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  1. Hot Day with lots of effort but Team BSI with a Nine Lives Wang and Danm danm took home the top place at INDY! congratulations guys.
  2. With the success of e36, e92 wings we almost need to make a e30 kit. that will be coming. probably in July.
  3. Don't bend your trunk. Our wang mounts use a rear spar that grabs a trunk vertically. this greatly helps reduce trunk deformation and damage.
  4. Special Offer take 10% off Speedie Gurney kits Take 10 % off Speedie Gurney kits. Discount code Speedie (ends 7/17/2019) Link here https://9livesracing.com/shop?keywords=gurney&olsPage=products%2Fwang-gurney-flaps
  5. NEW E92 Wang kits! will clear the M performance Competition spoiler More info here ! https://9livesracing.com/shop?olsPage=products%2Fbig-wang-for-e92-bmw
  6. open foam. Not sure i'm just the charismatic owner.
  7. Agreed. was a interesting thing to discover.
  8. you need to have a LOT of aero for that to matter. generally with gt cars you shouldn't worry. yes. we actually just competed a CFD run on the evo 8-9 VG's. they kicked the air up and off the car, this allows air from the sides of the car to hit the wing. Cliff notes, wing works better while sliding. AKA rally car.
  9. Gotta love Enzo. He made this famous quote while at the same time removing the roof off the 330 p3-> P4 to reduce lift. The Italians are so tricky, but you haven't seen real cheating until you got close to the German teams.
  10. So when we run the CFD on topless Miata's the air behind the windshield is an absolute wash of turbulent air. so hardtops are worth their weight when it comes to reducing drag and making a wing work. Depends on what you're looking to do. i saw the additions of the "long tail" old mclaren f1 talk. as a way of reducing drag. curved surfaces where the air is separating from the body = higher drag. you really want a sharp edge and nothing for the air to attach to.
  11. Looks like lots of obstructions happen before the fender wickers. i would really want to see some flow viz on the car just to see if clean air is even getting back there.
  12. Ok back. sorry was up at mid ohio for the imsa race.
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