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  1. No motors. No wires. No switches. No plugs. I'm lookin at you Rodger
  2. The Level One Racing Miata headed to Sebring coming off the high of our first win at PBIR, with the energy to continue the performance. Our streak of failures and catastrophic contact appeared behind us and the team was excited to get to our home track. We had a guest driver for this event, Eb Vasquez, from TEK Motorsports, sitting in for Nick Soriano. Nick would be playing fuel/crew man for the day. We drew a decent starting position and rolled off 17th. John (as seen on TV) Wilding would start with the hope he could get us to the front. He quickly got us in the top 10
  3. My guess would be we will be allowed to roam the infield from T3 to T5 or T6.
  4. Yeah, Orange County (Orlando) made masks mandatory last week. A buddy that corner marshaled the WRL race said the garages were packed and very few were wearing masks. The best part about next weekend is that IMSA is holding a support race for ChampCar. It's a beautiful thing.
  5. Does the price include the Irishman? See you soon Todd.
  6. Thank you sir. Do you have email verification as such? I "could" believe that my email requesting a garage was past the 60 spot cutoff.
  7. I asked Mike Morrison, and he will get an answer. I hope this is simply a misunderstanding with the way Mike worded the garage statement. I believe he meant that the garages are assigned on a first email, first served basis. I, like 59 other entrants, emailed my garage request when I paid for it back February. If this is truly going to become a first to the gate, first to get a garage, well, that could potentially turn ugly very fast.
  8. Whew, I was stressing on getting the car prepped in five days. Thanks Dana. A December race in Palm Beach would be brilliant.
  9. This right here. Re-read this and make your choice(s). And remember, great expectations bring great disappointments. LuckyKid made me LOL
  10. Yeah Ed, you can get the panels in reflective. I have them on the Miata.
  11. Yeah, pretty disappointing. This is my 41st consecutive year of attendance and my 28th consecutive year of working a corner. This year was going to be special for me as my 19 year old son was going to flag with me. Ohhhhh well, guess he will just have to crew for us at the CCES race and come back the following week to flag the race. GatorNationals and St Pete have been postponed also.
  12. Wow Dana, interesting concept. Thanks for doing this. Excited to participate I too have been going to this track since 1993. I believe motorcycle groups used to run it counter-clockwise. As far as tire wear, my educated guess would be the LF is gonna take a beating on Sat, RF on Sunday. Longest race I have run on the new configuration (PBIR) is three hours and the LF Hoosier held up well.
  13. One of my design requirements was that the trunk be accessed because of the battery and fuel components. Hatch is hinged at the front using Mazda Tribute rear window hinges and fastened to the trunk lid at the back using two dzus fasteners, one on each side. Trunk lid is completely gutted and is also dzus fastened so no hinges.
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