the track width.
  9. I did, i said it was body width. Couldn't find an official "body width" measurement. @E. Tyler Pedersen had to cut off his wing too i think, ended up loosing his endplate?
  10. Check with tech. They took measurements on ours and made sure it was within the OEM WHEEL Body width I asked if it was wheel or body because the body was wider they confirmed it was wheel body. We hacked 1.5" off our splitter and our wing was good to go thank the lord. Edit: I must have misunderstood what tech was measuring at the time and they were looking up body width so tech did their job and I was wrong! it happens a lot. I guess it was easy enough to misunderstand with 14 people in the tech shed, Lunch was delivered and Thomas dug right in so maybe it was the mouthful of food I couldn't hear through or didn't care too....probably the latter. Sorry!
  11. Uhhhhh pretty sure if that engine stayed together day 2 we would have tied for Nat Champ points. Not much whooping going on here lol.
  12. Essentially if you leave the painted curbs, you wont see straight for a few hundred feet lol.
  13. Our team had some great laps with you guys both days. Good clean racing and the cars were pretty evenly paced depending on drivers. Cant wait to share the track with you all again soon!
  14. Two Brothers had a rather uneventful weekend lol. Saturday I started the race somewhere around P10. Almost got ran over at that fabulous start. I put in my 2 hours only incident was my first time hitting fresh oil as i had to be in the first 5 cars behind premium dudes. Turn into 6 and the car heads straight ohhhhh boy. Did some agricultural racing but no damage. Was able to send some flyers after the fuel we saved. The rest of the day went with out much problem until the end. With about 30 minutes left Matt was driving and picked up a odd feeling in the left side of the car. Said it just felt weird and was making a noise. We talked and running P6 if we came in and looked it over quick enough we might be able to get out before MiElan got past us. We were wrong, oh well we wanted to make sure we didn’t ruin our shot at a chance to compete for the Chip. We came home P7. After we found or left rear with a screw in it and down to 12lbs, and also the front strut worked loose (the noise he heard). Sunday Matt started, we decided we were going to send the car as hard as we could for 7 hours and see what happened. Matt set his fastest lap ever running with Crank Yankees and the 901 car. Mike got in and was making what i think were his best laps ever in the car, seeing the progress he was making we decided to keep him in as long as possible who cares in the big picture about time if a guy is sending it and doing well let him do his thing. Great work on Mike! I took third stint and tried to drive qualifying laps for my hour and a half. On the last lap i though i would have enough room on the outside of the little VW to sneak by in the carousel. He washed out a bit and I didn’t have enough reserve wheel left and shot off drivers right. Totally my fault for sending it hard on the outside so i apologize to him and the red BMW for probably giving you a heart attack. No damage thankfully and i handed the car over to Andy. Andy went out and ripped great laps for 1:15 and then said the voltage light was flashing again, and the car wasn’t quite up to full song. With only 10 minutes left we just told him to go super easy and coast to the finish where we finished P6. For the first time we had the trailer packed and ready to go BEFORE the car got off the track so we could load it up and get Matt on his way since he had family matters at home to tend to. We loaded the car and sent him on his way, grabbed a case of beer and watched the show. Overall it was a successful weekend for us. We came to our home track and completed as many laps as i think we could have given the circumstances. Were happy with a 7th and a 6th. We were pit neighbors with MiElan and shared a great number of conversations over the weekend, shared several beers with folks and even had some “real Alabama beer” thanks to the Birmingham guys. I appreciate the work all the volunteers put in and the work Champcar put in to allow us onto the track. We can all piss and moan about whatever but at the end of the day we need to be out here to have some fun and our group had that, so thanks to everyone who helped us along the way. We have some work to do but were hoping we see everyone @ Autobahn in a few months!
  15. Jesus didn’t even realize that this isn’t the official post lol I’ll copy and past it over there then!
  16. The double yellows were out well after troy left. I watch them get pulled down as he dove off over the hill with the rest of the field stacked up.
  17. Your going to get protested for adding to the count with your own posts. The true capacity of the page is shrunk because your post is displacing a normal post.
  18. Could be, we have one in ours i asked Brian to send me a picture on the facebook thread because i want to see mode of failure. IF its true i want to know and ill ditch ours in a heartbeat so i dont have to deal with this BS.
  19. Just bring it so when someone pops 96.1 and gets black flagged we have something not $20 amazon special to compare it to.
  20. Hes right and id add you need to stay track right through the exit of turn one not just into it.
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