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  1. Do the rotors themselves fit in 2x? Buy kit, swap calipers for Wilwoods at 5pts each, done deal?
  2. I've been debating running multiple systems on the new build but haven't talked to tech yet, not sure why they'd say no, but *shrug* The thought is an automatic system in the trunk (fuel cell) + the usual 3 zone manual pull. Reasoning- Fuel cell zone is bulkheaded and effectively sealed, could be on fire for awhile before the fire is big enough to stop the fuel pump or get spotted by a corner worker. Also with the trunk being mostly sealed, it could be put out before the car fully stops (probably before the driver even realizes it's on fire).
  3. I have a feeling we will be the first to find out on aftermarket diff gears. We will be claiming 25pts for our aftermarket diff. Only way to install said diff is straight cut gears (the stock ones arent offered with the special flange)...
  4. So reading it at the "comprehension level" you can do aftermarket gears at a factory ratio as well? Mmmm, straight cut gear whine
  5. Thank you for that Bill! With rule pushing always comes the possibility of a smack-down, but quite frankly most of us are looking for an advantage out there, and some of these rules make a big difference in point values with how you read them. Half the reason I ask so many questions and push hard here and there on "what is that" is I want to play by the rules and be competitive. In regards to air dams, "added vertical element from ground to the bumper" is a darn good start compared to what we have in the book now. I'd still take that a step further and say "added vertical element from ground to middle of factory bumper location", or something like that, but that's just me. Excuse me while I go move my front bumper to the roof of my car
  6. @E. Tyler Pedersen, did I ever send you pics? Not finding it in my PM's or here....
  7. *panics and starts digging out policy to read fine print* Good point that I never even thought of before...
  8. This is all from the mk3 Supra manual, maybe it helps?
  9. Correct, rules just say "air dam" (page 13), only size restriction is cannot be wider than the body (not counting mirrors). My wording about "bumper line" is not a rule, just an observation about where many people are ending their air dams right now and only getting the 10pts. With how many different cars run here (there's everything from Opals to Saturns to Corvettes to pickup trucks) it's tricky to define things as tight as some folks would like without screwing over someone else by accident. Tech tends to be pretty fair and work with you on coming up with appropriate values when needed, but they'll have the final say on how many points. For now I wouldn't sweat it too much but if you're really worried, send some pictures after it's finished and on the car to tech@champcar.org and they'll let you know. Welcome and I look forward to seeing this thing blasting round the track!
  10. @Ray Franck In terms of % of the car's frontal area, how is that any different than your typical Miata with black plastic? Yes, @IFITLOOKSLIKEADUCKWTF's is blended better, and I could see charging materials (probably 3-4 sq ft) for the blanking of the factory grill opening and lights instead of using the factory parts and taping the seams, but an air dam is an aero device between the ground and the front of the car. Until we specify the air dam ends at a location (like we do wings and splitters now), I can't see fairly charging materials beyond the 10pt air dam for anything below the already commonly accepted upper bumper line...
  11. Ok, question on the impact foam/anti intrusion. Where to find big sheets of the stuff? I really like what I see on things like the C7R, but having a hard time finding actual SFI foam for it... I can get pads like these from Longacre, glue em up and cut as needed I guess, but doesnt seem like the right thing.... https://www.speedwaymotors.com/Longacre-52-65130-Black-Door-Bar-Padding,6586.html
  12. As a lurker and more recently racer/builder, this is one of the bigger issues I see right now. A great example of this is the new for this year fuel line encasement rules. No other series has something like that from the rulebooks I've read, so anyone with a car from a different series has to rip apart their whole fuel system to come race with us. That alone will be shoving people to LDR/AER. If we're lucky they'll go into rentals for a few races then build a car, but why would they when they can go run elsewhere for less? Our events are reasonable, and renters are as well, but in general buying 3 rental seats so you and 2 buddies can run together will cover an AER/LDR weekend with your own car. It's one thing to have so many coolers/performance mods/etc that you have a ton of points or run EC for your first race or two, it's very different when you can't even run EC without redoing large parts of your car. This is one thing that surprised me coming in to Champ, the rules go through all the trouble of pointing out classes and stuff, yet many people act like it's single class racing. I'm glad to see the move back to real trophies, I hope that kind of trend continues.
  13. Here's where I get lost in all this: I can re-drill a strut tower or a subframe for free, but can't do the same with a bushing. Yet if I weld up the hole on the control arm and re-drill that instead, it's no points again. And I can replace the factory bushings for 0pts already. There's only 2 ways to change camber- move the top or move the bottom. Take an E30. I can bend the strut housing, bend the LCA, slot the top holes, and use offset bushings. Of those, the safest, easiest way for a home builder is the offset bushing. We're basically tell people "do it the harder, sketchier way". We've already slotted and are running Heims where we need more adjustment, so not much of a horse in this race, but it's one of the finer parts of CC I've never fully understood the reasoning behind....
  14. Yes to marker lights in the rain! I do find it kind of funny, alot of the people that I know who have oiling issues have an accusump and spend a ton of time in the pits, troubleshooting their oiling issues. Meanwhile other people in the same make/model car who threw in an extra quart, played with the pickup, or added baffles are out turning laps and having fun.
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