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  1. Good to know! I asked about mileage when I dropped the truck off and he said if I needed more to just ask, they just use it to track depreciation mostly.
  2. Just so everyone else is aware that doesn't need a truck on a daily basis, IPF will be using Enterprise truck rentals from now on. My 2002 Duramax was doing fine just didn't need it for anything else so for Pitt I rented a 2019 Ram 2500 (crew cab diesel) for $440 for 5 days with 750 included miles. Its hard to pass that up when its close to the cost of ownership on something newer. I only tow 6ish times a year so its really not a bad cost when split among the team.
  3. I have a riveted in panel that I can drill out to get to everything on top of the cell or if I remove my tail light I can get to it all from outside. It does need to be extremely sealed off based on the rule update for 2019.
  4. Next time you want to see if someone is paying attention, replace "for sure" with "for shark" always takes a few minutes for them to realize...
  5. You can thank them and myself for that sweet new bash bar rule that I hope people have taken note of for 2020.... 🍻
  6. Ultimate combo! We managed to do a full brake bleed from wheels up to wheels down in less than 3 minutes at Pitt using speed bleeders. We have a remote bleeder on the clutch on top of the firewall, but now Im definitely putting a speed bleeder in it! Don't know why that never crossed my mind.
  7. Summit sells them in pairs in every size you can think of. I do all the work on my cars alone for the most part so I have them on every car I have. They make it so easy if you don't want to go the pressure bleeder route. Only issue I've had is snapping one off because I was being a dipstick.
  8. I run all three of our pumps on toggle switches to main power instead of MS as well and it's helped a ton with diagnosing issues. Only problem is when a driver accidentally turns them off while driving....
  9. I agree with the above. If you have your laptop connected to MS through tunerstudio you'll see a bunch of warnings pop up all related to low battery voltage. I normally just use jumper cables from another running car to up the cranking voltage. You should hear your coil relay audibly clicking on if MS is syncing with the crank. Pull a spark plug out will still connected to a plug wire and ground it on the block. Watch for spark while cranking. Even if you are having fuel delivery issues, some fuel vapor or starting fluid will be enough to hear combustion events if you have spark. Another thing to do since you have MS is to look at the cranking log in tunerstudio to make sure you don't have sync loss. I've fought that on a couple MS cars.
  10. If you have CAN output from ECU you can use this sweet gauge that displays anything on the ECU and can even take in 3 more inputs. Perfecttuning.net ~$300
  11. Been running manual brakes since the 1UZ swap. The whole team loves it. Go to chasebays.com and see if they make a kit for the RX7. You can buy that or use the Wilwood MC in their pictures and buy it on Summit for $85. Only real downside, besides a slightly higher pedal force, is the lack of dual cyclinder (front/rear). You can get dual cylinders but the singles are cheaper and work well. I run a doubly banjo bolt out of MC to the stock prop valve. Made the plate from some scrap steel (1/8"ish think).
  12. If you need a drop point outside of Detroit let me know. Ill be driving to NC at Christmas if you want to wait that long.
  13. I've called Discovery Parts before to make sure they sent me the one with the longest time till expiration. Might be worth trying in the future.
  14. I just got off the phone with https://www.interactio.co/ with some questions about their system. It uses a phone app to totalize the fuel used via bluetooth sensors. These sensors are positive displacement so they should be more accurate than the optical transducers I previously shared. However for two sensors it is more expensive at $755. The owner said he would do a group buy discount for 12 or more sensors which for most of us running a return system would only be 6 teams. I'm gonna keep doing some digging, the flight data systems dedicated gauge seems better to me just because I don't want to need a phone in the car and its cheaper, but both are good options for someone interested in this.
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