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  1. The Celica IS on the VPI list. it is a 400 pt vehicle with a 1ZZ or a 2ZZ. GTS is not separated from the GT model, therefore all 7th gen celica's are 400 pts. Compare to the Matrix (1ZZ) and Matrix XRS (2ZZ) are separated.
  2. 3800 from V6 Camaro or Firebird. with T5. yank a harness.
  3. Watched a ton of your old Celica videos on YouTube. Cool to see where you guys have come from, to now.
  4. Assuming it is this one? In black? He's interested. Est shipping to Atlanta Color really isn't important http://www.gforce.com/product/gf125-suit-black/
  5. Team member may be in need of one, but not until Sebring in Sept.
  6. When viewing "Activity," word wrap seems to be disabled for me. On Chrome. Just me? Wasn't like this a few weeks ago.
  7. Haas looks to be the fourth fastest team again after P2 today. Everything seems to be going smoothly. Wonder how they are going to mess this up?
  8. "2.2.5. The Event Director reserves the right to transfer ANY competition vehicle from the 500 point ChampCar classes to the Exception Class (EC) at ANY time. This rule shall only be invoked under extraordinary circumstances."
  9. Then they wouldn't be doing a swap.
  10. https://champcar.org/mainweb/register/vpi.php <---------------------------------- @Bill Strong ?
  11. Price is in the formula for determining VPi. "Vehicle Performance Index All competing vehicles will be assigned a Vehicle Performance Index (VPi) by ChampCar. The Vehicle Performance Index is a POINT value that is developed and based on the General Market Value of your car... PLUS... a Performance Evaluation of your car. While some vehicles may have a very low General Market Value, they have a very high Performance Value. Similarly, some vehicles may have a very high General Market Value, but they are considered gutless-wonders. ChampCar maintains a database of both market value and performance information to develop the Vehicle Performance Index. In order to compete, all vehicles must maintain a Vehicle Performance Index of 500 POINTS or less, as described in Section 4 of ChampCar's Basic Club & Competition Rules (BCCR); or, maintain a Vehicle Performance Index of between 500 and 1,000 POINTS with the understanding that these vehicles will receive penalty laps."
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