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  1. We are looking for driver to take two stints at Charlotte. Nissan 350z. Team is Soggy Bottom Boys. Third season running in champcar. We have finished most of our races finishing between 13th and 20th. Wheel to wheel race experience not necessary. Track experience needed with confidence to keep focus for 2 hour stint. Contract Scott 678-524-5079 to discuss. Fun easy going group.
  2. Maybe champcar can reach out to ESPN. Our Daytona race maybe the only organized sporting event in April.
  3. We have a seat available for Barber we have three drivers and are looking for a 4th. Our team is The Soggy Bottom Boys and we have a 2005 Nissan 350z. Call or Text Scott at 678-524-5079 if interested.
  5. The spot is still available, call me to fill the spot in reliable car. we went all day at Charlotte. We will be running practice day on Friday so come find us if you are at the track.
  6. Soggy Bottom Boys have an open seat this weeekend in our 350z text or call if interested 678-524-5079. Scott
  7. check the plywood on your trailer. i found after pulling car on and off trailer the screws will pull out of the plywood and can be quite the hazard.
  8. Who stole our team name. The Soggy Bottom Boys just signed up for NCM. I see there is another Soggy Bottom Boys. We have been using this name since Barber 2018. We were unaware if the name was already taken. What to do I don't know?? Maybe our team just got a lot bigger??
  9. I feel the same way about building transmission for the race car. I am master tech as well and have two cars in my driveway that I have rebuilt autos and one rebuilt manual, but kinda feel like if I blow open the racecar unit for any reason it probably last about 4 hours and explode. Our team had a good friend lifetime building autos he passed away a couple years ago. Rest In Peace Eric we could have used your talents. Going to have to swap units out if we have a problem. Thanks for all the brake pad back and forth. Looks like I can take the good and the bad and save a lot of heartache. How about drilled and slotted rotors. I just obtained a set of rears for free. I read where some drilled rotors can crack around the drilled holes.
  10. Curious from the picture of the trans apart on the table. Are you a trans builder? Team Infiniti. By the way my name is Scott. If you mentioned your name I missed it.
  11. We ran stop tech sport pads front and rear at road Atlanta. The braking performance was good, they just did not last. Thanks for the tire suggestions. I have been filling all my tabs with tire web sites and getting kinda lost.
  12. Are you running 17 inch wheel. What tire do you recommend? What about wet weather tire? We need all new tires. Our road Atlanta selection was rear 275/40r 17 federal rsrr on 9 inch wheel. Front was 245/40r17 Kumo 200 treadwear. These seemed good until the left front wore out. Then we only had some all seasons left to put on the front. Then sure noticed under steer. This tire set up seemed a mistake when wet. Tens laps in at 85 mph at Barber the car hydroplaned at turned sideways and straight into the Armco. Knocked us out for the weekend. Would you move to narrow tire for the wet? I can do akubono brake swap under the 2x rule but would have to replace all our wheels to 18". I won't go to that expense for performance reasons only as braking performance at road Atlanta was good. Our current brake set up requires brake pad change mid race. Maybe three times in charolett. How much does your Infiniti weigh? We have to be close to 3000 lbs. What brakes do you use? IMG_0246.HEIC IMG_0247.HEIC
  13. Just a peek. Would love to get a closer look and would appreciate all the tips we can get. Is this forum the place to back and forth?
  14. Not brembo, but the larger later model of a 2007 model. We spent no money on brake upgrade. I obtained the 07 brakes for nothing. Used stoptech sport pads cause they were only $50 a set and brought an extra set. Plus a set of matalic street pads. Went through all of them. Mostly we have wear issues on the rear. For budget reasons wanted to start with stock and then try to determine where to go from there. The entire car is stock. I put some Poly bushing to replace what was worn out but that's pretty much it. We do have air ducts made from vacuum cleaner hose and motul dot 4 fluid. We need to saw about 500 lbs off. That won't be easy.
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