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  1. We’ll be there. Last year was a disaster for us with the car blowing up in practice. Triumphant return is planned.
  2. We had a great weekend. Thanks to the ChampCar organizers and to Jay for the center net advice while we were in Tech. Speaking of which, oof that was a long queue. Glad it wasn’t raining. We’re slower than smoke off poop so thanks to everyone that was patient and found their way around us. We tried to point people by and stay predictable. No thanks to the Miata that passed me in the right exiting the bus stop. I had my right wheels on the curb, he/she must have been in the dirt. Yikes. If you have an issue with any of our drivers, message me so we can get squared away. We got some great help Saturday night when we found both front rotors cracked. That was awesome to be a part of the camaraderie. Finally, I apologize for causing a FCC Sunday afternoon. I’ll own it; I ran out of talent going down the hill into the boot. We pounded it out and got back on the track for the last 20 minutes with a car in bad need of an alignment. See you all at VIR in August. Cheers, Bob
  3. Thanks, Mike. There was a bag of Makita cordless tools on the floor near where we think we left the Kobalt. Similar colors, so I wondered if it just got tossed in the bag. We had just pounded out the fender from my visit to the tire barriers and left in a hurry to get back on track. Bob
  4. When we packed up Sunday we were missing a Kobalt cordless impact wrench. Last seen in Garage 28. There was a bag of Makita cordless tools on the floor near it that didn’t belong to us and it may have gotten tossed in by accident. Our original garage mates were gone and a black Miata that crashed out Saturday had moved in. I didn’t get their name or number.
  5. Have garage assignments been emailed? We haven’t heard anything.
  6. For Sale: Oreca 6 pt Tech H 2"/3" harness. We used this harness last year. Briefly. It has 20 hours of use on it. Never stressed. Great condition. Would make a great second seat harness. $125 shipped in the US.
  7. For Sale. Sparco multi layer suit. Size 58. Very good condition. I poked a hole in the left pocket for cool shirt tubes and there’s a black smudge on one knee. $225 free shipping within the US.
  8. Does anyone know what happened to Sunday Part 2 of the photos? There’s only one image in the album. Thanks, B
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