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  1. We got ours last week. They are really easy to apply. Like the bright colors. The Windshield banner was a little tedious. Looks nice though.
  2. We are looking at possibly renting a seat for some races next year. We are looking for specifics on how teams charge, what is required, etc... Any help would be appreciated.
  3. My cousin was there taking pictures of our car, so maybe he captured yours too? What is your car number?
  4. Does the Series have a Cool Suit System working during the races so drivers can pre and post cool on pit lane? Gonna be HOT in Sebring.
  5. Sorry, I was under the impression that a multi-layer suit was required. Or our team captain "prefers" a multi-layer suit. Waiting to hear back from him. Thanks for all the responses!!
  6. We have a couple larger helpers and need to accommodate them with a beautifully fitting suit to fuel the Race Car....If anyone has an extra they want to sell or give away would be awesome. Everything we have searched are like $100 or more...even on craigslist
  7. Hey everyone!! We found a pair of prescription glasses on our pit table. We were in pit stall #36, 4 down from Pit IN. The guys that were with us and other team in the box say they are not theirs. We would like to get them back to the person who needs them. Respond to this post or email me directly @ rxdoc2011@bellsouth.net.
  8. Ok, guess I will send out a mass message to all teams near us. Thanks for looking. I would like to get them back to the rightful owner.
  9. Sorry, they weren't sunglasses but eye glasses. Look expensive. I can send pic from my phone.
  10. Hey there, We were pitted with ya'll in pit #36, the other Bclass 240 SX. We found a pair of prescription sunglasses in the pit after the race. I have them. Please email rxdoc2011@bellsouth.net if they are yours.
  11. What a great event!! We Finally finished a 14 hour with minimal issues!! Great job Chu(a)mpcar . First time at Road A for me, it was an in incredible experience!!
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