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  1. Im ready to update the spreadsheet with protein but I want to make sure someone has a grill first! Also if anyone is looking for a seat or wants to double stint, let me know I've got 2 stints left!
  2. Unfortunately Ben and Drew talked me into adding the aero back on. Maybe next season....
  3. Normally two of those would go into the original holes for the OEM buckle and anchor points. Edit: they should be the same thread as OEM
  4. I still have 2 stints open for Pitt! The car was a rocket even without aero at Gingerman so Pitt should be a blast.
  5. Not sure how applicable this, but I know the Miatas only require a quick drilling into the ignition cylinder mount to remove a spring and mechanism. Might be similar for the mustang or at least worth checking out. Videos aplenty online.
  6. I'd pull and replace the motor before I did the starter haha
  7. You couldn't pay me to pull the hot-V starter in the Supra....
  8. No problem! Does someone have a grill? I live right behind a GFS and can grab a couple cases of hot dogs/ham burgers.
  9. A bunch of people liked it so I cleared out the Gingerman spreadsheet and updated the link below. I think we need more protein things this time as we seemed to run out at Gingerman. Feel free to contribute on the spreadsheet at your leisure. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1pz9VjTTHX-t_UroGAzIGv56N98zHdu64N_td13EZseU/edit#gid=0
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