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  1. Thanks for sharing! Love the video outlay - what program did you use for your data (or do you have an AIM?), and for making the vid? I especially like the rear-view footage up top!
  2. Not even thaaaat historic! When I started tracking, Mosport was my home track and they hadn't paved the outside of T2 yet. The first event I did after they paved it, what do you know... I put 4 wheels off onto that newly paved section! Couldn't help but thinking "what if....." (then again, maybe if it wasn't paved I would have tried harder to keep it on track.......) We'll have some footage from last weekend up soon. Need to find time to go through it. I had a beauty spin in T1 Sat morning when some oil dropped from another car. Throughout the rest of the weekend we saw some great racing! I have to say, as newbies to chumpcar we were very impressed overall with the quality of drivers, not only skill-wise, but also in terms of courtesy. Lots of guys giving point-bys to faster cars and communicating while on track, and the battles (the best part!) were usually fought with mutual respect and safety from my experience. Thanks also to the team that gave us some ducting to make an air vent for the driver! Can't imagine the weekend without it!
  3. Hey everyone! Sorry for the late reply - I've been reading all the posts and am floored by all the responses and support, and was busy getting the car ready for last weekend's race! You've all helped us resolve the issue! Quick summary as it may help others. It seems the problem was likely a combination of things: 1) We were not "completely" flushing the system as we were not draining from below the block (ie, half the block still had old water in it). This explains the lower quantity of liquid it was taking on the refill. 2) To be safe, we replaced the water pump. Turns out the old one was already a metal impeller type, but we replaced it with a new metal impeller type anyway. Now we have a spare! 3) We installed a lower temp thermostat (71C). 4) We did a complete flush (taking out the water pump drains from a pretty low place in the engine!) and properly bled the system. This is likely an area we were lacking previously. What I was finding (we have no cap on our rad, and no bleed screw, just an overflow nipple plumbed to the expansion tank) is that when burping the system, rather than air being released, it was pushing fluid through the overflow back into the expansion tank (path of least resistance). So what I did was plug the overflow with my finger and burp the system, which forced air out rather than liquid. This helped huge, as evident by eventually having no bubbles when squeezing hoses. 5) Finally, and what we think may have made the biggest difference, is we noticed that the lower rad hose was kinked where it bent upwards towards the engine. When I say kinked, I mean the hose was too long and where the regular bend is, the hose was bent double - probably a 50% blockage. We cut the hose to proper length and the kink was no longer evident. We are adamant that this greatly improved the system operation. All in all, we got on track and the car ran consistently 180-190 the entire weekend! We couldn't have been more happy, as this was definitely the largest worry we had going into our first ever race with the car at Mosport! Thanks again for all the replies - you've all been a fantastic help! Next step is going to be some hood vents, can't hurt, and a noticeable airflow building and pushing up under the hood while on the back straight! -Jonathan & Alex ecstasE30 Racing
  4. That's quite the spin!!!! I want to see it from the other driver's view. I'm anxious for the results to get posted! Race monitor is a pretty unreliable app and wasn't giving us our placement or timing info. Transponder seemed to work though since it was counting our laps. We won't be competitive given our stock-fuel-tank-limited 45 min sessions, but am still anxious to review it all! Anyway, was a fantastic weekend for sure! This was our team's first ever race in the series, and in the car. We were ecstatic that it performed reliably and seemed to be pretty quick. Videos to come from us as well!
  5. We've had some cooling issues with our new-to-us E30. The car has an M50 engine swap, and in the two test days we've done seems to come up to about 210F after 5-10 laps. We're running deio with redline water wetter (1 bottle). We're working to get this resolved asap as we are racing at Mosport this weekend for our inaugural race! We have flushed the system (multiple times now) by draining from the lower rad hose, and the engine at the thermostat. The flush produces clear water, so we aren't worried about buildup or a dirty system. Upon filling, our main concern is that it only seems to want to take about 4.5L of water. My reading tells me this should be much more (11?). Our rad does not have a bleed screw, it has a nipple that is plumbed back to the expansion tank. We burb the hoses and try to get air out, and run the engine to pump the water through the system but the level has not gone down (I was expecting to have to keep topping it up as the water filled the system and bled out). I imagine some of the system is still filled from the flush stage, so I wouldn't expect it to be bone dry and require the entire capacity in filling, but was expecting more than we added. Finally, we've verified the thermostat works (it opens at 190F, we have a lower temp tstat waiting to go in). My next step will be to check the water pump, I've heard the stock ones were plastic and often have impellers break. Anything we're doing wrong here? Anyone else running this engine have any tips? Couple questions: For draining: What should the capacity of the system be? How much will remain in the system after draining it? Is there a drain on the engine block itself to fully purge? For bleeding: What method do racers use to bleed their cooling systems? Any other tips for keeping temps down? We've been told 190-200 operating. Thanks everyone! -Jonathan
  6. Absolutely - thanks! I think you're right, our position puts us pretty much in line with the A-pillar. We do have a cage-mounted interior mirror the width of the windshield so that should suffice...
  7. Have you installed this yet? Any issues with mirror visibility? The old net that came in our car was 18" tall by 20" wide. It leaves a gap towards the front of the car which is great for viewing the mirror, not so great for tech inspection potentially!
  8. Hey Champs, Newbie team here, working on getting our car up to par. The fire suppression system in our car has an expired fire bottle. Wondering what the guidelines are, or how to know when a bottle is "ready for replacement" vs able to be re-certified? Here are a couple of pics. Thanks for steering us in the right direction!
  9. Fellow racers, we are looking forward to joining you this season, having just purchased our first racecar! It's an E30 and is craving some wheel to wheel action! That said, we don't yet have a trailer and are picking the car up on Saturday. If anyone in the Ottawa region has a trailer we could borrow/rent for the day (car is in QC), please let us know! See you at the track, Jonathan & Alex
  10. Newbie here... what is the limit on the number of teams for this race at the Glen? Thanks, Jonathan
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