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  1. Blue Loctite is brake fluid safe, FWIW. I use it every time I reassemble lines, definitely cuts down on leakage.
  2. How do we request to have more vehicles added to the VPI? I looked, but maybe I missed it. @Bill Strong
  3. Agreed, I'd rather see more of this at the track than $$$ for winning.
  4. Man I look rough on race days but its true, we hadn't ever won with our car and had been struggling all weekend so even the small D class victory was nice. We had 2 more bottles ready for NCM but unfortunately didn't need them.
  5. IPF Recap: This was our first race of the season and the first on the new build. Friday went really went really well considering we'd never been to NCM before. Tech went smoothly and all the drivers were consistently running low 2:30s. Saturday we started middle of the pack and ended up in running in 2nd at the end of the first stint when we ran a strong 2:29. I was having a ton of fun running with the Beanie Weanie? Ecotec Miata (yellow)! Our second driver went out and made it an hour or so before he couldn't get the car into gear anymore. Turns out one of the friction disc springs broke free and lodged itself between the clutch fingers. Apparently a "stage 2" clutch isn't enough for our measly 250ftlbs. While the car cooled down we ran around town trying to find an alternative, ended up with a 95 Tacoma V6 clutch from Autozone as a replacement. Got the clutch in Saturday afternoon and seemed ready for Sunday. Sunday we started near the back of the pack and our first driver worked his way through tough traffic up to 4th. Got a radio in that the coolant pressure warning came on and with 15min left in the stint I told him to watch the temp gauge and make sure it didn't get hot. During the pit stop there was water all over the splitter and after removing the hood there was a good size hole in the radiator fins where the fan broke and pulled one of the mounts through the fins (note to self, don't mount fans to the fins). 15 minutes later we had the new radiator in and our driver went back out. He came back in with some higher temps and we bled it and ran without the hood from then on, no more coolant issues, but fuel issues. One fuel pump died, but he switched the second one on and kept going. Somehow we still can't pull all 20 gallons out of the cell.... 3rd driver goes in, running well but the wing mount cables break and eventually the wing falls off of one side of the mount. He comes in and we do a full driver/fuel stop, but forget to put new icepacks in the coolshirt. I go out with no rear wing, but with full splitter (read: FUN) until we get black flagged for no brake lights, I come in tech clears us (they're a little dim), we decide to top off with fuel to make sure we can make it through to the end. I also turn on the rain light that blinks when braking as a backup and get black flagged for that. Come in AGAIN, turn off the rain light and confirm with THREE different techs that the lights work (I was frustrated in the moment, but the lights obviously need to be fixed so this doesn't happen again, I can appreciate the safety concern). Go back out only be brought in again but for missing lug nuts this time, apparently we broke 2 studs on the left front and they were found on track. That was with 30minutes left in the race so we called it. The car definitely has pace and the track and event were amazing! That was some really close and clean racing that we experienced, now we just have a long to do list for Gingerman! Can't wait for next year!
  6. We talked about it and may change it after NCM but decided to recreate the factory crash structure for now. It really is what sets this series apart though!
  7. Got a random phone call from Jay today. He stumbled across my build and was wary about our rear crash structure situation with our fuel cell. I sent him some pictures and he talked with Chisek and got back to me within the hour with a direction to add a rear bumper. Long story short, a real shout out to @National Tech for reaching out before we got down to NCM this weekend! Rear bumper has been added and Jay said he'd come up with some ideas to make it better after NCM and asked me to pass along that no one should hesitate to call them with questions, seriously guys I'm incredibly thankful for their help!
  8. Use an electrical conduit clamp (1.5in because they measure conduit by ID) from hardware store (~$0.75) with 3M double sided tape on the flat portion and stick the mount to that. Been in the car for hours and never had an issue.
  9. Absolutely! We look forward to seeing everyone, this is our first real race outside of the few times we've been to Gingerman
  10. IPF will be there Thursday afternoon and I'm sure we will be having a few drinks after our 8hr drive!
  11. I expected more party planning and BBQ ideas being as its the south and all...
  12. That was during what was essentially open track which hardly happens during a race lol but I'll keep an eye out 😉
  13. Broke out the fender roller. She meets rules now. Fender roller will be available for rent (1 🍺 per hour) at NCM!
  14. Theres a reason I keep a spare w58 in the trailer and another at the hangar....\ Not sure about temps, but everything seems happy so... its probably fine?
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