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  1. I think we are a non profit organization and everyone putting this on is mostly volunteers? I think our CLUB is great organization. BOD are do there best for a side charity. I barely have enough time to get ready for a race each year and work for a living. Plus they help put on a show for us to participate in. I will adapt. It's expensive to race. Be nice to each other.
  2. Hello This what I did and I am not dead yet from this endeavor. First this is serious safety. I didn't know the forum existed. Didn't ask any questions. Just jumped in blind and it's been a blast. Buy a car that someone else has raced. Bought my 86 Mustang with suits, helmets and 8 wheels plus crappy tires. Basically ready to race. Had champcar inspection sticker from the previous year. Read the rules. Signed up for a race and showed up with this crap car on a uhaul trailer. First race spent more time in the pits than on the track. Fluids everywhere. I have been building off that since then. Car is now reliable and turn a corner better than I bought it. It's not easy. I have spent many many many many hours on my back under the car getting ready (a race car always has something to fix or improve). It's exhausting. It's hot, demanding on your body and always something to do while the race is going on. It looks really easy. Just drive around fast. Last, this is the best way to go racing right away and get a lot of seat time. It costs about $3 to $4k a weekend plus to do it. Entry fee, Hotels, FUEL (lots of it),Food, tires, expendable items and big pickup to haul your pride and joy. Great hobby for me. My son 22yr drives, my best friend drives and myself. My wonderful, loving wife (she the best never said no) is our extinguisher person. It is a family oriented event and will not find a better group of people ready to help you. Or at least until you get on the track and everyone is racing. 5th year still haul with the uhaul. Probably will not retire early because of this but dang it's a hoot and I am living life every day. I get butterflies in my stomach everytime I strap in. Go do it.
  3. Feel bad about your car getting wrecked. Watched the race and everyone seemed to play well in the weather. I prepare myself that the moment I enter the track that I will be leaving with a completely different car than what I arrived with. Each event wonder if this will be the race the car gets totaled. We push the cars to the edge at a race track. We put questionable skills in the seat so we can experience the thrill. I race one race a year ($$$). 2 years ago thought I would race during practice around other cars. Lost it a sweeping turn and turned the car around backward in the center of the track and wow 3 cars coming right at me. Realized at that moment not to race in practice but mostly my car almost went home totaled as well as others who may hit me before the race. My fault I brought others into my poor decision. I apologized to the other wide eyed drivers when I pitted. We laughed and moved on. It's called "racing" and not "driving". All our efforts can be lost on a moment with our money time. Hope it is repairable. It happens to everyone who races. Even the pros loose big each weekend. I could not do this without others to help and drivers. Thus we get some poor driving descion in the name of racing. Thanks everyone who comes and races. It's fun and exhausting. We are a great club of really nice people.
  4. Watch "Champcar Hallett Almost Everyone Slo Mo Turn 2 5-15-22" on YouTube https://youtu.be/i2iRwXv_s-c. Courtesy of the site photographer Tim.
  5. Everone, The race was a success at Hallett. The 840 orange Mustang was finally getting speed and cornering. Both together this time. Never got both at the same time. This is my 4th year racing champcar. Great event, great place and great racing. I made a huge mistake on my brakes and that knocked us out for Sunday. Look everone it was such a fantastic time nothing on the forum good or bad. Loonie Tunes and Beasel Weinie had damage from off track excursions. Wet played heck on everything. Very calm racing weekend. Hope to come back. The 233 KH Motorsports 66 mustang seems always fast and a beautiful car. Well done race car. I started 4 years ago and they just flew past us like amatures we are. Just imagined the day I had a car like that. Our little ol Foxbody Kinkle Mustang not only slowly crept up on them lap after lap we actually passed them. Great racing with them. Each race we get just a little better until our talent runs out. See everyone at the next race. It is so fun and exhausting. Need a vacation now.
  6. I just searched "Tuttle" in the forum. Let's just ban them. They have been a thorn in our club for some time. Big budget and cheats a lot. Not the first time. Ban Tuttle for a year or more. MCM, Riley and Tuttle just go away. Our racing series should be much better off without them. $10k of there entry fees will not be missed. Our club management needs to start doing something or we will all get frustrated and go elsewhere. Two races two cheaters. Hope this isn't a trend. I guess I am like the hundred of racers here. Just keep racing my own race and let the cheaters pass us. What a shame they will ruin a good thing for us all. The few will make it harder for us to pass inspection because now Champ Car thinks all of us are cheating. Think of the extra time we dont have already during tech inspection. Lot of extra work for management to look for the cheating now too. You cheat your gone. Zero tolerance. Hope someone from the club is listening. It is going to 12 pages of complaints.
  7. If the cheaters were better cheaters and not get caught. Then the car that got the W on Sunday would have been second. They missed also getting all the accolades they deserve for being a true winner. Should have heard Champ Car say what a great team Tuttle is how great racer Tuttle is on the streaming. No honor or integrity with Tuttle. The trust bank is empty.
  8. Help me understand this situation. Multi car team correct? Arrive and Drive team? Cheated some how to be DQ. Someone with money (two cars) had to cheat to win. Pretty sad and embarrassing. Why does money multi car team cheat? While some of us struggle to just get to the track. Uhaul trailer, one set of tires and all of your friends smell like oil and gas at the end of the day. They just get DQ. How about they be put on hold for a year for not following the intent of Champ Car. It will make others think before they cheat. I am just trying to pass tech per the rules and that's tuff at times. Cheating is another level. I watched the race. Tuttle seems have been racing here a while and is a favorite with Champ Car. Maybe Tuttle has out grown us with his pro drivers and need to go to a different series. The club keeps having issues with these money teams. Looks like a common thread that our club management should address and quickly.
  9. Great job Randy Pobst. "If your driving a miata or bmw you cheating". Good to see even a pro struggles with reliability. He understands our racing. Didnt come in with supercars, tires galore, hauler and racing team. Ran with friends in a Volvo on a trailer. Just a regular guy like us. Very open. I like his style and class. Good advertising for us to. Champcar rules.
  10. No, I have not been able to do the overlay yet. Working on it. FIT file on the card I need to find. While at the track I could see it all on the Garmin big screen. We changed drivers and then looked it over together to help each other. Just down loading video and overlaying is not a problem just a little time consuming it seems. Really helped others on my team to see how fast I was going. How late to brake. Didnt really have to coach. The data and video is worth a 1000 words. They also string together the best section of your laps to make what they call an optimal lap. I posted the video with no overlays on YouTube. ""Champcar testing Hallett" was the start of all the videos. I posted 6 or 8 videos. Video is good. Sound is good. Started the day cold and knew nothing about the track. Then it rained. We still tested. Then it dried and sun came out and we picked up the speed. Fun day. Car ran well. Just have to fix a rear main seal leak and we are good to go in May at Hallett.
  11. I used a Garmin Catalyst couple weeks back. Great tool and assistance getting better lap times. Easy to use. Great graphics, video recording and overlay of info (speed, time, track etc.) I want one but would only use it several times a year. Seem like too much cost for the use. Would anyone be interested in renting it from me for your testing and racing. Just wondering Best tool is one that is used. I lend everything out if someone needs it. I am the block tool shed and advise. I get people stopping all the time just because of me wrenching in the drive. Young or old . Male and Female.
  12. My only suggestion which works well in most cases. MONEY changes everything. Dont go to the race which they enter. When management gets the message that we are not wanting to race with individuals in the club which dont represent the clubs direction or are dangerous to others. I would pull out of any race that Rily or MCM plan on running. These teams just dont fit with the grassroots theme. Money talks. Hit them in the wallet and you will see them listen if it hurts the bottom line. Money decides most of our decisions of life. It's a shame honor and integrity take a back seat.
  13. If you are wondering about going to Hallett. I went to track day last Thursday. Track is fun. First time there. Put all my testing on YouTube. It was cold. It rained. It was sunny. Plan on see you in May. Ask me anything here to help. Only 24 signed up plenty of room on the track to race. Lots of elevation changes and blind corners. Track follows the land. Holiday inn in Sand Springs was nice. Good breakfast. Closest nicest thing to the track and 30 min. away. Walmart and food all around the hotel. Check out the history of the track. Been around since the 60s. Rich kid built a track and drove well in his career. See the links below. More on YouTube. Rented a Garmin Catylisis. Great tool with no coach in the car with you. This is the videos. Champcar Testing - Hallett - 86 Mustang - CC part 2- 3-25-21 Champar Testing - Hallett - Turn 9 3-25-22 Champcar Testing - Too much power - CC - 3-25-21
  14. Anyone can tell me how well they wear. I like the RS4 because they will last a week end.
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