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  1. The Bimarco's are great for the price but mine took 5 weeks to get here so that time line is no joke. Even without the Rona.
  2. To this point, why don't we have more tech inspectors? I would happily volunteer to travel to races to do this as someone who's built multiple cars and been around for a few years.
  3. Got these finally. Hope we get to use them soon. Also my studio apartment will forever smell like fresh rubbers
  4. I was going to tag you. I have watched you guys during pit stops and if theres a right way to do it, I'd definitely follow this setup.
  5. Super clean install, nice work! I haven't had to adjust my K factor either. Looking forward to more feedback once we all get back on track!
  6. I think that varies by location. My location doesn't charge anything more for it and actually there price is usually a few bucks less than the online reservation price. And at this point you only need a 3/4 ton since they can tow a million lbs. They all have 2.5in receivers and Enterprise provides the sleeve to 2in.
  7. And your teammates get to pay for it lol. But seriously my 2014 Caprice has a hitch on it and works great as a parts runner when need be. Except maybe we 12 RS4s show up today. Other than that though, the $450 for 750 miles or and extra $100 for unlimited miles over a 5 day period is insanely cheap.
  8. That would be the case but I also doubt it would be allowed in the end. Good thing I can still get 2-3 W58s for 1 R154 lol
  9. and here I am trading R154s for multiple expendable W58s.......
  10. I've towed with a 2nd gen Cummins (24v) which was stock and abysmally slow and shitty but had torque for days (14mpg). Then a 2018 Ram 1500 Hemi which was honestly great with an open trailer, but the coil springs in the rear were poop with my 24' (<10mpg). Then was my 2002 Duramax which had plenty of power but a slippy allison (12mpg with tune). Now I use whatever Enterprise has on the lot which lucky for me (at my Detroit location) is always new model year crew cab diesels, Ford or Dodge. The 2019 cummins got 10.5mpg with me doing 70-80mph to Pitt and back.
  11. I thought that would happen when I went from 245s to 255s on the 9in wheels, but it didn't feel squirmy at all just all the gripz. If mustang take off wheels weren't 4 for $75 I'd go to 10s.
  12. Run the 255s, we do it on a 9in wheel but still, they're cheaper and last longer and faster. WIN WIN WIN. I imagine on a 10in wheel with less sidewall deflection theyd be even quicker.
  13. Lol @E. Tyler Pedersen let me finish up the turbo LS Volvo and I'll make the road trip!
  14. lol this is awesome! Definitely gonna miss not getting to see y'all this weekend. I don't have a dart board unfortunately, but beer pong is an option.
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