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  1. having to put over a hundred pounds of ballast into the e30 a downer.....that car is starting to feel like it can't find a home!! at current measure its a P/W of 9.44, *before* you add aero and suspension modifiers...ugghhhh...oh and i haven't put the CF hood and door panels on it yet which will get it to 2200 i'm thinking...
  2. wait, where'd you hear about 2300 min weight?? that's sub-optimal.... it was in the fuel email...sheesh...
  3. @turbogrill required reading!!! https://www.amazon.com/Competition-Car-Aerodynamics-Simon-McBeath/dp/1787111024 You can borrow my copy if you like...
  4. GP2, ya. i have a hard time seeing how there's a good outcome in GP1.
  5. that Bear appears rather stoic!!!!
  6. does mine make 7? 'cause i committed and ordered s### today..
  7. ya, i think you hit the nail on the head: cross-over between CC and WRL at this point not worthwhile. Fueling, stint limits, etc are just too diverged (not to mention that the e30 i have which is really a WRL GP1 car would be 10 bazillion points in Champ, i.e. EC, which is not interesting). I'll just build the boxster for CC and be happy! easy-peasy!!! I'm already halfway done with plan spreadsheet and order, as well as lining up cage install.....March CC at HH here i come!!!
  8. I wouldn't run if it wasn't possible to get scored for overall. it's why I don't run my e30 in EC.
  9. So I'll come clean and say I might have instigated this poll. I have a Boxster sitting stripped in the garage and I am at an inflection point: build for CC or build for PCA. My ideal scenario is be able to run in both to maximize access to events near me: CC doesn't do COTA and PCA does (or at least did, maybe again in the future), and CC does HH twice, so cross-over car is a big win. Having gained a rough idea of how the Boxsters are setup for champ, it's hard to imagine how a Spec B car would be competitive with a CC Boxster at all. Even with the PCA required $9500 GTS suspension; because they weigh in at 2650 and you can't touch the motor or ECU (hell, you even have to retain the damn immobilizer!). Also, building the Boxster for CC will be *a lot* cheaper than building for PCA, and that's *with* going to a PDM and aftermarket ECU! All of that said, what resonates with me is the comments here related to the administrative overhead for the folks running the series and events. It doesn't make the series better to add administrative overhead. It's CC for the Boxster build, decision made!
  10. make sure you grab the kool-tool!!! it will make your life dramatically easier terminating the braided lines
  11. Oh man, today was best Monday in a while..... FB/Insta/WhatsApp tits-up for six hours on a massive BGP fail....the only bummer was someone wasn't johnny on the spot to hijack the routes and black-hole them. That would have bought hours of additional outage.... I mean how do you wipe your entire BGP config.....just epic.....I go to bed a happy man tonight...
  12. It's been out for while now: https://champcar.org/web/pdf/2022bccr/2022bccrv1/2022_BCCR_V1.0.pdf or are you asking about subsequent mods? My reading comprehension skills need work....of course you are looking for VPI....sheesh...
  13. @turbogrill i think you should chat up a few folks on this. swing by the house tomorrow....
  14. @TouchStone I might have chatted with you re the boxster in CC last weekend. If so, thx for the time.
  15. i think i am about to push reload and build the boxster for Champ Car......
  16. i could not agree with you more on the mission statement. i do not think you can define the dimensions in the subsequent sentence in the structure of the current rule set in a way that doesn't lead you right back to where things are today. but that's just my opinion.
  17. no disrespect, but i think you are too far down in the weeds. i'm not talking about the granular points, i'm trying to get to the practicality of the rule set.
  18. i think you just made my point on my assertion re strategic statement of the rule system
  19. ya, or use S-Glass. but really at this point the cost diff between CF and S-Glass is trivial. kinda like cost diff between the H&R springs/Billies and my coil-overs for e30, which is to say close to 0....
  20. Don't think its the individual piece parts per-se. I think its a continuum of: 1) The granularity of the strip process of the donor car (i.e. do you strip to unibody and replace every fastener coming back up? I did this with my e30, a non-trivial exercise...) 2) Replace/rework existing systems on the chassis. the only part of the oem fuel system on e30 is the tank, *everything* else is different. The brake system above the rotors is 100% different from OEM. It has coilovers with camber plates (to include the condor e30 specific rear adjusters for the TA's). Every bushing on the car is Delrin, and the guibo is the revshift one. I mean I hit everything. 3) Electrical: I threw everything away, and I mean everything. It has a motec PDM and AEM ECU, with multiple tunes. There were drivers for this: reliability and weight, in that order. 4) Motor. some can be made better reasonably, some can't. the first pass of mods i did on the M20 probably bought another ~15-20hp. meh. The next pass made it insane (but this was pricey, there's easily 10k in that motor at this point). 5) Optimization. You can make CF body panels very easily. Room temp pre-preg is cheap and the process is *dirt simple*. (I think the tape thing is ridiculous if that's actually what the boxster people are doing for body panels.). The panels is next on the list for the e30. But even after all of that, there's prob at least another 18-24 months to fully develop the car as we are just now diving in for real after a year of it basically sitting (which is a criminal offense). This is where I agree with @Grant on key dimension: setup. If you do all these things I mentioned above in list, then the investment is high. I'm into the e30 for easily 50k at this point and I think when you look across the spectrum of CC teams there are lots of them at this investment level on their build, some winning, some not. When I started the e30, I had a vision / idea of what it meant to build a race car. That vision/idea was really at odds with the CC rules. I went back and forth on whether or not to commit to the rule or just build what I really wanted to build. The deciding factor was when I was building the fuel system and CC changed the book like twice in a short space of time which flushed a bunch of hours of effort on my part in the garage. That was also a bad flashback on past life experiences with rules systems in another sport and I just bailed on CC and built what I wanted to at that point, reorienting on WRL. That event for me seems apropos other threads on BCCR, so to close out: I've opined on the CC rules for a while. Straight-up I don't like them, too nit-picky. I think they are trying to please too many masters and when you have dealt with handicapping systems in competition you know none are perfect, and this one is now distorted in a really bad way (which ends badly). Reasonable people can disagree on the structure of handicapping systems, but one thing is for sure, you will never please everyone. The best you can do is to very, very clearly define the strategic objectives of the rule system and structure the rule-set appropriately. I think this is where the gap is currently in CC, at least i.m.h.o.
  21. do you know if they run the full spec B suspension setup (x the coilover package of course)?
  22. ok, i guess, if you really really gut everything, cut off stuff like the door window frame, do S-Glass for door panels, hood, trunk, and sunroof cover...also cut out the rear seat area back panel (but that means you have to go fuel cell with internal surge tank and wall that off, so like net 50% weight reduction for that panel).....then maybe?
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