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  1. Fantastic race. John, Will, and myself were nose to tail throughout the first stint. After a very nerve wracking gaggle with 2 to go, John came flying back into 3rd with an awesome pass. We drag raced to the line and I was lucky enough to grab it. Between this race and the couple previous, some fun, and great driving by John. Hope to see more of that this season! Great win to Wyatt. As usual your pace was incredible. Devon Peters was also insanely fast. Broadcast was a lot of fun as well. I think it's really cool to see this running in real time with some awesome commentary. Really hope we get more of this throughout the year!
  2. Champcar isn't a spec series, and I don't think this should be either. It sounds pretty short sighted to think the solution is to make all the cars the same. If we're not going to learn how to drive vs cars with different abilities, we're not running what is the most accurate representation of what will be on the track.
  3. Coming from a SS point of view, I fully disagree. The Miata's have to realize that the SS has to brake earlier. I'm getting pounded in the back multiple times per race simply because a Miata doesn't realize they have to change the way they drive into a corner. Think about how hard you have to hit a 3400 stock car in the back with those small cars in order to spin me out. In my opinion last night was very poor driving from a lot of the Miata's and even some of the higher rated people that know better. I went through 3 cars in yesterdays race. It sucks being the punching bag of much of the poor driving that's happening.
  4. Again, a ton of fun racing with everyone! I feel that the quality of racing was much higher this week as well! Glad to see a very large field, it makes the racing much more immersive when you're constantly trying to navigate traffic and stay cognitively aware of all the possibilities that lie in front of you.
  5. By no means am I referring to you. I just watched COUNTLESS people try to make the race easier by helping out a car behind them. I get what they are trying to do is good, but it turns into a guessing game of where to go. As long as the person passed can hold their line, I couldn't care less what lane they choose.
  6. I feel that it needs to be said again that cars being passed need to hold their line. Many times as I was passing a car, they felt they needed to move out of the way, and all that did was make a roadblock for the car trying to pass. The SS handled great though, and had some really fun battles up front.
  7. Fun race! I love Sebring, and the more I drive the Street Stock, the more I like it.
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