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  1. Asked (for my particular model) and it’s 25pts. Your model may vary. Edit: Aftermarket that my model didn’t originally come with. You might be asking about a stock diff on a different generation or something.
  2. My understanding of how this should work would be as follows: 1. Knowledge base answers questions during the year for clarification. 2. At the end of the year, the items in the knowledge base are either added to the BCCR or not. This could be the same as the petition process with the board/TAC reviewing and voting. 3. Knowledge base/help ticket should have nothing in it at the start of the next year as all the approved clarifications should have been added to the BCCR or removed. Thoughts? Comments? Concerns?
  3. The petition process specifically states that it’s for changes to the BCCR. How do we go about making changes to the knowledge base when they directly conflict with the BCCR? Example: BCCR says header costs 25pts. Knowledge base says Ecotech Miata gets header for free and E46 gets E36 header for free. How does a petition correct the BCCR?
  4. When I’ve been in impound, admittedly not too often, I’ve only seen logbooks which had line items. If it says Exhaust Manifold, 2pts then I guess I can assume they have an interpretation that says that. Maybe I’m incorrect and all the teams have all their emails printed out for impound which are available.
  5. All I want is to race against people that have the same point values for the same components. It’s as simple as that. We both have headers/exhaust manifolds, we both pay 25 points. How in the world are we going to “police” the series at impound if you print out the BCCR but cars are using interpretations that overrule it? Do we need to have the entire knowledge base printed out as well? If this model specific interpretation continues maybe they could sort the knowledge base by model so we can review what each model gets so we can understand what rules these cars don’t have to follow when considering protesting.
  6. Finally our mighty 1.6 miata is getting a 1.8. Also nearly done designing splitter V2. Getting excited for NCM!
  7. Is there somewhere else I should be asking for clarifications/interpretations for the BCCR that are not model specific? I’ve been asked what model car I have or am swapping to for multiple requests but those are dependent on the answers given. Example: Asking whether the clutch and flywheel are included with a swapped engine even though it doesn’t specifically state this in the BCCR. Do I just need to hold onto these until petition time or do I just make up models? I’d prefer a model unspecific response to multiple questions which would dictate how I build my car in the future.
  8. Great race and broadcast guys. Is there going to be an incident limit in future races?
  9. The JDM engine is within the 3% rule and therefore 0 pts
  10. I requested clarification on whether exhaust manifold was the same as header or whether they would be different line items on the fixed point list. I was asked what model car I had and what exhaust manifold I would be swapping to before they would answer. This interpretation seems to be model specific which seems to go against the whole idea of a fixed point list. Someone just needs to submit a ticket for every oem exhaust manifold you can swap on any car so we can understand the value of an oem manifold /greenfont
  11. I’m specifically talking about after the race is over and cars are in impound. I guess the answer to this would be Champcar officials should have already black flagged that team on track and we don’t have to worry about it. For our team, I’m happy this is being enforced. Our car is whisper quiet.
  12. This is a question based purely on curiosity but how would a test go if a car was protested for sound? Do they rev it unloaded, tell the driver to do a lap, what gear, speed, what side of the track is the meter on, etc?
  13. I submitted a ticket for the 2x rule with respect to dealership pricing on 1/10 and received a response that it was under review. I'm sure they'll have something out soon.
  14. I’m just sad that I bought a brand new fire suppression system two years ago by a former “Champcar” sponsor that isn’t FIA/SFI approved. Now that I have to buy a new system this year, it probably means our team will make it to one less race. Wonder what the value of a used suppression system is...
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