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  1. We're attempting both, does that count? @IPF Racing we'll be doing some chicken and some brisket for friday. Also bringing some beer
  2. Glass with film for now. Our new car isnt done and the old one isnt in race shape, so pulling out our B-spec car for a bit of double duty.
  3. So I have a G-Force pro-elimator SA2010 helmet which I got in 2015 and run 5-10 events a year with various series. Been debating replacing it and moving up to a 2015. Current one isn't toast, but it's not spotless either. Looking real hard at the mid-line Roux unit with the built in drink tube and radio hardware, but open to other options in the sub $600 range. Recommendations? Experience with Roux or another helmet with similar hardware? One of our cars is very quiet, the others are rather loud, so earplugs are a must, how do built in speaker pods work with earplugs? Should I wait for an SA 2020 at this point? https://discoveryparts.com/roux-auto-racing-helmets/2949-roux-r-1-fiberglass-sa2015-helmet-roux-rxhr1f-15f55.html#/907-helmet_color-gloss_white/917-helmet_size-medium
  4. Got to thinking about this today- isnt metal a bad idea here because static discharge?
  5. Fluid does weird things when the pipe gets bigger and smaller. Basically the step up then back down causes turbulence, and the resulting boundary layer chokes the flow, real similar to how a velocity stack works. Best option is to make the pipe diameter continuous, next best is to smoothen out the transitions (up and down) best you can.
  6. We'll have our smoker, not sure whats going on it yet, maybe some chicken to go with the pork? Also will have the deep freezer if that keg needs an initial cool down. Plan is to come out Thursday night i think.
  7. Hey folks, bought 2 sets of wheels from a team down in Georiga that is running VIR. Looking for someone who has some space to bring them north in exchange for some beer or $$ or something. Im in the Detroit area but can go a few hours to someones shop and pick up or wait till Gingerman. Not in a huge rush but hoping to have them in time for new tires before Nelsons 24. Thanks in advance!
  8. Lookin forward to it! Bringing our smoker for sure, now just gotta sort out the car selection....
  9. If you squint hard enough it looks sort of like a miata
  10. Thank you for bringing it to our attention, I hope he has made a full and speedy recovery. Not sure how we missed seeing/hearing about this previously, but glad we know now. Was there ever a follow up with more info about what happened?
  11. We run a lot with 3balls Racing here (Gingerman, Grattan, Pitt race, Waterford Hills), they've always been happy to have us and other Champcar teams. From what I've seen of trackdays around here, the ones put on by the actual track tend to be a bit more strict. We ran a day put on by the Waterford Hills team and a guy was actually going around with a clip board and a checklist for each car. Quick, courteous and professional, so no complaints there. We were running "advanced" so no instructor requirements or anything. I think they were looking a bit closer at the cars that needed instructors.
  12. I see where you're coming from, and I like it, but with our series, I worry it's going to be more difficult to implement. Another series we run with, VSCDA, does something similar to the SCCA method, but a bit abbreviated and cheaper. First race of the year there's the school. Couple hours in the classroom on Thursday, then 3 run groups with track, classroom and break time Friday, then the normal races Sat/Sun. Last session on Friday is a "practice race" with a double file start and some black and red flags thrown in for educational purposes. While it works great for us, it works great for one big reason - we're a regional club. We host 5 events a year, all in the midwest, most of our membership lives within a 7 hour tow of all our events, and we accept licensing from other clubs (SCCA, VMC, etc). We had 186 cars across 6 run groups last weekend, so I don't think the requirements are hurting our car count there. Champcar is a bit of a different animal, with races all over the country and basically year-round. I don't expect a team from Texas that wants to run Hastings to have to go to Daytona for a school before they can run that event, so you're stuck doing whatever you're going to do at every event, so we have to keep it a bit more trimmed down in my opinion. To me there's 2 simple things we could add to the existing "Champcar rookie school" that would improve things a good bit without adding much time/effort to the new drivers meeting: 1) Rookie "X's". Teams with new to Champcar drivers would be required to put an "X" on the front, rear, and each side of their car. Normally we just use some 2" wide painters tape and make them the same size as the numbers. Makes it easy to see you're coming up on a rookie, and we find people give a bit more time/patience/space to the folks with X's. It also helps make it all a bit more predicable as you know while you're catching them that their line might be a bit off or they might brake early/throttle late/etc. 2) "wagon rides" All it takes is a few volunteers, the track's blessing and a half hour or less. Load up the newbies in a few street cars, take them on a low speed lap or 2. Gives them a chance to see pit in/pit out, the track and have a loose concept of the racing line.
  13. He's referring to the bulkhead rules. If it's all in the trunk and blocked off from the driver, you're good. Many teams were mounting their filler on the B or C Pillar and had clear line run from there down to the fuel cell positioned in a way that it (and therefore level) could be seen without opening anything. Until this year there wasn't a rule against that, and to my knowledge no issues arose from it, but we now require all soft lines (including braided stainless) to be enclosed/firewalled from the driver compartment.
  14. At home before you load and again at the end of each day- Jack up each corner one at at a time and give the wheel a good shake. Up/down, front/back, in/out, then spin the wheel and check it rotates smoothly. Next have a team member step on the brake pedal and try it all again. We also like to take the wheels off at the end of the day and give it all a good visual once-over, make sure to check brakepad thickness while you're there. Overall sounds like you have most of it. If you go digital, set up a gmail account for the team, install google drive on the computer and set up your racing folder to sync with the cloud as a just in case. Anything you can automate, do so.
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