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  1. I would strongly challenge this premise of, "I don't penalize teams for our mistake". Off track, in shop, inspections need to be considered a courtesy to reduce risk and not a binding contract. The motivation for this statement seems to be, roughly, ewe told them it passed, we can't change our mind after it reaches the track". While I'm sympathetic that a team's decision to attend may be strongly influenced by having this knowledge in hand, it cannot be contingent on it. The rest of the field is constantly facing this intrinsic "risk": the cost of travel and racing ve
  2. As a counter-point to Jamie, we strongly prefer ChampCar's point based format to LRDL's arbitrary RWYB classing. Definitely understand the situation and choices it's required, but if and when CC returns it will always be our first choice for CA-racing.
  3. If travel weren't so difficult right now, I'd definitely be interested. Very cool car.
  4. I think the tech and east vs west stuff is being somewhat overblown. Tech was more thorough than previous west coast events, with a focus on safety. We had to arrange some last minute fixes for things that hadn't been identified at prior events, but this is fine and working as intended (just because something hasn't been highlighted previously, doesn't mean it's not a problem). The majority of Saturday literally had the top 3 being comprised of 1 west, 1 east, and 1 central team; all exchanging positions. Per my post above, we unfortunately weren't able to run on Sund
  5. Good racing and thanks to all that came out. Was a long day for us (Orange Yeller). Bit of a heart breaker at the end. We were running well in P2 on Saturday, gaining fast enough to close out P1 on the 944 -- they had a great strategy with their monster fuel capacity allowing them to skip a fuel stop, leaving us playing catch up -- we were gaining a few seconds a lap with a ~1 minute gap going into the last driver change. First, the minor disaster struck as our 4th driver had... neglected to put on their wristband. Some choice words were exchanged and we sprinted bac
  6. The ruling seems ambiguous presently: "Non-OEM steel replacement flywheels are free Non-OEM Aluminum or lightweight replacement flywheels are 10 points" It's not defined what makes a non-OEM steel flywheel, "lightweight" and 10 points, or "not-lightweight" and free. Despite its abs of steel, my flywheel has body image issues and does not identify as lightweight.
  7. Come on dude, you're on the technical committee, this is not helpful. We're trying to work with you here, sideways comments like this are a waste of everyones' time, I'd rather you just didn't reply to me at all. It's pretty simple really: We have a Laguna muffler and our regular exhaust. We ran the regular exhaust at the 2017 Sonoma ChumpCar event (and it also ran on a previous car) and had no problems. But because ChumpCar has not been consistent, we know only that we had no problems on that day, whether the 96db limit or the track 102db limit was used, who knows. (This i
  8. Is the measurement going to be in place for the Sonoma Championships on the Friday test? Not from an enforcement perspective, but from a: This is a new(ly enforced) thing; can we get measurements during the Friday test to determine whether or not we need to add more muffler for the race weekend. (Ideally in this scenario, it would also not be two strikes and you're out on the Friday when we're trying to make sure we're compliant Thanks!
  9. I noticed you guys have built a Miata. Do you have any numbers -- simulated or real -- for ride height versus downforce for a flat floor + diffuser? Thoughts also on diffuser angle on this chassis?
  10. a) Seems like there's some questionable points on the car. b) On a HP track sure. Relative to this conversation a Miata would also generally have a hard time on that same track because they cant get anywhere near the same fuel/hp ratios for both VPI and capacity reasons. There are also handling tracks where there's no way the same Camaro catches up to a Miata running a 40 minute longer stint. There are also more balanced platforms that could be in the running with both the Miata and the Camaro in both these situations. That's just the way it goes.
  11. If I thought it had pushed Miata over the edge to be an unfair platform, yes (although, see below, I think VPI adjustment would be more tactical), but I don't think that's the case. Every (competitive) car has things that are "good" and "bad". Multi-class racing is all about balancing these factors. As covered above, one of the Miatas greatest disadvantages it its small fuel tank. Yet, I'm not here saying you need to give Miatas the opportunity to run similar size fuel tanks to the other cars (which as below, this becomes equivalent to). In this case, this is a small
  12. Ecotech Miatas turn fast laps but Miatas have too small a fuel tank for them to be super competitive overall. Things look great until the last 2 hours of the race and they come in for that extra 5 minute fuel stop. Particularly on anything >7h.
  13. This is taken out of context relative to Champcar racing. This is an issue specific to the SCCA Hoosier SM7 tire, which is way faster as a sticker than with *any* HC. Yes, the Penskes do a better job for this tire; but it's only because the tire itself falls off so badly that they make a difference. NASA SM runs a more durable tire (Toyo RR) and they barely moved the lap times last season; Bilsteins were absolutely competitive with Penskes. The tires we run, even the latest and greatest "180tw" miracles, are still a measurable step down the spectrum than RRs; there's no sticker window we'r
  14. They didn't get free penskes. They are coilovers that fit into the 2x rule, 40 points.
  15. Honestly, the whole Ram's Horn thing probably needs to be revisited and added to the tech desk. If it confers no advantage, then it should be no problem to just get rid of them. If it does provide an advantage, it needs to be more than 2 points. We pay 25 pts for 3 measly hp (exhaust header). All engine points are expensive with good reason.
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