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  1. Late to the party, but I feel compelled to chime in as the topic is near and dear to us. We tend to be the slowest car out there as far as “fastest lap” goes. Basically stock E46 325xi. Yep, all wheel drive. Cold air intake, cleaned up exhaust, sport springs and struts. We keep our heads on swivels, drive predictable and try to stay out of the way. We start 5 laps down and have a simple race strategy: no penalties, stay out of the garage, don’t hit anything. Our fastest lap at Thompson was the slowest of the field and we finished 17th. We had a similar result in the VIR24 a couple of years ago. I agree some driver education will help you get comfy and the more seat time the better. Don’t skimp on safety. Come out and race. The view from the mid-pack is outstanding. Cheers, Bob
  2. Selfishly, we’d leave it as is. It’s only three hours from home. Leaving Friday morning and returning Saturday night leaves all day Sunday to replenish the Spousal Goodwill Reserve.
  3. Just confirming there are no garages for this race? Thanks, Bob
  4. Thanks, everyone. We’re all good. I’m actually typing this from Quebec City. Crossing from Maine was almost a “normal” event. Other than the COVID test and some ArriveCAN info, pretty simple. Back in the garage, we’re tracking down a power steering leak, changing the oil and doing a complete brake job. We had a great race at Thompson and looking forward to riding the momentum at Mosport. Cheers, Bob
  5. Thanks, Bill. I know the team is good to go; it was the car and gear that were the question. My wife and I will be experiencing the border protocols this weekend. Finally getting back to our apartment in Quebec City after 19 months.
  6. On another note: Infinite Motorsports is charging $849 for a team of 4 on practice day. A little steep. Edit: I just heard from them again: $649.
  7. I remember another series saying they had a hard time getting their racing cars through customs to race at Mosport. Does anyone know what we can expect at the border? We understand the personal requirements. I’m asking about getting the car through customs. Thanks, Bob
  8. Thanks. I’ll try connecting with Constant Contact.
  9. Will pit assignments be posted here? I don’t get the emails. Something about Constant Contact not liking me.
  10. Looks like we’ll be able to go to Canada in mid-August. Let’s go!
  11. There’s no official thread for the August race at Thompson. Is it still happening? Cheers, Bob
  12. Yes we are 275. Thanks! And I guess I don’t know how to use the quote thingy.
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