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  1. Is there a grassy area for tenting? Also, has the test day registration link been posted or should we just call Pitt?
  2. One of our guys has a Roux. He loves it but ended up ditching the earphones and going to custom molded earpieces from Dawn Flinn at eareverything.com We spend tons of money on helmets (some cost more than our cars) because our heads are important to us. Take it from a hard of hearing old guy, your ears are just as important to protect. Hearing loss sucks. I get no money from saying this. Check out the ear pieces that Dawn makes. She sells to many IMSA and Indy drivers. I have a pair. Very comfortable, perfect fit, very high quality. I saw her at the Rolex 24 this year. She asked me how mine were fitting and offered to do new moulds right there in the Budweiser beer garden if I wanted.
  3. We use one for a helmet blower. The other is plumbed to the Chillout unit with an in-line blower.
  4. You can only avoid cars like this for so long. Unless your lapping at their pace and on the opposite side of the track, eventually you’re going to meet. We’re pretty slow out there and every time I saw that car coming up on me I crossed my fingers. Dive bombs, sketchy 3 wide lunges. I wish our camera had been working. I’d be happy to add to Mike Chisek’s viewing library.
  5. I agree with this. But, at night I found it difficult to make the same assessments that are relatively easy in daylight. The opposite seemed to be true for many of the faster cars who just “threw it in there” whether it was day or night as if they owned the corner on speed alone. And don’t even get me started on the d bag that flashed his/her lights going up the esses as if I was supposed to pull over and let him/her go by. Frig that (which has to be said in a Maine accent).
  6. Maybe don’t park in front of the garages unless you actually have a garage reserved.
  7. It seems no matter how much we do, there are always at least 10 items on the “to do” list.
  8. Your team is 4x bigger than ours. You’re a big team in our book.
  9. Seat is filled We have one spot open to fill a 6 driver rotation in our e46 325xi. Halo seat, Schroth Enduro harness, Chillout System driver cooling, fig newtons in the spare parts bin. Car is a solid mid-pack racer, so no worries/pressure about winning! Seat is a fixed mounted compromise. If you’re over 6’ tall, you’ll be cramped. Message me for more information.
  10. We are fans of the classing for the above mentioned reasons. We will always be mid-packers with our heavy ass AWD and mixed talent driver roster. And that’s fine with us. There’s great satisfaction amongst the team when we have a clean race with no dramas and consistent pit stops. And we have sponsors. “25th in class” sounds so much better than “63rd overall.”
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