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  1. I’ve watched this thread with interest for a while and it seems there are two fundamental issues: 1. Team uses (3)x4 tires in a weekend. If other teams want to match speed, they must also spend more on tires. 2. Sticky tires being used for a 1-3s per lap gain must be changed during a race weekend for (most) cars. There have been options discussed on how to stop the speed and cost creep for both of these issues. I’m going to go through the two options I’ve liked the most and explain why. 1. Ban RE71r, rival 1.5s, etc. super sticky 180tw tires.
  2. Nope. Just nope. My crappy multicolored NA Miata has more than $10k in it plus labor plus love. Nobody wants that claimed nonsense. Moral of all this story is just to enforce all the rules equally, then adjust VPI once/twice a year for equality, and call it a day.
  3. 4/5 drivers at our first race were extremely green and hadn't even driven the car prior to arriving at the Road Atlanta test day. We brought a 1.6 spec miata and were absolutely amazed at the closing speeds there so it was extremely stressful and difficult to focus on learning the track/car when we were constantly looking in the mirror. Also, we had planned for my father to race with us. He had no experience with driving a car on a track and had only done a couple autocrosses. He was extremely intimidated by all of the faster cars and learning the new track. He also didn't have a c
  4. Agreed 100%. No claimed rule or we move to a different series.
  5. I'm just thinking about cars that run multiple series or want to keep eligibility in another series for resale value. I don't think it's a lack of effort for a lot of teams. Trophies are being handed out now with the current class structure and has unequal participation. Question 1: Do you disagree that we might get more spec cars if they are competitive in class without modifications? Question 2: Do you think the change to the class structure to points decrease participation? Question 3: Will the new proposed class structure have any negative effect on the
  6. Like others have said before, cars that are 300pts are not, or extremely rarely, competing for the overall win versus 500pt cars. Like Jer said, mostly stock miatas, e30s, etc make up a large amount of most fields and have extremely little chance of an overall win. Most of these cars are still going to join and race if we keep the class structure the same or change to a points based classing since we all just love to race. Will it bring more people over from other limited/spec series since they can be competitive with somebody "in class" without having to hack up their car? Maybe
  7. For us midpack peeps we just like to be able to say we finished in the top ten in class. Nobody wants to hear we finished 37th! I don't think attendance would struggle but I've never talked to another team in that paddock that didn't give their results by saying "We are xxx in class".
  8. I’ll throw our team’s entry story here since I think it’s relevant. Bought a used 1.6 spec Miata and took it to Road Atlanta with no modifications besides the safety requirements at ~300ish points. Even with our fast driver we were absolutely trounced in terms of lap times. This left us with a conundrum, do we hack up/modify this car so it can no longer be a spec car or leave it un-modified and accept that we will never be near the pointy end. We chose to spend lots of money and time to make the car faster but I would have LOVED the opportunity to instead use that money and race in 2
  9. VIR is always special for me. Love that track. Some great clean racing up there at the front. I think the only contact I had during the whole race was just a slight rub with Justin in the dark. Had a couple of times trying to pass you in the dark when a lapped car would decide to come back on the racing surface that made my heart skip. Obviously wish I took another gallon and we could have scrapped it out the whole race but oh well. I haven’t done a single lap at Indy so that’s going to be an interesting race!
  10. Hey Guys, We've released a VIR hot laps video to try and help out a bit. Struggling to get these out early but maybe a quick watch or two before the race might help. Let me know if y'all have any good/bad/ugly feedback here.
  11. I agree that’s usually the case but I have seen some cases where a car’s 70% is faster than another car’s 100%. I just think it’s hard for a flagger to read the situation and give people a black flag. Especially when pace is given as a percentage of race pace.. Mostly agree with @XelderX on that procedure for FCY. One thing I don’t love is people who try to catch the field typically are going at or near race pace and the EV might be right on the other side of a blind corner/hill.
  12. I think this is why there is such a hard time creating a hard n’ fast rule for this. At what speed does the car get black flagged? If I’m in a bone stock Pinto running 10-15s slower than the leader on a green lap, the leader is going to be pissed even if they are going 100%. If you can propose a rule that is fair to the entire field (not just the pointy end) then I think this could actually move forward.
  13. Hey guys, Going to be setting an unofficial practice race at VIR Full for 7/25. Practice: 8-9pm, Qual 9-9:30, Race 9:30-10. EST. Search for VIR Practice Race. No password.
  14. I’ve done quite a bit of online research on the matter (not very credible) and always see conflicting data on whether the bumper cut actually helps or not. The argument for not cutting seems to be that it created a high pressure zone right inside the rear bumper which helps clean and excavate the low pressure air out from under the car. The air coming out from under the car also plays in tandem with the air coming over the top and any other aero you might have. I guess my point here would be don’t take one persons result for their car as a gold standard. You have to think a
  15. We have a set of these one of our team members got for free. They are square and light so they take up very little space in a box and they are awesome to carry down to the pits. They also take up a lot less room than the spare wheels if you use those which is nice.
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