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  1. Seats available. The car put in 3 sessions of 30minutes at MSR Cresson last Thursday.
  2. Window net is installed, Fire suppression bottle is mounted, need to run lines. Replaced front hub due to broken ARP extended stud. Had a close contact at the last race and broke a stud. New top panel fabbed and mounted, needs shimming and paint. New front rotors and brake pads, battery box. One more weekend should finish out the ChampCar inspection items. Looking to fill drivers roster for open seats in the Harris Hill event at the end of March. Send message with your contact info.
  3. Looking to pickup drivers(and even pit crew) for Harris Hill event at San Marcos TX, at end of March. Our team is running a 1994 Miata, over the past 5 years. Most recently we ran the 24hours event at MSRH last November. The car is setup for driver size 5ft 11, and 190 lbs, more or less, with fixed seat. Send message with contact number. Wingnut
  4. Couple sales, and now I've got the Race rims to go along with the RS-4's. This makes 2 full sets of wheels and tires. One set for TNT and one set for race. Will start out with a decent level of equipment and spares. Wingnut ChampCar stage 0 - Origin
  5. Got the motor back from machining and assembly. Polished crank, new bearing for the mains and rods, and new rear main seal. Dropped it into the car, many thanks to the Squid. Wingnut ChampCar stage 0 - Origin
  6. Found a sale on tires, so I'm extending the level of the build. Just ordered a set of Hankook R-S4's. Race rims will be next. Got the engine torn down. Crank is out at the machine shop being polished. Then new bearings, bolts, pumps, pulleys, belts, seals, gaskets, etc. Still looking to bring in more team members. Wingnut ChampCar stage 0 - Origin
  7. Picked up lots of parts: Entire exhaust Differential Data logging/telemetry Springs Shocks Fire suppression Cool shirt Steering wheel and disconnect Video cameras Radios Need about $1000 to finish this level of the build, then install labor, tuning, to be race-ready. Still looking to bring in more team members. Wingnut ChampCar stage 0 - Origin
  8. Mapped out a 500point setup. Purchased more parts for suspension, fuel system, data logging, and engine management. Still looking to bring in more team members. Wingnut ChampCar stage 0 - Origin
  9. 04/22/2018 Latest updates on team forming: Cage is good, but could use some rework on the door bars for additional improvement. Could also use better cage plates to the car. Purchased a set of rim's last weekend. Good starter rims, but not end-state. Purchased the drive train this weekend. 1.8L and 5 speed. Compression is strong and even. Purchased a race seat, looked at fitment and location. Will wait for driver roster to fill up before mounting About half of the initial car spend has taken place, for basic racing. Goodies and tech as funding allows. Met with 3 people interested in the team and all are familiar with Miata, and total of 3 have deep knowledge and experience. So, this car could come together and get dialed in, quite fast. Looking at these events as potentials to attend: July 28-July 29, 2018MSR HOUSTON: Double 7 Enduro, $1400Angleton, TX September 29-September 30, 2018 HARRIS HILL RACEWAY: Double 8 Enduros, $900San Marcos, TX Wingnut ChampCar stage: 0 - Origin
  10. Added a marker for Wingnuts, now forming a team March 2018. Wingnut
  11. Looking to form a new team based in Dallas TX area, and participate in a couple races yearly, travelling further out depends on the car reliability and support from within the team to make the events. Need to fill a driver roster and pit crew. Already have a decent start for the car, Mazda Miata, pro roll-cage, a couple boxes of good parts, and a top-notch workshop. I'm bringing that, and experience wrenching and driving Miata. Now need to form a team, get more parts, and build it up. Goals: Enjoy racing events as participants Building a competitive car and improving performance Practice and demonstrate driving skills and skill advancement Work with people that also have an interest in the above Requirements: Driver seat fees Putting in time working on the car, team build weekends every 4-6 weeks Couple years of competitive driving experience, and an interest in advancing driving skill Ability to support/contribute/attend a couple of Champ races a year Ideas on direction of the build Send message with your info and a response regarding the above items, or arrange a call/meeting and discuss. Wingnut ChampCar stage: 0 - Origin
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