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  1. Thanks for the Kind words mike! E92 wang kits listed here. https://9livesracing.com/products/big-wang-kit-for-bmw-e90-e92-e93-2004-2013
  2. Looks fantastic. should dramatically reduce drag. i would seal the area by the spoiler. if your looking to vent the car... you want the vents where the air is moving the fastest. this helps it "pull" the Tourbilant and slow moving air thats inside the cabin. those fast moving areas would be on top of the roof, or the back "glass" area. putting a gap in a "seam" (aka where a part of the body meets another part of the body.) is where air is moving slowly. if it's moving slowly it has a better chance to changing direction, and entering the cabin.
  3. NEW! V2 350z wang kits are here. lower price lighter ships faster. same 15:1 L-over-d that everyone loves. 71" wide as wide as the car. More info   https://9livesracing.com/shop?olsPage=products%2F2003-2009-350z-big-wang-kit
  4. Shaky dog racing Taking home the win at High Plains! Glad we could help. They did have an issue with a wing failing. They where able to quickly repair and win the race. perks of running an aluminum wing. repairs can be made. we will be asking for the wing back, inspecting it for quality control and making the next ones even better. wings carry a guarantee but no warranty, dispute this we have elected to send them a brand new replacement. great job guys, keep up the great work. ++
  5. the wing above is 64" the NA miata is 64.5" the NB miata is 64.75" wide. Doubt the rule will change it was brought in this year.
  6. NEW product launch. https://9livesracing.com/shop?olsPage=products%2Fthe-big-wang-kit-for-2016-current-nd-miata&page=2
  7. 8 hours left on PRE ORDER pricing for E46 wangs https://9livesracing.com/shop?olsPage=products%2Fbig-wang-for-e46-bmw Prices won't be this low again.
  8. Hot Day with lots of effort but Team BSI with a Nine Lives Wang and Danm danm took home the top place at INDY! congratulations guys.
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