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  1. makes zero downforce @0mph. but at speed (80mph) a stock miata makes -65lbs of downforce. you can see the full CFD work up on our page. https://9livesracing.com/pages/cfd-testing
  2. morning everyone. FYI our medium downforce kit for the miata. 300% + More downforce >1% drag mean even on a 1.6 you'll go faster, and mpg will stay the same.
  3. morning racers just wanted to show off this awsome pic. Hope your week is going well. FYI our shipping departmentis absolutley slammed. you might have gotten your order update emails and are now waiting. We are doing our best to get everything out.
  4. New product offering. Splitter endplates. If you're struggling for front grip this will help. Endplates stop Slow mvoing top air from mixing with your glorious fast moving bottom air. and we all know fast air under is how we make good downforce. https://9livesracing.com/products/splitter-endplates-aka-spoil-boards
  5. generally fender vests reduce downforce by disturbing air behind the car but on our miata they increased downforce by 35lbs at 150mph. so it's a tossup really.
  6. A whole bunch of new kits are here Mustang s197 https://9livesracing.com/products/copy-of-mustang-big-wang-kit-10-14-s197-ii WRX/STI https://9livesracing.com/collections/all/products/subaru-impreza-sti-big-wang-kit-00-07-gd
  7. morning guys. it's hot out, whats better than sitting on your PC/Phone (in the AC) and planning your next mod.
  8. looking for feedback The story. Plastic prices are soaring. The material we use for air dams has doubled. The problem is really with splitters. The cost to coat the splitters has increased so much we lose $40 on each one we sell. The question. What would be the drawback if we just stopped coating the Burch, dropped the price to $150 and sold them in pairs? Thoughts?
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