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  1. I am looking for a seat for either day at Sonoma Feb 16 / 17 race. I have good race experience, easy on car and tires, and a tech as well. Happy to do Friday to sort out the car. BMWs are my specialty but Japanese and American as well. Please PM. Thanks.
  2. Hello all; I am looking for a team in Northern CA where I can contribute with my knowledge of cars, and continue to learn how to drive. My 17 year old son, very well versed in cars, always joins me and serves as crew. Team should be one that enjoys building the car that will run the complete weekend, and the competition of racing, but does not take themselves too seriously. I have been racing for over 20 years, including all the clubs in the US, and a number of tracks overseas. I have been a builder of all normally aspirated BMW M cars and I am well versed in BMW motors. Please write back and happy to have a call. Thanks. Sammy
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