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  1. Glad to hear CC stays away from forums. Threads like this can get toxic in my opinion. I would hope well documented, serious concerns go through the proper formal channels for review. For me, I can't get the Salem Witch Trials movie I saw in the 1980's out of my mind on this thread. See you guys next go around!
  2. Great event by CC and the competitors! From my fading memory, 2019 opening stint seemed maybe a notch more experienced and predictable drivers than 2018. Well done to all for continuous improvement and keeping our friends as safe as possible. CC is headed in the right direction for sure - see y'all at an event in the future!! P.S. if anyone found a set of keys (Honda key and antique handle of a silver spoon on it) - please let me know. My wife would love to get her spoon handle back more than the Honda key itself!!
  3. Great - Visceral - I remember you guys from PITT and I think VIR24 last year!! Perfect! I'll be sure to pack them in the truck & will see you @the Glen. I'll be driving with car #337 team Hugh Jass Miata and I'll be there Fri/Sat/Sunday. Look for the short guy named Chris Hebert!! 🏎️🏎️🏎️
  4. I have a few more pics.. but you get idea.. never used.. perfect condition. etc. etc.
  5. Hey ChampCar guys. I'm driving to Watkins Glen . Would rather give these to a racing team than to sell online. Here are the details and note they have 5 lugs: 2 - 19x11 O.Z. Leggera HLT BR RACE GR w/tires included - 2 295/30ZR-19 Continental ExtremeContact DWS XL (site for reference--> https://www.tirerack.com/wheels/WheelCloseUpServlet?target=wheelCloseUp&wheelMake=O.Z.&wheelModel=Leggera+HLT&wheelFinish=Bright+Race+Grey) Just for info, my friend originally bought these on Nov-2014 from TireRack for $1,520. He gave them to me in exchange for a few lunches after he sold his 911S but there too right on my GT4. I'm 99% sure the rubber and wheels have zero miles. Asking to trade a beer/burger or just about anything else. If you feel like they are worth a bit more, you can slap me some cash too. Just want to get these to someone that can use them. Let me know so I can bring to Watkins Glen Champ race in less than 2 weeks!! See ya'll at the Glen!! Geaux Hugh Jass! Chris Hebert
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