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  1. Count me in! Thanks! Let me know what kind of beer you want! It'll be nice and cold at the IPF trailer
  2. They'd be going in a Volvo 242 so theres plenty of room. I do kinda want to keep with the 1980s era theme though. This will be a summer only kinda cruiser just fyi
  3. For all those E30/36 teams that have built cars or are in the process of building cars, do any of you have stock sport seats in decent shape leftover? Trying to find some seats for a Volvo side project....
  4. Not totally true, the supra is ~3k in race weight and we manage >2 race weekends on a set of 245 RS4s
  5. Generic parts store DOT4, bleed before each race. No issues.
  6. the cars are parked on pit lane in running order and nothing can be performed on the car
  7. Traditionally it has been. They also operate as a campground so they're open everyday technically. I'll be there Thursday evening as well.
  8. I'm running that exact Roux now with the drink tube, radio, and cooling setup which you're more than welcome to check out at Gingerman. I've never worn ear plugs (I'm an idiot), but the in ear head phones are so much better than the Bell sport and no ear plugs I was running before. I ended up going a size up on the Roux from the Bell because of the in ear headphones. Its really nice that it comes with multiple cheek pads and ear pads. Hope this helps!
  9. As long as you're diligent you should be able to grind without getting into the wall of the tube you're keeping. The paint will be a good indicator. All the other options I can think of involve heat which would be harder to control and not ideal either.
  10. Looks like we still need cutlery and condiments which maybe everyone can handle on their own. @E. Tyler Pedersen should we try to use La Dolce Vida for this and post up a time for anyone who wants to join Friday evening? Also heres a link to the spreadsheet again if anybody has something they want to add. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1pz9VjTTHX-t_UroGAzIGv56N98zHdu64N_td13EZseU/edit#gid=0 The IPF trailer also has a fridge freezer combo for all this beer...
  11. For your PVC idea, I made these when I built the Supra cage this winter, worked like a charm as long as its the same bend radius as your tube bender. Just slide the right diameter PVC tubing over the ends and cope the PVC (which is way easier). Then take it out, measure it, and copy to the cage tube.
  12. Forgot about this too, I had a driver at NCM reach through the steering wheel to hit one of the buttons on the gauge right before a turn and ran off course. Not letting that happen again; steering wheel mount.
  13. Haha I'll let you know if I find one! Not everything on the list was necessary but certainly worth the time before Gingerman!
  14. New wheels studs, lug nuts, wheel bearings, surge tank, lift pump, clutch, pilot bearing, ball joints, tires, caliper rebuilds, wing mounts, splitter mounts, fuel level warning sensor, diff swap..... the list goes on....
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