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  1. Had a buddy spin all the bearings in his track day car, looking for someone's used but decent spare or take out S52 within a couple hours of Metro Detroit. Shoot me a PM here or at ipfracing@gmail.com
  2. Thanks! We're gonna start another build soon and rent seats in the mean time.
  3. Listing up the Supra now that our season has ended. Its race ready and packed up for someone to pull up with a tow vehicle and drive straight to the track. This is for the whole team package minus the people (even though we'll rent seats from you), tools, and the team name. Below is everything included. This car could work in multiple series and normally wins D class and holds one of the top 5 fastest lap times of the weekend. I have a title for the car and the trailer. 1988 Toyota Supra (non-turbo) - currently 491 points in CC (starts at 400) -Interior completed gutted, cage bent and welded by me (cage fitment is A-, welds are B-) -Stock W58 transmission with Cube Speed short shifter (the sweetness) and a Spec Stage 6 unsprung clutch -1UZ-FE 4.0L Lexus V8 swap (51 points) -2.5" exhaust with X pipe and 2 bullet mufflers (still one of the quieter cars on track) -Stock driveshaft and 3.73 lsd diff (current one in the car is welded) -Stock brakes with Porterfield R4-E pads (you can outbrake 95% of cars on track) -Front brake ducts -3qt Accusump (10 points) -Stock radiator (never gets above 190 degrees) -Dyno tuned on Megasquirt MS3 Pro (dyno numbers available upon request) -Saturn Vue Electronic Power Steering (adjustable via dash knob) (10 points) -The 3rd Nine Lives Racing Wing sold with custom endplate mounts (10 Points) -Birch Splitter (10 points) -Air dam made from rear bumper -22 gallon ATL fuel cell pumped out to 20.5 gallons (based on 18.5 gallon stock capacity) -Twin Deatsche Works 255lph fuel pumps (switchable on the dash in case one fails) -Walbro 255lph lift pump to 0.5 gallon surge tank -6an fuel lines to and from motor -Deatsche Works fuel pressure regulator -DIY Coolshirt box with lines and controller -AIM Solo DL Timer -CAN Gauge with programmable warning lights -10W Radio setup with IMSA car harness, push button, and pit headset -Bimarco FIA Rated halo seat -G force belts good through 23' (pull down with gigantic orange pull loops) -17x9 Mustang Cobra Replica wheels with 245/40-17 RS4s -Updated fire suppression system with 4 nozzles (engine bay, driver feet, driver rear, fuel cell) -Hard wired transponder (no subscription required) Trailer (Road Dog Cargo) -24ft + 3ft V nose -Dual 5,500lb axles -Fold out extended rear door for low car loading -LED lights all over -LED flood lights on rear -Optima red top battery for power -3,500lb winch with remote -Fire Extinguisher -14,000lb rated weight distribution hitch with sway control -Trailer brakes -Lots of E track -Tire rack on both sides in the rear -Workbench up front Extras -2 55 gallon drums for fuel storage -Holley fuel transfer pump -HF cheap awning for pit lane -1 set of mustang wheels with used RS4s on the car -1.5 set of mustang wheels with used RS4s in the trailer -1 set of never used Conti Extreme Contact rain tires on 17x8 RX7 wheels -1 brand new (still stickered) set of 255/40-17 RS4s -4 Hunsaker fuel jugs -Spares (lots of brakes, new and used brake pads, transmission, lots of axles and driveshafts, 2 differentials, sway bars, 1 spare of each suspension corner, steering rack, steering column, 4 doors, 1 hood, 1 fender) -Pit Lane fire extinguisher -Pit Lane drip pan -Radio setup mentioned above -Custom made tools for working on the car -Serpentine belts -Pit Lane plastic shelving -Radiator Located in Metro Detroit. Price is $20,000 for everything. Its already packed up in the trailer and ready to roll. You only need a tow vehicle to pick this up since the weight distribution hitch is included. Will entertain reasonable offers as this is a podium contender in the right hands. Shoot me a PM on here or at ipfracing@gmail.com
  4. Thanks, Yeah I usually throw those in that category since they're never consistent. Haha I normally camp at the track in the trailer and thats how much Gingerman charges so I just carry it over normally.
  5. For those who need a template to start with, I've been using/updating this for years.
  6. Haha isn't the natural order to place well > sell car > profit > build new car? Or in my case build a house then another car and rent in the mean time lol
  7. Confirmed, we're doing it! Might be the last race of the Supra in my possession....
  8. Just saw the announcement on Facebook and I think I'm gonna make it happen for the team. Too awesome to miss out on.
  9. I have a 24' + 3' V nose trailer. Tow it with whatever Enterprise has at the time. Move the car out and can easily fit 2 queen size air mattresses. Space heaters work well, and I have a 2/3 size fridge/freezer combo with an 80's microwave/cancer machine on top. Bunch of LED strip lights and a china freight generator work like a charm every weekend. I've found I need to be at the track too early for me to want to drive ~15 minutes from a hotel.
  10. I sat behind an E36 with a light bar and we were both stuck behind a white Golf at PITT. E36 was doing everything in his power to get the golf to speed up, flashing lights, swerving back and forth like a mad man, trying to pull along side them. Nothing. Horns aren't the answer here. Black flags seem to be the consensus and I think its absolutely warranted. Once the Golf decided to pit, unrelated to caution, the E36 and I took off at what had to be full race pace to catch back up to the field which took almost an entire lap. We were in 6th at the time, I'm still livid about it. The worst part is Ray picked up the Golf as the leader when the Mustang was right behind me (4 cars back from the pace car) and waited a whole lap before waiving us by, which is when the E36 and I took off since the safety crew was almost done at that point and we needed to catch the rest of the pack....
  11. This was a super fun and I was astonished I beat the ATV so badly after riding it at Gingerman, also can't believe theres proof!
  12. Huge shout out to everyone here, it was absolutely the MC. Put new one in (back to stock master and a similar booster from the manual Wilwood) and bled it, days later still the same pressure and pedal feel. Only concern I have now is the pedal doesn't seem to return very quickly with the booster and car on....
  13. Yeah I'm thinking even if the fluid boiled it wouldn't turn near as dark as this fluid has. I have the same MC in my daily driver and have been experiencing issues so new parts should be here next week. Brake fluid hasn't stayed in this system for more than a month maybe so none of it is old (just from replacing calipers and what not) but I did recently see that the Supertech fluid I was using does sometimes ship with almost 4% of moisture from the factory.... I'll keep those tests in mind for the future as I hadn't thought of those either!
  14. Thats a good point, I'll strive to get this done soon and report back, Pitt is fast approaching....
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