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  1. MSPNP2 for 90-93 Miata. We ended up moving to an MSPNP Pro for the VVT control and a few extra features and no longer need this. Working perfectly when removed. If tuned properly and with removing the MAF, you can get MUCH better fuel economy and a bump of at least 5-10hp. That's huge for 0 points. We went from getting ~ 1.5 hours on a full tank of fuel to 2 hours purely with the ECU change. These are $800 so save a few bucks here! $600 shipped. Comes with serial cable.
  2. I must have missed the extended lower ball joint value change. I’ve had it as 5pts per from a former tech desk ticket but I assume the 2022 BCCR must have changed that?
  3. I would be happy to run even cheaper and longer wearing tires than the RS4s if we had the option and still be competitive. I think eventually there has to be a line in the sand at a certain tire stickiness. While I think RS4 is a smart choice just because of the amount of teams using them/sizes offered/relative cost I’m open to other thoughts. I think anything that can be done to limit cost and speed creep will mean I can make it to more races and do what I love to do.
  4. Disclaimer: We run RS4. I want to run REs but can’t afford it since we do 3 races a year. Usually 1-2s off front runner pace (6s off nemesis at CMP). You’ve admitted that richer teams can buy lap time with tires for 0 points. The whole rulebook is based on POINTS correlating to Speed. I just can’t understand how someone can argue that there shouldn’t be a rule here. I agree that consensus is hard to get on what the rule should be but arguing no rule should be made just because we win races on a hard tire is absurd.
  5. SOLD DIYAutoTune’s VVTuner system is a standalone VVT (variable valve timing) controller for 2001-2005 MX-5 Miata engines. This system also translates the NB crank and cam sensor signals from the stock trigger wheels into NA style signals, making it perfect for swapping the VVT head into earlier Miatas. Can be used with a MegaSquirt EMS (perhaps an older unit you already have that doesn’t support VVT) or on its own to get the most out of your variable valve timing. I purchased this with the intension of not having to buy a new ECU. I wired it up and had it working but ended up investing in MSPNP Pro. This is a really simple setup to getting your VVT swap working without the huge investment of $$$ and time. $120 + shipping. Located in Greenville, South Carolina.
  6. Ive missed the Miata. Hopefully I can catch this one.
  7. Hey guys, We have moved on from our 1.6 Miata Mazdaspeed Competition Development Cusco Limited Slip differential with a 4.77 Final Drive. This diff was awesome and put our 1.6 Miata on par with 1.8 miatas on the straights. Never had any issues with it. Ended up moving to a Torsten and spending points elsewhere in the never ending search for a bit more lap time. Located in Greenville, SC. Looking to get $1000.
  8. I agree that it’s not all about budget, but it is some. Not every team can/want to put money into a car that they have bought. Maybe they want to cross race a spec Miata or in champ/lemons/LD. Our 1.6 spec Miata was getting demolished our first few races with Champ. We decided to put the money, points, and time to get it closer to the pointy end. I’ve now lost the resale value and the ability to race similar cars in other series. I did this because I love racing with Champ but I would have liked it even more if we had points-based classes so I didn’t have to rip out ALL the weight and engine swap our car just to be competitive. I think people forget that a lot of teams are racing in many different places. The more our rules/classes allow people to race in between means closer racing and more money for the series. My $0.02 anyways.
  9. I’m on a team that has never won overall. Had a podium and a few 4th and 5th place finishes but never quite over the hump. That said, we celebrated like hell for our class win (singular) shotgunning beers and everything. I think it’s astounding that the top 5% of cars/drivers scoff at class wins. 95% of people that start racing in CC are NOT racing for the overall win. They start by chasing the class wins before ever thinking about the overall win. Pretty demoralizing if you join the series and finish mid-50s a couple times and realize you need a much bigger budget to compete at the pointy end. Maybe they’ll go play at the other series that have classes that make sense..
  10. Our team switched from the 43s to 42s due to supply issues. Pretty much the same response as the other teams, less initial bite with similar wear. We ended up losing a hun/wheel/caliper before getting to the end of their life but we’ll be going to the 42 again.
  11. Just another Miata team here that races 3-4 times a year with off-shoot team members building 2 more cars for this series for 2022. We LOVE Champcar. As amateur racers, we don’t need a massive pit crew or 50k car to be competitive. At twisty tracks, we can run within 2-3 seconds of the fast guys usually. We always run RS4/star specs just due to the cost. I brought up skipping a race to buy the sticky tires for the other two races and was shot down by the team. I want to be on par with the leaders and I want to win. That’s just a fact of life for all of us. I still have not seen a single person come up with a serious issue of an approved tire list. The BOD/TAC will have NO problem in analyzing new tires that come out. As already discussed GRM and Tire Rack put these out almost right away. Please don’t pass some super complicated hand tool rule or 7 minute pit stop that confuses everyone. Make it simple and easy to enforce.
  12. We’ve raced at a couple races with the purple 35 and it’s always astounding how bad the rules are being followed. I’ve had times where the car in front pulls 60-70 on the straights during this, losing 2 minutes to teams in front when we were in the top 5, and being completely alone going 35 and by the end of 3 laps you have a train of 20 cars behind. If there is no enforcement of the rule, the rule is useless. It only takes 1 car to go faster than 35 for the whole group to abuse the rule and since nobody gets black flags, it happens over and over. Super simple for the race director to say, purple 35 lap time must be at least XXX or you will get a black flag.
  13. We always have a good time during these races. The open qualy definitely makes things interesting since the tow at RA was worth quite a few tenths. Ended up getting lucky in qualy and getting the tow on the entire back straight which dropped me into the 7s. I struggled early on with focusing on my braking points into 7 and 10 which led me to drop a few spots. Then some contact with Koffard (seemed to be a racing incident to me) which caused us both to spin and contact with a couple other cars. After that, a mostly uneventful race trying to get back to the front. Was 4 of us at the end trying to fight to the line so that made it pretty exciting. Never driven a FWD on iracing so I am betting I’m going to struggle at VIR. Missing the solstice already!!
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