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  1. I had an ecotec Miata as a daily and it would overheat the stock Miata radiator on the street. It had pretty poor ducting which probably had a lot to do with it. My main point is that there is a competitive advantage to an aluminum radiator. If you could swap your stock radiator with an aluminum one and then tape 50% more of the grill, you could have less drag and therefore more speed. Just because everyone doesn’t do this doesn’t mean it isn’t done and isn’t an advantage. Our second car is getting it’s first outing at Harris Hill. It’s a turbo Miata and will 100% require a big aluminum radiator. Now that we don’t have to pay points there, we will likely be adding a wing.
  2. Aluminum radiator provides more cooling capacity. We can close the grill area to reduce drag while maintaining temps. Another thing here is when drafting another car for multiple laps, temps with the stock radiator shoot up and you have to get clean air or back off. Car is a swapped Miata. If it had stock power, stock radiator would be fine but then we would be slow.
  3. Just always a question mark arriving at tech it seems. My dad is building the car and I’m a few states away so always some worry there that something will get missed. Harris hill is actually most of our drivers home track so we should do pretty well if the engine doesn’t blow up (turbo Miata)
  4. Another car here that pays points for an aluminum radiator. That free 10 points means I can now afford a header or intake manifold. Few more hp and faster lap times. Definitely no speed/cost creep /greenfont
  5. Agreed 100%. I wish this series had some way to have rules stability where instead of constantly spending money to make our cars faster, we could spend the money on more entry fees. Maybe this is the opportunity for the discussion on points class structure to pop back up. I feel like there needs to be some way for teams to have stability and low running costs if they want them.
  6. Very impressed with your pace in qualy. I came out maybe 2-3 seconds behind you and figured I could catch on and get a draft for a lap soon. Maybe 6-7 laps later and I was still 2 seconds back! You definitely had a really good pace and good to see you getting up there to the front.
  7. Hoping we have something for you guys with our new build!! If it passes tech..
  8. Well I only ended up making 1 mistake this whole race. Sorry to Alex and Keith and anyone else I tapped. I ended my half-spin right in the middle of the track so I didn’t really have anywhere to go with cars on both sides. After that lap 6 ish incident, I pitted and tried to chase Keith but he was flying. Had a great draft battle between Chris and Charles for like 20 laps. Would never gotten past Chris if he didn’t push his entry into the hairpin entering the back straight just a bit too deep. Such a hard track to pass.
  9. I’m getting the same. https://www.reddit.com/r/iRacing/comments/pkjr46/service_availability_issues_20210908/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf
  10. I agree that tires may be the bigger issue but I do think fuel heavy cars that can double stunt fuel while running lap times similar to the leaders should also be looked at. No reason both things can’t happen.
  11. We started with a NA6 spec Miata in 2017. Definitely going to have some of the faster cars fly past you but you will most likely be ~mid pack if driven well. Definitely worth joining just to give a race a try.
  12. ~2000lb full aero Miata. We usually get 2-3 races out of a set as long as the alignment and flat spots are controlled. I’ve heard that they lose some time from race to race but it’s hard to know. Podiumed on a 2 race old set at CMP but were a couple seconds off the top runners.
  13. Bump! Reduced to $550 shipped. Need to buy tires for AMP!
  14. This is definitely going to be a tough track to pass in the Jetta. My short race recap: Qualy was reasonable, about .5s off the leaders without any draft on my laps. Always hard to tell whether I’m off pace or whether the leaders got a draft in their lap. Started P4 and nearly missed the start getting a beer. Super short pace lap helped me into P2 on the first-ish lap. Everyone should definitely be ready to go right away on cold tires. First lap got a bump on the rear corner panel right at the apex of T11. Not sure if it was an attempted pass or if I was just a bit slower at the apex than expected. Luckily he hit my front end after which righted me and I only lost a couple spots. A couple laps later I was attempting to make a pass going into T7 and we stayed side by side until at T9 where I felt I was turned into a bit. My front wheel was at his rear wheel and he decided to take the racing line. Lesson learned to maybe be more patient here and don’t expect tons of racing room in the tight stuff. Ended up spinning and coming out ~p10 or so. Got to race with my teammate Charles for a few seconds but I was too aggressive into the chicane and put maneuvered him and came out the worse. An early pit for only 1 gallon and some good laps and I was breaking into the top 7 or so. Came up on a certain green car who gave me SO much room by driving on the outside line of the track through each corner that he put a tire off, then spun on track and collected us both. Then ran out of lap on the last lap and was amazingly able to get it past start/finish. I sputtered at start finish and was able to make it but was ~20s off pace that last lap. Take more than 1 gallon!
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