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  1. We talked about it and may change it after NCM but decided to recreate the factory crash structure for now. It really is what sets this series apart though!
  2. Got a random phone call from Jay today. He stumbled across my build and was wary about our rear crash structure situation with our fuel cell. I sent him some pictures and he talked with Chisek and got back to me within the hour with a direction to add a rear bumper. Long story short, a real shout out to @National Tech for reaching out before we got down to NCM this weekend! Rear bumper has been added and Jay said he'd come up with some ideas to make it better after NCM and asked me to pass along that no one should hesitate to call them with questions, seriously guys I'm incredibly thankful for their help!
  3. Use an electrical conduit clamp (1.5in because they measure conduit by ID) from hardware store (~$0.75) with 3M double sided tape on the flat portion and stick the mount to that. Been in the car for hours and never had an issue.
  4. Absolutely! We look forward to seeing everyone, this is our first real race outside of the few times we've been to Gingerman
  5. IPF will be there Thursday afternoon and I'm sure we will be having a few drinks after our 8hr drive!
  6. I expected more party planning and BBQ ideas being as its the south and all...
  7. That was during what was essentially open track which hardly happens during a race lol but I'll keep an eye out 😉
  8. Broke out the fender roller. She meets rules now. Fender roller will be available for rent (1 🍺 per hour) at NCM!
  9. Theres a reason I keep a spare w58 in the trailer and another at the hangar....\ Not sure about temps, but everything seems happy so... its probably fine?
  10. It's a Toyota w58 manual. Literally no idea but it's working? I run it in my s2000 trans too.
  11. Just cheaper. No real difference noticed between that and redline
  12. motor: 9qts of Mobil 1 15w-50 trans: john deere hygard diff: redline
  13. Got into the 1:43's at Gingerman this weekend. NCM here we come...
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