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  1. IPF Racing will be there in a class D 3rd gen Supra with a 1UZ swap if you're interested. Feel free to message me for details, I've got 2, 2 hour stints left.
  2. Any examples or links? Quick google search didn't return anything useful
  3. Picked some fairly conservative numbers, did some quick pulls so see how it ran, and went with it. It certainly wasn't optimized, but it hasnt had any issues in over a year of racing.
  4. For what its worth, we ran the 1UZ swap after only a 10 minute autotune session around the airport for the whole season. After we got it on the dyno we were actually pretty close and I have run autotune during track days. It is worth mentioning you can adjust how easily it changes cells and I wouldnt go on track with it below "normal" otherwise it will overshoot like crazy and take forever to level out at the ideal value.
  5. Just in case you do it again in 2020, it might be worth using this instead of newspaper..... https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B06XDLLYK5/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  6. Haha honestly it could be easily done by hand and look well. Might need a bigger sledge though.....
  7. Thanks! It is the Nine Lives Racing wing that I shortened up a few inches from last year to better fit the body. I made them thicker than they need to be so I didnt need any diagonal supports but it is bent aluminum. It could be a diy, but i 3D scanned the back of the car, created a 3D model, had them water jet and bent while I still worked at Pratt and Miller. Definitely overkill but it works, I still had to modify it after but you get the idea.
  8. Having just built a cage, I can say that the rules pictures leave a bit to be desired, but that 3D view is great! Nice job 🍻
  9. For #3, whats a quick description of this, were people missing welds??
  10. Yeah the tow setup needs a bit of help..... Just wait till we throw the new tires on and we'll have some real fun in the corners! Watching you and @E. Tyler Pedersen play around on track looked like a blast!
  11. Haha #winterisalreadyhere Just one crappy video of some 30mph sideways action coming out of 11. We did two 10 minute stints and called it. Solid pass you made on your way home down 94 btw 😂
  12. Had a great time hanging out at Gingerman and shaking down our new build!
  13. IPF Racing will be attending the 3 Balls track day this weekend if anyone wants to stop by and hang out!
  14. Fair point, and I'm happy to discuss in tech or should we even come close to a podium. Lets say it is close to the 3600lb range and 90% is ~3200lbs, that ups the swap points to 78 instead of 54. It would hurt us but I could make 500 points still, really don't want to change anything as we do have a solid setup. I know its been discussed before, but new attention/drama is certainly something I wanted to avoid even though I love discussing my build (who doesn't like to show off their work?). We'll see what happens weight wise, I have lots of data and backup info should it ever come into question in tech or impound. We're gonna run our race and have a good time regardless 🍻
  15. The third gen Supra has significantly more motor and chassis weight plus interior/safety than the second gen. Mine is a third gen and the lightest third gen I've pulled apart is still over 3600lbs which is the swap weight for that generation. The car is so overbuilt chassis wise that most of that weight remains. You've all seen the stupid hacked up previous version I built and that was well over 2700lbs in race trim and only 60% of the car was left. The 1UZFE (1994) is quoted anywhere from 250-260hp which is only a 50hp increase over stock. Its a touch lighter, a bit thirstier, but mostly just way more reliable than the 7MGE. Also dumb on me for bringing attention to my own build...... 🍻
  16. Ah ha! Scratch all of that, the Supra changed weight in 1986.5 and they had the 86 weight as the old one, back to the correct weight and swap points in the current generation! Phew!
  17. Just did and sent a subsequent email to tech. If it doesn't change then theres no reason for us to run anymore and the build was useless. I mean I just swapped everything over from last year and built a new cage, but I'm not going to run in EC because we wouldn't be competing for anything. And for anyone curious the Supra is 3900lbs from the factory, which I've confirmed through the 4 cars I've stripped. We struggle to get anywhere close to 2,700lbs in race trim.
  18. WOAH when did that change??? The Swap calculator used to add 54 points.... and theres no way the Supra weighs 2700lbs or even close...
  19. Thats what a 4.0l x-piped V8 from a Lexus sounds like lol
  20. @Shawn Sampson any thoughts? Trying to get something by this weekend to test at a track day.
  21. Michigan Mobile Dyno just got a new owner, who is a friend luckily. It was a standard trailer that the previous owner mounted a dyno in, he slid one axle forward and the other one back. You plug in the controller box, laptop for software, and an air compressor for the brake. Pretty simple and sweet setup, he travels to car shows all over.
  22. Sorry I was waiting on the dyno guy to send them over. We just got a baseline and smoothed a few things out. Definitely got some more left in it
  23. Along this same line, can someone help me find an adapters thats female IMSA and this 5 pin threaded Baofend on the other side? Pics of each below.
  24. Sorry it looks like I posted a little prematurely, we decided to hold off on RA and have NCM be our first race.
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