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  1. as the non essentials start clogging up the roads that's a sign the "Stimulate that economy sale" is coming to an end.
  2. WE present the following things we found as data. The answer to what roof is best is YES. The corvette C5 FRC/ZO6 made more drag. The Base "fastback" roof made more lift. The story: During our design work of the new c5 Corvette aero packages, we decided to see what effects the two c5 roofs made. All numbers provided are of 100% stock cars, the only change is the roof. Yes, the pictures show our aero packages but those are not finished and we didn't want to share the numbers on those until it was done.
  3. yes and no. Less drag but more air over top of car so more lift.
  4. Those are Welded, deburred, and powdercoated aka fancy stuff. We have universal uber tall uprights you can cut yourself for under $190 https://9livesracing.com/products/copy-of-318ti-mounts-pylons-only?_pos=4&_sid=52400aeb3&_ss=r
  5. We do our best to champion the DIY-ers with Built it yourself kits, supply materials and parts for all various levels of fabricators. We are DIY people, At the end of the day we need to anser the question "does this make sense to buy". If it doesn't, then who are we trying to help? Guys that want to start a wing project without our (free) help, I wish them luck. Speaking as an experienced fabricator you'll easily spend more in tools to complete the job (not counting materials) than buying one of our wings. One major cost that a lot of people overlook when taking on a project like a wing is testing. Can you complete a wing project for under $500? i'll say sure. Will it be as well tested as ours? Definitely not. From day one (opened in 2018) we've had a engineer at a CFD desk doing constant testing. Every weekend we are out driving and verifying what hes come up with. Speaking as a racer Aerodynamics is by far the most humbling thing I've ever been apart of. Every time I say "yes that's going to work" i'm proven wrong. if you want examples please ask i'll be happy to share shortcomings. If you notice in this thread it's never yes/no. it's 'Maybe' and 'shouldn't work'. If the aerodynamics "expert" on your team and hes saying "YES" then you really should be verifying his work. Our aerodynamics engineer has been building racing cars since 2006. his cars raced and won in the daytona24 / Le Mans. We still verify his work, we know he's good because he's interested in our findings. Mortal of the story we are here to help racers of all levels because we are racers.
  6. you only buy the wing once.... that engine tho.
  7. Ditch the spoiler, too much drag. you wont need it anymore. Pictured is builder wing -> click here and 1776 Universal pylons ->click here
  8. Morning everyone. During this time of Locking-yourself-in-your-garage or i call it "how about finishing that project car quarantine" we have reduced prices to help get those project finished. yep discount is open to dealers.
  9. Guys kept waking in and asking me questions will fix.
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