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  1. If I am not mistaken this is the sharp turn 1 and not the proposed gentler turn 1 ChampCar will be using just for reference to those watching.
  2. amazing what you can translate on the internet these days.
  3. I bought a setup like this and added a set of replacement over ear headphone cups. I did this to emulate how the stilo isolates the ear from the outside noises. Works great in various cars I have raced in. It isn't the prettiest setup but it was damn cheap when retrofitting my old helmet.
  4. Problem is there are grey areas in the rule book. People are investing their hard earned money and want to protect that investment. It is a fact of life that there is always someone that is willing to take it to the next level. From what I can tell (insert recent red flag video viewing here) the management is very happy keeping a layer of grey in the rules for the competitors to find the extra advantages they can if they are willing to go for it. This grey vagueness will cost in either time, money, capability or even all 3. The more people that find the dollar to seat time ratio of our series attractive will only increase the amount of people willing to take a build to the next level. The only thing amateur racing means is the drivers aren't getting paid to drive. Money and effort is wide open.
  5. I see what you are saying, but there is also an increased speed factor at Road America's Kink over T12 at Road Atlanta. In a broad stroke generalization T12 is shift to 4th after a T11 crest, whereas the Kink is a top of 4th or shift to 5th. That gear difference in speed can be significant for getting a needle threading turn correct and the resultant damage if you get it wrong. The bend not only sidesteps this issue but adds another passing zone. I honestly think that additional passing zone for a series like ChampCar is the bigger factor for its usage. One of the things I love about this series is the endless passing that occurs. You are always busy in the cockpit passing or being passed...I've done both and enjoyed both. I do like being the passer better though!
  6. I find the kink at Road America is alot like the final turn 12 at Road Atlanta. It is a high speed corner that is fine taken alone, but when you are catching another car there things can get crazy quickly. Judging your closing speed is so very important because you don't want to be at turn in and need to back off the throttle. You also don't want to aggressively get alongside someone there because one of you is going into a wall...hard. Having the bend just eliminates a dicey location.
  7. This is one of my pet peeves. I give full credit to a team like Parts Badger that went full tilt on adding lightness to their car by removing the backend and bringing in gobs of aero. They have made a fast vehicle...very well done. But I don't like it. I think the cars should have all of their panels. I understand the rule is there, I'm just stating my opinion that I don't like it. I think it makes the cars look tacky. Additionally I don't like aero. At least not I can do F1 aero for 10pts a device. That seems ludicrous to me. End rant.
  8. I don't think there needs to be a statement at the driver's meeting as this is an unofficial system. The flag stands are the only official communication method currently. This system is only giving you a heads up to a situation. It is the driver's responsibility to use this as an aid until a time when it becomes something more than that. Just like without this device it is the driver's responsibility to verify the next station's status before making a maneuver. If you get caught passing when you shouldn't because the flagger hasn't switched over that is the risk you take.
  9. Agreed. I think ChampCar still holds tons of value for low funded teams as well. You just need to be realistic about what your goals are. If you want to run for impound it is going to cost you more cash than if you want to run midfield or show up to have fun. If I were to run a solo team I'd have to be a show up for fun kinda guy, but I want to run for impound so I joined a team with enough members to get it done.
  10. You gotta remember that entry level sprint racing in an SCCA or NASA is $30,000 for a new Spec Miata build. Now if you take 3 or 4 guys that are tired of spending that on just themselves and pool their resources they could easily spend $40,000 on a group build. If you ever go to a national level sprint race just look around in the paddock and you will be amazed at the money being spent just on tow rigs and trailers let alone the vehicles being raced.
  11. I agree with you 100%. By the time my stint was done the writing was on the wall for us. 3rd place was going to be the position if nobody broke so we had the finishing driver back it down and save the car to the finish.
  12. You are correct that Brew Krewe was not for position, however I was still fighting for a podium finishing position. Also, I wasn't racing Brew Krewe hard. I caught them and placed my car behind them to be in place to pass them when it opened up. Isn't it our task as racers to minimize our lap times over an entire stint? At that point in the race we were in 3rd place with the ultimate goal of taking advantage of any track situations to pick up a victory or even 2nd place. I will continue to learn to be a better race car driver each event and help whichever team I am driving for to achieve the goals they set before me.
  13. Hey...that was me who had contact with you. Sorry I haven't chimed in yet, but I was out of town on business this week unable to dig into the forums. Now I haven't seen the video from my car so this is just my recollection of the incident. Brew Crue was catching you and I was catching Brew Crue. I was up Brew Crue's tail through 1 and heading up to 3. As you let Brew Crue by I thought you were going to hold the outside and I would follow through. In hind sight in the dark this was probably not the best idea. I do remember feeling you turn in as we headed for the apex and I took evasive action to jump the heck out of the turn. Pretty sure the in-car footage will show that I get nicely airborne. I hope that action was able to minimize each of our effects of the touch. This was my first ever car to car contact. I try to pass very cleanly and may have gotten a bit antsy. At this time I'd like to call it a racing incident, but the footage in my car may tell a different story. Either way sorry we got into each other and I am glad neither of us ended up being negatively affected.
  14. The competitive SM guys go through Miatas like pez. It is a throwaway car to them. They just take one they feel is no longer National Sprint race worthy and run the snot out of it for enduros.
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