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  1. Im ready to update the spreadsheet with protein but I want to make sure someone has a grill first! Also if anyone is looking for a seat or wants to double stint, let me know I've got 2 stints left!
  2. Unfortunately Ben and Drew talked me into adding the aero back on. Maybe next season....
  3. Normally two of those would go into the original holes for the OEM buckle and anchor points. Edit: they should be the same thread as OEM
  4. I still have 2 stints open for Pitt! The car was a rocket even without aero at Gingerman so Pitt should be a blast.
  5. Not sure how applicable this, but I know the Miatas only require a quick drilling into the ignition cylinder mount to remove a spring and mechanism. Might be similar for the mustang or at least worth checking out. Videos aplenty online.
  6. I'd pull and replace the motor before I did the starter haha
  7. You couldn't pay me to pull the hot-V starter in the Supra....
  8. No problem! Does someone have a grill? I live right behind a GFS and can grab a couple cases of hot dogs/ham burgers.
  9. A bunch of people liked it so I cleared out the Gingerman spreadsheet and updated the link below. I think we need more protein things this time as we seemed to run out at Gingerman. Feel free to contribute on the spreadsheet at your leisure. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1pz9VjTTHX-t_UroGAzIGv56N98zHdu64N_td13EZseU/edit#gid=0
  10. Definitely down for this again! I can make a spreadsheet again if need be or help organize, but I've never been to Pitt before
  11. IPF had a rough weekend, but honestly still one of the best race weekends so far! The cookout and comradery was great with way more participation than expected! We had a blast pitting next to @Wittenauer Racing and Two Brothers who were both extremely helpful when we had issues. Also a great time as always with @E. Tyler Pedersen and CYR and @NigelStu. Fridays practice went well even though our new LSD was more open than anything. Saturday we started at the rear and 14 minutes in, hit a spun car in turn 6. Apparently the golf lost a coolant hose and we were closing in too quickly to avoid them. 35 minutes later we had a new radiator in and the rest of the front end torn off. We took the rear wing off to help balance the lack of front aero and started running again. Thought it would just be a lapping day at that point until 2 of the D class cars ahead of us had issues so we started pushing to win our class at least and managed to do it in our last stint! Also the car was quicker without wings and a front end #wingsdontwork Then Sunday..... Started at the front, lead the first hour with solid pressure from the teams behind us until I came into turn 11 and tried to down shift from 4th to 3rd. The clutch pedal went straight to the floor and fluid started smoking with our lack of hood. I coasted down the front straight to pit out where they quickly towed me in. Removed the trans in less than 15 minutes (is that a record?) and found the release bearing in pieces. The clutch fingers were white and the slave seals were shot. Unfortunately I only had a few of those parts as spares so we had to call it a day. Looks like the pressure plate may have failed causing the fingers to constantly ride the bearing, spinning out all the grease and frying it. The car showed pace both days and we've finally fixed the fueling issues we've been having for the past year plus we brought home some small hardware, cant complain about that! It'll be a mad dash to get it back together but we'll be at Pitt ready to throw down! Congrats to all the teams that killed it our there this weekend!
  12. Thanks! If it's not too much hassle I think it'll be a good idea. We're only going to have one or two but a lot of food to prep.
  13. I think I'm more excited for this cookout than the awesome racing!
  14. Count me in! Thanks! Let me know what kind of beer you want! It'll be nice and cold at the IPF trailer
  15. They'd be going in a Volvo 242 so theres plenty of room. I do kinda want to keep with the 1980s era theme though. This will be a summer only kinda cruiser just fyi
  16. For all those E30/36 teams that have built cars or are in the process of building cars, do any of you have stock sport seats in decent shape leftover? Trying to find some seats for a Volvo side project....
  17. Not totally true, the supra is ~3k in race weight and we manage >2 race weekends on a set of 245 RS4s
  18. Generic parts store DOT4, bleed before each race. No issues.
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