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  1. Thanks! I know the diff you’re talking about. I already got the diff for the 4th gen V6 set up. The 3rd gen V8 is good to go as well.
  2. One of the goals of this car is to allow my son to get some seat time with a well handling car and ok power. We’ll do what we can to make the 3.4 breath better. I also have my former SCCA A-Sedan car that I’m detuning, etc for Champ. So he’ll have something to go to with more power when ready.
  3. I had a 2005 Malibu with the 3500. That was a good engine. I put 225k Miles on it. I ended up trading it in on new Silverado P/U the day after Christmas in 2014.
  4. My plan is to most likely swap in a 3800 once the car is complete and a couple of races are run. The 3.4 came with 3.23 gears.
  5. Besides the hearing, I also need the limited slip. The 3.4 V6 never came with the limited slip. The 3.42 will also aid in getting out of the corners and climbing the hills on the tracks here in NorCal. The best set up for Sonoma and Laguna is really a 3.90, but that will kill fuel mileage and they never came in anything.
  6. Looking forward to following your new build.
  7. I/we have been racing Camaros and Firebirds in SCCA A-Sedan for years. We’re ready to do something different. I built a new motor up with endurance racing in mind. Heads have been worked over along with some other items for added efficiency. Will see how the package works. I know the V8s don’t get the fuel mileage of a Miata, etc, but I love tq and HP.
  8. I like the tq and power of the 305. I’m trying a couple of things to improve fuel mileage.
  9. I support a F-Body page. Between all of us, there is a lot of knowledge. An F-Body can win these races.
  10. I’m going to take the diff swap point hit. I set my diff up like a 94 Z28 w/3.42s.
  11. Thanks! That’s the size I was planning on. I was thinking of mounting up a set of RE71s just to find out how long they’ll last on a Camaro.
  12. What size and brand if tires do you find work best on the FIrebird?
  13. Yes. I’m getting ready to drop in a 305 into the 3rd gen we built for tq and efficiency. We’ll see how it does in testing. We like our V8s out here on the left coast.
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