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  1. We always have a good time during these races. The open qualy definitely makes things interesting since the tow at RA was worth quite a few tenths. Ended up getting lucky in qualy and getting the tow on the entire back straight which dropped me into the 7s. I struggled early on with focusing on my braking points into 7 and 10 which led me to drop a few spots. Then some contact with Koffard (seemed to be a racing incident to me) which caused us both to spin and contact with a couple other cars. After that, a mostly uneventful race trying to get back to the front. Was 4 of us at the end trying t
  2. Sounded like a really fun concept. Really sad I couldn’t make this one.
  3. Love Racing has had a ton of fun getting to participate in these races. We went from being mid-bottom pack with two of us sharing 1 rig last year to having 4 teammates with sim rigs so we could participate in the endurance races. Those enduros really taught us that overall pace does not guarantee victory and you really had to be clean and stay out of other cars/walls. Loved the multi class Racing we had. Enjoyed all the battles with the Hugh Jass guys along the way, hopefully we may finally have the pace to compete with them next year! Really love the broadcast and always a lot of
  4. I like this new ruling. I think it removes a loophole for free parts and slows the speed creep a bit. While I imagine it’s sucks for the teams that have to swap/modify parts, I hope more of these are made in the future.
  5. To hi-jack this thread a bit, during the usual Barber torrential downpour we had (2) separate instances of hydroplaning on the straights and spinning into walls with our 225 RS4s. In the damp we had similar pace to most teams but when it really started pouring we lost a lot of grip. I'm contemplating a set of rain wheels/tires since the RS4s water dissipation seems pretty poor. Should the answer be RE71R/A052/Star Specs/ or a specific rain tire like the continental?
  6. I also submitted a tech desk on this a while back and was told that any non-horizontal component on the splitter was added material points.
  7. We ran into two different walls and got the coolant temp up to 300 before it blew a coolant hose. Not the greatest weekend for Love Racing... Oh had a wheel fall off on track too. Forgot about that one.
  8. True statement. We ran a stock 1.6 Miata for a couple races and were absolutely destroyed on the straights by E30s. Now with reduced weight, aero, and a 1.8l we can nearly keep up. Definitely not a great series to just hop in the Miata and expect to be competitive.
  9. Watching the driver re-enter the track the way he did after his off was pretty scary since he was facing towards 16 and came all the way across the track to get back on. He could have reversed and then entered much safer. That was extremely close to 5 cars piling up right after he got back on track and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a re-entry on a blind corner like that. Maybe just have a talking to to the driver if you get a chance. Y’all were great to race with and had some serious pace both days.
  10. We are a team with 2 new builds and an existing build for 2021. We love Champcar for the great racing and tracks. That being said I am somewhat irked about how many free points are being handed out each year. I don’t want to have to go buy a new radiator, new alternator, new willwood big brake kits, etc. if these are free in terms of points, the best/fastest teams will typically (not always) take advantage and use them. This means I’m forced to do it as well if I want to be competitive and isn’t that what we all want. If reliability mods become free, I’ll have to buy an oil cooler, e
  11. I’ve watched this thread with interest for a while and it seems there are two fundamental issues: 1. Team uses (3)x4 tires in a weekend. If other teams want to match speed, they must also spend more on tires. 2. Sticky tires being used for a 1-3s per lap gain must be changed during a race weekend for (most) cars. There have been options discussed on how to stop the speed and cost creep for both of these issues. I’m going to go through the two options I’ve liked the most and explain why. 1. Ban RE71r, rival 1.5s, etc. super sticky 180tw tires.
  12. Nope. Just nope. My crappy multicolored NA Miata has more than $10k in it plus labor plus love. Nobody wants that claimed nonsense. Moral of all this story is just to enforce all the rules equally, then adjust VPI once/twice a year for equality, and call it a day.
  13. 4/5 drivers at our first race were extremely green and hadn't even driven the car prior to arriving at the Road Atlanta test day. We brought a 1.6 spec miata and were absolutely amazed at the closing speeds there so it was extremely stressful and difficult to focus on learning the track/car when we were constantly looking in the mirror. Also, we had planned for my father to race with us. He had no experience with driving a car on a track and had only done a couple autocrosses. He was extremely intimidated by all of the faster cars and learning the new track. He also didn't have a c
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