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  1. The latest iRacing build has changed the way paints appear on cars. Now the standard contingency stickers and logos aren't stamped on the cars by default. In response to this I've updated the PSD as well as created a PNG with new Champcar number plates and Champcar sponsor logos. The PNG can be dropped into your paints, or you can use the updated PSD to create them. Feel free to ask me any questions, it's kinda confusing! Happy painting! UPDATED PSD Champcar Contingency and number plate PNG
  2. Looks great! The orange stripe on the bumper indicates the drivers license. Red is rookie, Orange is D class, Yellow is C class, Green is B Class, Blue is A Class.
  3. We do! Invite link here: https://discord.gg/dYZ7Rk
  4. Not sure if Keary Morris is on the forum here, if not I'll shoot him an iRacing message. I just wanted to apologize for the contact in the esses. I misjudged the gap and It's all on me for making the contact. I feel bad you had to tow and retire. I know it doesn't help now, but there is a fast repair for races.
  5. Unfortunately you can't paint the banner on the 2015 Mazda. But I created a PSD with some Champcar logos for you to use! You can find it here: 2015 Mazda If you have any questions feel free to shoot me a message, I do a lot of racing paints.
  6. In addition to a live stream of our race that will be found on our YouTube page, you can also watch the official broadcast here. The guys at Racespot do a very professional broadcast.
  7. Matt, great race, really tough finish. You, Mark, and Alex got some good screen time on the broadcast..
  8. I call bull. I saw the clips. Sounds like you're just trying to cover your ass and not get banned for dicking around during a points round. This may be a computer sim, but this is a serious championship people are competing in for real world prizes. There is never an appropriate time to drive backwards. Even in the most casual of leagues I've participated in I've never seen this type of behavior. This sim and this league are not just an open Forza lobby. It's for serious fans of racing and Motorsports who want the most realistic experience possible. You should treat these races like you would treat a real ChampCar race. would you ever flip a u turn and run backwards in a real race? If the car was that hard to control you should have pulled off the track so you aren't a risk to other drivers.
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