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  1. JC_CRapshoot

    Ordering the New Number Panels

    Most importantly it will be a great platform for HIM to learn and you to TEACH.
  2. Totally agree with Huggy. I would think that non OE sway bar links would be part of the change to a non OE bar for fit...especially if you have an adjustable bar.
  3. JC_CRapshoot

    2019 ChampCar.Sim Schedule

    Seems like some sensible changes. I look forward to giving this the old college try once again.
  4. JC_CRapshoot

    Ordering the New Number Panels

    Grammar? We don't need no stinkin' grammar 'round these parts!
  5. JC_CRapshoot

    Swap Calculator is Live!

    Making sure beers were available for the entire crew at impound may have been the best thing I did that whole day! 😆
  6. JC_CRapshoot

    Sebring today

    Will be fun wrangling this car in the wet. I learned a ton at VIR about driving in the wet in a RWD car. Horsepower on the straights is a huge benefit in those conditions as well. Just need to be intelligent with the throttle out of the corners.
  7. JC_CRapshoot

    Sebring today

    Agreed. There were a few slow rollers but they ran very wide on purpose during my stints. Traffic of regular speeds seemed very aware of the fast runners coming through from my perspective. If I'm not mistaken there were only 2 cautions on Saturday so that has allot to do with heads up driving.
  8. JC_CRapshoot

    Ordering the New Number Panels

    Hopefully the window banner size doesn't get any larger. I like being able to see where I am driving...tall people issues.
  9. JC_CRapshoot

    Sebring today

    What an end to a very successful 2018 racing year. After running with the Inactiv Mazda 626 a couple of times this year I was asked to join Crowd Control Racing and drive their Mustang Cobra. This event was my first time driving that car. What a car it is. This year I have driven a FWD I4 Mazda 626, a FWD V6 Mitsubishi 3000GT, a RWD I6 BMW E36 and now a RWD V8 Mustang Cobra. Driving this car was so much more intense an activity than the others. The sheer brutality of it in comparison to those others was a shock to the senses. With Saturday's race going caution free in my stint it was certainly a trial by fire, but I was able to continue our car's march at the front and brought the car back into the pit with the overall lead. Hopping over those bumps in the first and last corners with a solid axle was a new experience. From there the team worked fuel strategy to perfection and we took home the overall win. So happy to help the Crowd Control guys get their first overall win. It's been five years since my previous one and it is great to do so again with a great group of guys. Sundays race was an uphill battle starting a lap down on the field making it an all out sprint for us which isn't good for fuel economy. After a night of letting my brain catch up to speed of the car I was able to improve my performance to what I feel was more respectable to my teammates. I was handed a car that was in 4th place at the stop and I brought it back in at 4th place. From there we kept up the pace and brought the car home in 3rd place overall on the same lap as 1st and 2nd. Heck of a debut weekend with the team. Looking forward to what we can accomplish as a team in 2019 as we get better with the car and understanding what it needs to be successful at various tracks and situations. Massive thank you to @MoparBoyy @Snake @Snorman for the opportunity to drive such a fun car and be on such a fun team. Cheers!
  10. I drove at Road Atlanta for the first time this year and the ability to see yellow flags at several stations was horrendous...especially turn 1. I drove my first 24hr at VIR this year and the night-time flags were near impossible to see until we were right on top of the stand. For $100 I would buy this in an instant to help all cars I am driving against know the track condition at the same time. Being able to see this and then verify at the stand give us all a few extra seconds before barreling into a situation. I had the opportunity to run this system in the 8's of VIR and it was brilliant. Driver aides are worth their weight in gold for us amateur drivers.
  11. Are we sure riff-raff is the appropriate term for you?
  12. JC_CRapshoot

    points for engine relocation

    Maybe they should use a shortened carbon fiber driveshaft!!!
  13. but a good night it will be...
  14. JC_CRapshoot

    Last piece of the 2019 Rules Puzzle

    Damn...I'm only bored.
  15. JC_CRapshoot

    2019 Brainerd

    Yeah...a double up there would be seriously dangerous doing driver changes and driver side fuel refills. Super fun track though, but not set up for endurance races.