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  1. Hello I am the captain/manager of Wasting Money Racing (formerly known as Nashville Trash). Trying to be a bit more active on the forum instead of just the FB page. We are located in the heart of Tennessee... Nashville. We have 3 drivers that are regulars on the team: Josh Castellaw (myself) Adam Lindsey Trae Forsythe (off and on) We drive the black '99 Miata that has a Martini inspire livery. We have a website if you would like to know more about us and some of our stories. wastingmoneyracing.com lets be honest... we all waste money racing!
  2. I am in the process of editing all our in car footage from the actual race... until then enjoy what only a few got to see on the practice day.
  3. First race with the new car went well minus the fact that our main fuel tank at the shop got filled with farming diesel. The car got 10 gallons of it on practice on Friday. Ended up ruining our day on Saturday since overnight it destroyed the fuel filter and pump so we only got 4hrs in on Saturday. Ran great no issues on Sunday. Made up 25 spots. Few things we need to do to the car like insulate the Trans tunnel since I am sitting at work with a burn on my thigh from the seat getting hot from the heat radiating off of it. TL;DR Our fault car didn't start. Wasn't the first caution of the race like Daytona. Car is in one piece and will race again.
  4. The driver did enter the corner a little slow but he is a licensed pro and was just cruising around. He follows the aim for the tires line and never saw your guy. It wasn't his fault for the second hit. That was ours for not replacing the starter we knew struggled when hot and pulling some timing out of the car to make it easier to start. Hope it didn't ruin ya'lls weekend to much. That said the second could have been really really bad if the car hadn't spun as much as it did. We may or may not be back to champcar... jury is still out. We are done until atleast June. Hopefully we will see you at NCM.
  5. We have plenty of miata's trust me. This car was a retired winning spec miata from the early 00's which is why this is so sad...
  6. We run AIM data logging system. That is there smarty cam which allows you to build your own HUD. sadly for some reason the GPS wasn't picking up the track or it would have shown daytona and where we were on it as well. Ah its a family friendly series. wasn't going to leave that in there. I actually cut a ton of the language out... Yea we haven't had great luck with that car. We are pretty sure it is cursed so its probably a good thing that we now will build another.
  7. Well it happened to have been #226 so not the front running car. That car is the rental of the team.
  8. We made 14 laps... first hit ended the day breaking the rear mount... second hit totaled the chassis...
  9. That has been our luck since we started racing in champcar last year. Can't get all the grimmlins out but hopefully we have everything figured out now. See that is the problem lol this is the 5th race for the car. Granted every time we have gone something has been drastically different with the car ie. swap from 1.6 to 1.8, splitter and wing, info system. I think we have been doing to many upgrades instead of focusing on making the car last. That is all going to change though hopefully with Daytona.
  10. Here is all the bad luck we had. So even if we hadn't got rearended we would have been out. This video doesn't include the fact that during a brake pad change we had to take the whole caliper off to get pads out since a bolt was rounded off... Enjoy!
  11. I checked the mirrors at the start of the straight. I agree I waited to the last minute to turn it but didn't know the BMW was going to go that slow and at the point had no idea the Lexus had made that much of a charge... didn't keep us from placing though we had other stupid incidents with the car like losing the pulley of the harmonic balancer.
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