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  1. Thank you Jer. Yep, I was missing something obvious. Now that I've slowed down, let my coffee sink in this AM and re-read, I see that the answer to my question is written clearly within the Adjustable Spring Perch bullet point. Please disregard my jump to the wrong conclusion. Happy Friday!
  2. Along the same lines of "what's included in the Spec Miata Penske package" WRT to the points, am I misinterpreting the new rule, BCCR 2020v2.0.0 4.3.2 from yesterday? If Non-OE springs are now 5 per corner, and adjustable perches-ride height devices 10/corner, did a Penske coilover SM package just become 60 points or is that superseded elsewhere by the "SM package allowed" verbiage from before? I can write up a note to the tech but thought I'd check consensus here first if I'm missing something obvious. Thanks!
  3. Here's a public service request that might benefit some of you in the next race. If anyone knows the Cap'n of the #352 car, please ask them to review with their drivers the double yellow procedure. During the first stint, the timing couldn't have been worse for the Miata I was following and me to collect that car at the exit of T1 as the yellows were thrown. We proceeded to trail him, in second gear, for the remainder of that lap. We pulled up on either side of him to wave the driver forward and urge to pick up pace, weaved to get attention, nothing. Had I been the first car behind, I w
  4. Thanks Originalsterm - you've gotten my point. It's impossible to tell a new EC team's intent until several events have passed. The challenges with EC cars are multiple though - many can be fixed without scaring off eventual rules-compliant prospects I would think. - Mid race scoring, flagging, timing, pace car is a current challenge, occasionally. Starting out bunched together at the bottom of the field with no chance of rising above any rules-classed cars solves that. (EC are clearly still welcome and they are competing among themselves just as always. If EC drivers/own
  5. It's anecdotal but our story might help all understand some motivations. We were an EC Miata for two races (Barber Snow Event and Charlotte Chicane (sometimes) in 2018). The car was an ITA-prepped Miata with several seasons on the old motor but had the adjustable JRZs which added 300 points and put us way above points. We dipped a toe into ChampCar to see how we'd enjoy it before committing the car fully to the series. It showed well at Barber pace (no reliability) and really well, we felt (pace and reliability) at Charlotte (5th overall). In a Miata at that track, we were
  6. We were of course sorry to see this happen to anyone. I'm glad your driver was safe. Doc, I'll check our video to confirm but I recall coming up on an E30 that looked like it had just been completely topped off and was venting overflow fuel from directly behind the right rear. However, this was earlier in the day - my co-driver was in the car during the unfortunate red flag incident. I would definitely investigate. It's an expensive lesson to teach, I know, but I hope details will be pursued so that we all might be safer from what you learn. - I checked my video. It was
  7. Here are excerpts from some of my favorite parts of the lengthy exchange on FB: that’s funny u say that I was in 10th place on my first time on aer with a stock shitty 2.8 engine before after being black flag twice show me ur videos of driving since u act like ur so good!! I’m a self learner buddy and this is an amateur race not professional! Racing school are for the weak I learn on the go!! All my extra funds will go to making sure I’ll be ahead of u!! Trying to become a better driver without instruction is like trying to be the world’s best lover by ceaselessly beati
  8. There certainly is still a teaching moment available to the CC staff here now that the driver has posted his own video (and appears to be quite proud of it). The penalty ship has sailed. So, there's no point in making it a negative but a reminder from authority that ill-conceived moves often end up very differently/worse might sink in. (His decision was made on the approach to Oak Tree and subsequent exit - Eyes further down road and a breathe off the throttle and tuck in behind the Prelude (er, Acura - edited) and we'd only be talking about the other 5 things to improve.) Perhaps a wor
  9. Racer28.... It sounds like you, also, race outside of CC. For those of us who have experience racing in a Spec class that is tightly tech'd, and who see the difference tenths of a second make between qualifying 3rd or 13th, and who have seen our National Champions dance a car to gain that extra .10 sec a lap, it does become laughable to see the Outliers try to claim it's primarily due to their driving. When several proven National/Pro racers in well-sorted/developed CC racecars of the same breed are bundled together inside the spread of one second yet the Outlier running the "same" platfo
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