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  1. Changing pistons to increase compression should be points IMO. You're talking about gaining 50HP on a smog era 70's V8 with 7.9:1 going to 10.5:1. However, If someone gains 3HP from doing a 0.25mm overbore and beats me because of that, I need to be a better driver! I see no need to penalize someone with a car that has difficult to find engine parts for and needs to do a REASONABLE overbore to keep their block. It's not even enforceable anyway; 1 race of carbon on those pistons and any part number markings are long gone from a Camera View. NOT saying that means it's ok to do it, but we can't easily make a rule more than an gentlemen's agreement when no-one can prove squat.
  2. Weight in the 2nd gens depends a lot on which F-Body you run also. As much as I'm a Pontiac guy, a true , un-lightened Pontiac V8 (and no 301 stuff) is about as portly as a stripped down Duramax Diesel compared with a Small Block Chevy ; ) That's a lot of extra weight on the nose... With that's said, If I ever come across a 70.5-73 Firebird, It's going to get a Ram Air-3 spec 400, M22, and become a Trans-am clone and run in Chump. I don't care how uncompetitive it is, I'll be in love with it 😎
  3. Agreed, I think the CTS does have a major advantage. 300 ish lbs lighter out of the box, smaller, better front suspension setup (Dual A-Arm on the CTS versus a modified McPherson strut on the G8) Factory manual, and the same engine. The G8 Does have almost 3 gallons of fuel advantage. I just did a little internet digging and realized the V6 G8 could not be optioned with a limited slip either... Ah yes, thanks for the correction. That was a bad quote from memory of the Pts.
  4. Disclaimer: Not here to discuss the issues of "big/heavy" American iron and how your Miata30 is faster than a 4000lb sedan 😉. I get it, their good. Anyway, I have a few questions: 1. Who is the awesome individual with bald eagle tattoos who requested this be added? We should hang out... 2. I'm assuming by "G8" (missing that ever important GT/GXP moniker after the 8 😎) you mean the base 255HP 3.6L., and not any of the LS variants, haha? Seriously though, this has my gears churning upstairs even though the numbers don't fully add up for actual track performance. Take the 50 Point hit to swap in a AY6 manual from a Camaro or CTS and cruise in premier comfort around the track all day. The Assuies' know how to build em...
  5. My 2 Cents, I've always thought there was better transient response while turning with a tire that was fitted to the higher end of it's recommended width range, and there is plenty of science and real world tire tests to back that theory up. This is not to say you can't go too far like the JDM stretch scene. Not very scientific, but I always go on tire-rack and look at the recommended width range for a given tire's specifications, and try to stay within a half inch of the upper end for any autocross/track car. YMMV
  6. I've never been before but I hear its a cool event. A buddy of mine is trying to talk me into going to Pittsburgh for the weekend of the 7th-8th for the Vintage Grand Prix at the Pitt race complex, but I don't think I'll be able to push off another weekend of much needed car repairs for "fun stuff" ; ) If any other chump guys were going with cool cars, I may be persuaded enough to make the drive down there...
  7. Hey Alchamey, No worries, I'm just getting into the forum Banter because it's fun ; ) I don't take it that way, this series seems fantastic. I raced in Lemons for a few years and it drove me nuts. In the process of prepping for a new Chump build (the Lemons vehicle is a turd not worth updating to Champ). I've been to some champ races as a spectator but have yet to drive in one.
  8. Guys, this is so easy, just weld your diffs! If you weld the ring and pinion also though, is that another 25 points? 😂 Disclaimer, I welded the diff on my Lemons race truck. Rain = tail happy unpredictable nightmare
  9. Yah, I agree with you, I think I worded it poorly. I kind of want free oil coolers, haha but I also agree with reliability=winning so I'm fighting myself ; )
  10. Gotcha, makes sense then. Just watch out for the hordes who are going to come after you for reliability in endurance racing=winning. That potentially free flywheel will turn into a points adder real quick.
  11. I'm just going to build an F150 then with 30+ gallons and a million different gear ratios available for all the haters. I need to find some 335 width tires to support this beast now, dang it...
  12. Exactly, swap to that ratio available on the Mexican 1.8L neons and people would crucify you. A double standard some people have...
  13. Haha true, but I have some ideas up my sleeve on my next build. Not every V8 car need to be heavy, or a car at all 😎
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