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  1. If a Red flag goes over 30 minutes, we will announce to all teams that the driving stint time has reset. Inside of 30 minutes, the time is counting against your 2 hour stint time.
  2. The letter "Y" stopped working on Bill's keyboard. Should make programming fun today.
  3. I'll sell you whatever you want to buy. Keep the old patches, they're vintage.
  4. We're going to offer a prebuy in December.
  5. An old fan of the series owns it and maintains it as a tribute to the series. .org better fits us anyway as we are a nonprofit.
  6. Rumors are a funny thing. They are usually built upon a tidbit of information and then constructed with a lot of entertaining hearsay. The truth regarding PIR is that a prior Regional Director did not pay the track rental bill before they left. After they had left the club, I was contacted by E.C. Mueller of PIR with the overdue invoice. PIR was paid in full at that time and we currently have no outstanding balance with PIR or any track in the county. Mr. Mueller has welcomed ChumpCar back to Portland when we are ready. And we will return.
  7. If the pace car stays at 45mph, it will pass pit in just before the wrecker clears the course. If the pace car slows to 35mph, the wrecker will clear the course and then the pace car can exit as well. We always set out to do 45ish, but may adjust it if we can sync up with the emergency vehicle. Gets us back to green flag racing 1 lap sooner.
  8. There are currently 16 qualified nominees. All 16 nominees have been sent an email requesting answers to questions, a bio about themselves and a picture. Their responses will be compiled into a "voting cheat sheet" that will be sent to all members before voting begins.
  9. All qualified nominees will be getting an email from me that will ask them: - Do you want to be on the ballot? - Can you write a short bio about yourself? - Can you answer these five questions (that the BOD has written)? The answers will be sent to all members for their review before the official voting begins.
  10. And the 15 minutes it takes me to fix each wrong entry.
  11. NC has the 3rd highest concentration of ChumpCar members in the country. What are 1 and 2? We'll be back with the answer after these messages....
  12. 27 of 28 dates have been confirmed. Only waiting on Laguna to confirm now. I can open registration now, but a lot of you will sign up for the 2018 Barber event instead of the 2017 event. I'll open it by the weekend.
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