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  1. I assume that as long as that blender isn't powering any drive wheels, it should be just fine. ...and if it is powering drive wheels, bring it anyway. I want to see that.
  2. Guys, deep breath on fuel. Unless something has changed from what Bill said here, the fuel in the car is fine.
  3. I don't know if there is value in discussing hypotheticals, but I can say that common sense is key. If Miata #3 is clearly faster than the Street Stock, then the Street Stock should allow the Miata past when safe to do so. If not, then continue on. I understand what you're saying here, but we can't establish hard and fast rules around this. If we tried, we might as well eliminate a class. I'd hate to see the Miata go.
  4. It's bound to happen. You smoked the field at Road Atlanta in the Miata. The Miata has an advantage in the twisty bits while the Street Stock will excel in a straight line. VIR South is definitely more wide open than Road Atlanta.
  5. Default key bindings for the fuel window and tire selection are F4 and F5, respectively. You'll access these while in the car. When I get back to my PC, I'll take some screenshots for my key bindings if you'd like.
  6. I'd recommend binding something to your wheel. I have the bottom button on each side of my G27 as the left/right change between boxes. It's easy to scroll through them that way.
  7. You'll need to visit the black boxes for fuel and tires and uncheck the boxes for fuel and changing tires. They automatically reset to checked after the stop.
  8. http://www.edracing.com/edr/iRacing-Macros.php Here is a relatively comprehensive list of macros you can utilize in text chat to alter your pit stop. I'm far too lazy to set this up, so it is mouse and chaotic driving down the straights.
  9. They did not. We weren't sure if iRacing had fixed the pit stop bug yet.
  10. @Rapido is notorious for his fog events in another league. This one is pretty tame. Just enough fog to know it is there.
  11. We use OBS to capture and the iRacingBrowserApp from http://ir-apps.kutu.ru/#!/ We cannot see the overlays in car. They're purely for the enjoyment of our viewers. @aaron can provide a bit more information on the setup. He helped me set mine up.
  12. Last night was a lot of fun once the field sorted itself out. Only a couple of suggestions: Please hold your line when you're being overtaken. It's frightening when a car moves over on you on the back straight when you're closing at a high rate of speed. Drive these cars as if it was real. I realize that its easier to drive these harder because the damage doesn't matter, but I'd hate to see someone's shot at winning the grand prize ruined because someone was overly aggressive. Hopefully, this was just a factor of the practice event. Overall, it went well, but it could be better with a couple of modifications.
  13. Congratulations, it's January 3rd and you have a strong contender for understatement of the year. But to answer the question @Corman , visit the iRacing Member Site and look under the Leagues tab, League directory.
  14. Yeah, had a lot of fun out there. It was surprising how close the Street Stocks and Miatas were. Hoping to be there next week. It's a crazy time of year.
  15. Had a lot of fun tonight with everyone. Check out my POV from the Street Stock. That car is a ton of fun. Thanks for a great race!
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