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  1. Hi Robasaurus - I never did get hooked up with a team in the Corning area. I'd still like to at some point. Do you have a car? My M3 is not legal for CC. I want to try hillclimbs as it should be legal (caged, etc). the.cheat - I haven't run with AMEC but many years with CNYIRA. Also, some unofficial gatherings in the general area. I have my Hakka 8's to be legal in AMEC if I ever make it over to ADK area! I came back from living in NH (no ice racing believe it or not. AMEC or Maine were the closest) and was surprised how well my Mazdaspeed3 ran with the new Hakkas. One guy said "I didn't know the MS3 came in four wheel drive", which it doesn't of course....
  2. Hi, I'm in Corning and interested in getting into CC. Did you folks get a team together last year? Have a need for another member? If so, I'd like to talk. Friends currently run in CC but teams are full. I've run BMW's at WGI since '96 in BMWCCA (including as instructor) as well as Trackmasters. Also ice racing various cars. Garage space at my house could possibly be available if needed. No 4-post lift at this time. Let me know if you would. Cheers
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