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  1. Upull has some great options and if you check out imports for the high quality connectors along with trucks / vans for long run wire harness from interior you can get a lot for very little - including lots of options on automotive switches. I've also found aftermarket gages in junkyards including autometer.
  2. Thanks for the info - we have a FWD with an LSD installed on the stock ratio. I know the LSD is points but was not sure on the gearing. Considering we are in Florida, Daytona looks like it would like different gears than say PBIR. I'm probably over thinking it at the moment as we haven't hit our first goal which is to get the car on a track first.
  3. Any product you purchase for racing (in my experience) that is SFI certified comes with a separate tag that is tied to a marking (laser etched, stamped, etc) on the item. As a former drag racer this was inspected (sometimes), that is how tech determines if the item meets the safety requirements and rules. BTW - I was wondering myself on this subject as we have a new build (just about finished) and I do have a light weight steel flywheel that I purchased and installed. I was also wondering how rules are enforced for any gearing changes in the diff or the trans - I don't see points
  4. There are a few FB groups and also I have found parts on offer up, etc. We have a 92 Integra and run into the same issues as some parts are not available and u-pull is not very reliable as junk cars are few and far between. Check this one for $350 https://www.facebook.com/commerce/listing/2831817303704732/?media_id=0&ref=share_attachment
  5. for 15+ years we have used the same old paint cans filled with concrete and an eye-bolt stuck in the middle; little bit of extra weight to drag but they come in handy for other things as well
  6. https://discoveryparts.com/champcar-driver-safety-packages/3389-chumpcar-omp-driver-safety-package-5-blue-boot-cut.html was shopping for some other items and did a search and found this
  7. Second that - with the couple extra months to prepare it will benefit us.
  8. On our car we're lucky because everything is external to the driver compartment. So I just have to connect a line to the vent tube and route it around the front of the tank and out the rear behind the pass side. Our exhaust exits on the driver side so wanting to avoid that area - although our tank fill is on the driver side as well.
  9. No, not really. I work from home and have west coast and central clients / projects at the moment; my working hours are 8am - 10pm usually; one of the reasons my build feels like it just creeps along.
  10. Thanks - just when I thought the list was getting smaller, but this is easy enough.
  11. What do you mean by 'do it right'. I removed everything off our Integra and want to make sure I didn't miss anything - new build. Tank has pump line, return line, and the canister line. Canister line seems like it only allows flow into the tank......?? I just have it open at the moment - not terminated to anything.
  12. We were also going to make this our first race since we're close by as well. Now trying to figure out which track is a good option before Oct.
  13. Any time - as much as we are trying to be ready for PBIR I'm not quite sure we'll make it.....but that's our target. PM me for contact info. I live near 140th and Orange.
  14. We are just finishing up our build and have a swirl pot but using the stock fuel pump in the tank as the feeder. Is there any reason we'd want to put on an external lift pump instead of the in tank pump? Other than the obvious time to fix a failed in tank pump. Thanks!
  15. Read the sticky 'So you want to be a chump'. Then read it again. Well....suggesting a 3rd time but don't drink beer while doing so. If everyone on your team is single, financially independent, and doesn't really work too much, go with the guidelines as spot on. If not, the following are cumulative to the estimate of build time: A. Estimated build time X 2: If most team members or any have to work for a living B. A x 2 = new estimated build time: if most team members are married C. B x number of total kids x E^n = revised estimated build time: If any team members h
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