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  1. Wittenauer Racing

    Petition proposition- Flywheels?

    Well said @Cam Benty and @Bill Strong, I'm not a fan a 30+ year old flywheel turning 7k aimed at me either, which is what got me digging on this in the first place.... My whole goal here is to provide a clear line in the rules saying "don't go too crazy, but please feel free to put on a safer clutch and flywheel if you can." I really don't care if your "safer" option is an OEM replacement, an aftermarket unit from a reputable company, or full on SFI (best if you can get it, but some cars can't). The snag here is that the bulk of aftermarket units also reduce weight or have other benefits (such as single mass conversions on BMW's) therefore are not an "OEM equalivent" under the current rules (section 4.7.6).
  2. Wittenauer Racing

    2019 Sonoma Double 7-hour

    Saw that on the Facebook but was hoping someone who was involved would chime in. The FB post simply said someone was bumped from 2nd to 6th? for an unclaimed cam and more info to follow. Then there was lots of banter about another that had been DQ'd over a swaybar and I tuned out..... Also hoping to hear more about the safety truck incident? If it's anything like the one posted by @Wink in the other Sonoma thread, then I'm hoping for some discussion about how to improve that situation in the future. The spec Miata one I'd have a real hard time pinning that on the car driver, looks like the safety truck accelerated into him from that angle.... Was a fun one to watch with good coverage from the Champcar Live team, well done guys and congrats to all the teams!
  3. Wittenauer Racing

    Petition proposition- Flywheels?

    Unfortunately it's much like camshafts. Many cars you can access but some you can't without pulling the motor. Many transmission have an inspection cover of some sort where the bell housing meets the motor or at the throw out bearing. Camera can tell you about the pressure plate/disk situation, and most flywheels are steel or cast so a magnet can answer that one. Going with @Black Magic's suggestion- "Flywheels of OE Materials/design (includes single mass conversions) - 0pts" and "Clutch - OE style (disk count, push vs pull, throwout bearing style) - 0pts" could be a good fit. We've already seen that material removal is open, so why should we care if you have a lightened OE flywheel or an equivalent new one from a vendor?
  4. Wittenauer Racing

    Petition proposition- Flywheels?

    Want some input before submitting since I'm newer around here. Petition- Add "aftermarket flywheel" to FPV list (10pts?) Reason- OEM flywheels in racing - serviceable condition continue to get harder to come by for much of the field, most aftermarket options are lightened in some capacity or offer other benefits in durability (see UUC's single mass conversions for BMW's). Main discussion point I see- Material removal is free, so does aftermarket vs factory with material removal really matter?
  5. Maybe unrelated, but we had a similar issue a buddies' E30 M30 swap, it kept getting stuck in 5th. Didn't always do it, but when it did the shifter wouldn't move anywhere. Turns out the clips on the end of the shift connecting rod were missing! Then the rod would start to slip out of the shifter and bind up the linkage.....
  6. Wittenauer Racing

    New fender ruling from TAC section

    Serious question- how is 3pts per sqft applied for complex curves? Total surface area best you can plus a little fudge factor? Our aero ideas for next season are expanding
  7. Wittenauer Racing

    WTB: Used 255/40/17 Tires

    I have some RS-3's as well if you're interested I can get you pics/details.
  8. Wittenauer Racing

    What about ecumaster? Better than Megasquirt?

    There's also Microsquirt (from the Mega folks) at $390 with harness, $320 without. Their sales stuff says rotary support with lead/trail plugs too but it's a bit short on IO. I need to dig deeper still but was looking at that plus the ECU masters PMU/Can Keyboard/dash on a 4 banger. Can't figure out if the Micro supports CAN when set up as engine ECU. If I can do CAN between it and the PMU then that opens up some doors in terms of IO/dash/etc.
  9. Wittenauer Racing

    New Team, New Car

    As another team with a ton of points/laps on their car (we have a 750pt Supra), don't be afraid to run with a bunch of laps (or EC) for your first race or 2. Learn how to drive the car, manage the traffic, do a clean pitstop, etc, then worry about bringing down your points and doing your changes. Personally, I'd come up with a plan for changing shocks, make sure the fuel system is all in order (can it still feed the car in the corners at 1/8th of a tank?), get some good quickfill fuel cans, and go racing. Worry about the points and laps when you start consistently finishing clean races. Note: Camber plates are for a pair, so I assume you have plates front and rear? Also looks like you're looking at 2018 point values? Unless you have some fancy stuff, the shocks would be 25/each, rad is 10.
  10. Wittenauer Racing

    What happened to your ChampCar today? - 2019

    @mender Any more info on that helmet? @mcoppola - you left out the part where it's all fogged by the time you get there
  11. Wittenauer Racing

    What happened to your ChampCar today? - 2019

    Probabaly easiest to just make a sheetmetal cover for the back seat (second firewall) then conduit the lines next to the tunnel
  12. Wittenauer Racing

    Differentials Learn Me!

    This ^ 100x Makes a big difference, especially with a dark interior.
  13. Wittenauer Racing

    Metal hose clamps on fuel hoses

    We still have one ratting around in the Supra tank....
  14. Wittenauer Racing

    Differentials Learn Me!

    Curious why a Torsen? I've only ever driven one in an FWD on a road course; never had one in an RWD, but it was quite the handful. I'd imagine the dynamics are pretty different but why Torsen instead of a well set up clutch type?
  15. Wittenauer Racing

    Differentials Learn Me!

    Yep, as the others say, sounds about right. The understeer is the rear tires fighting each other, and then when you're on it hard enough the inside rear (or both) gives and gets a little tail happy. Personally I don't think you're giving up much, just need to make your line work best for you. Stock LSD with a cooler should do the trick, but it's points and complexity. More tire or more power might magnify the effects though, so keep that in mind...