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  1. moring racers. Wanted to share our newest venture. the low downforce kit for miata. Basically this is for super speedway tracks. Daytona/Charlotte. where drag is KING. balances with a Air dam and our 40" wing. more info here https://9livesracing.com/collections/all/products/9lr-low-down-force-kit-for-na-nb-miata
  2. answered. sorry don't check pm's here regularly. We try to pop in once a week but it's not always me that's popping in. it's best to send a email to info@9livesracing.com
  3. calculus was explained to me as a "how close you can get to an object without actually touching it". splitters' performance could be explained in the same way. closer to the ground the better it will work, right up to the point it touches the ground and then it stops working all together. so get it close but if it's too close it will purpose. aka bounce off the ground as it goes from Downforce, to stall rapidly. the perfect height depends on your splitter, tire and suspension combinations, just keep it off the ground.
  4. i love your ramps. What's the cross weight? ideally we want to have the aero load = to the chassis cross weight. The splitter looks effective like it could be making a real amount of downforce. without anything in the back the rear is going to make lift. meaning as you go faster the front will be pressed down and the rear being pulled up. on slow tracks it might not an issue. but on the faster ones the car could become dangerous to drive. one of those things that's not a real problem, until it is. that being said with a heavy front weight bias you won't need much downforce in the rea
  5. Ready for black friday? https://9livesracing.com/account/login sign up for the news letter to get the details. We promise to not spam. our internet guy is lazy.
  6. is it like kickboxing where you'll get a warning first? lol
  7. A sister company we are starting is for people to upload their soap box cars into CFD and get the actual performance numbers.
  8. Good morning everyone. Just letting you know Plastic splitter ramps have been proven to increase front downforce by over 10%. To give you a example that's that's a bigger increase than some gurney flaps. they are available in carbon and plastic
  9. Corvette kits just became less expensive. https://9livesracing.com/products/the-big-wang-for-c5-c6-corvette-trunk-mount?variant=32950585196621
  10. A whole bunch of new coming in. 370z wing kits now accompany our 350z kits. https://9livesracing.com/products/the-big-wang-kit-for-370z?_pos=1&_sid=7e076c92d&_ss=r S550 Wang kits now HERE https://9livesracing.com/products/big-wang-kit-for-mustang-s550-2014?_pos=1&_sid=6caad7d16&_ss=r
  11. as the non essentials start clogging up the roads that's a sign the "Stimulate that economy sale" is coming to an end.
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