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  1. Hello Not sure if you want to come to Hallett Oklahoma in May. I have learned you need help doing this racing. Of the 4 races I have done 3 of them with only 3 people. My son and myself driving. The best wife in the world helped at pit stops..You can do it but its exhausting. Doing it different this trip. I have drivers for this race. My son, Mike George (my best friend),Jimmy Albertson (ex supercross rider) and myself. Thus your help in the pits is needed and if someone is not able to drive you can fill in. 86 mustang v8 go fast straight turn slow car. Cant expect luxury acc
  2. If you just want a net. This may work. Seen these browsing for stuff to add to the car. Hope it helps. Wish I had all the money to buy all the cool racing stuff. It would be fun. "https://www.simpsonraceproducts.com/products/standard-stock-car-window-net?gclid=CjwKCAiAg8OBBhA8EiwAlKw3kmmlX6f0b_c8JbwoTduUYtbqFDncXOG62Y2Mv4YkXtt67tKzgBs-WhoCj_QQAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds
  3. During inspection in 2020. Jay wanted the vent to go right out the back. Around the licences plate area. Passed me on what I thought was right said next time he see the car needs to be out the back. I will need a discriminator valve because of my vent will be about 14" long from the cell to out the back. Sure to spray with this short distance? Anybody got an example to share on valve and placements.
  4. I am up for the challenge of swapping directions. Never did it. I have not ever driven this course either. I understand turn 9 is a.
  5. Cold and near freezing temperatures and grippy tires dont mix well. Just about as well as drinking and driving. You can do it but not as well as sober or warm and dry.
  6. Want to send a big "Thank you" to you for coming and announcing throughout the race. The whole race not just a cameo. It looked like more than normal was viewing. His stories were great and he answered questions like the legend he is. Hope we didnt bore him too much. Seemed interested in our series and note he liked our innovate spirt. Ps: You know he trolls the Champcar forum all the time and will see this.
  7. Go to the Life Line web page. Look at the different systems. I installed a 4 lt. It came with 8 nozzles. It noted to put 4 around the engine midway up the engine. Then 4 inside. Two on each side of the steering column pointed at your mid section. Not toward the face. Two on the passenger side. I put one on the passenger side and one pointed toward my hatch back. Tank is enclosed but just in case. They send everything and fits perfect. I used every inch of the tubing. You do have to make the bracket that will hold the nossel and allow a tab to attach it to the body. Passed tech. The tank can b
  8. Bill, What does this mean when we have official sponser for a race? How do members benefit when there is a sponsorship? Other than Autozone 10% and Tire Rack helping with lower track costs. What the benefit other than marketing for them. Or they run more Porsches in the field and dominate agianst grassroots in the top 10 is the benefit. For this race everyone gets free hotdogs with bun, mustard and ketchup? Never had one but they sure look good in the pictures.
  9. I am coming this year for a new track to run on. Skipping Spring H2H for this track. Cant do it to close H2H and Hallet about six weeks apart. Team drivers schedule and $$.
  10. I just about bought the roll cage from roll cage components. Yes, great and very helpful. But, I found a circle track fabricator near Fort Worth who put the cage all in for $750. Jay during tech felt that was the buy of the year and liked the install a lot. Good luck and be safe.
  11. Finding out at the track is a real gut punch to your weekend. Also it's really an Item your life will depend on in a bad crash. Dont skimp on this item nobody in the series wants anyone hurt. I put my son in my car and that's enough to decide I needed a new cage. If it's not safe for my family it's not safe for anyone to race in my car.
  12. Do your self a favor. Take a picture of you couple welds when start your cage. Then send them to inspection or Mike. They are looking for penitration and heat. Dont grind anything. I was at a race this year and a team next to me had issues with welds and had to scrap it and start over.
  13. I do have a questions for an 86 mustang hatch back. Which is better a spoiler or wing? I see $100 wings with brackets. I am sure not all wings are equal. How big of side plates can you go? Double wing over single wing? I have factory spoiler only. Is there a dramatic change in the car when adding a wing. Will aero help my car turn or is this all straight high speed benefits. Splitter only? The car is only about 3 to 4" from the ground in the front. Your help will be appreciated.
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