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  1. Any word on the price of practice and or how to register?
  2. www.Earfuze.com sells a custom molded race proven earbud set for $39.95. Be sure to request the mono/stereo adapter if using a mono setup.
  3. After further inspection, we found the vent tube on 2 of the problem cans to have moulding defects in the vent tube. It was molded only about 1/3 of the proper diameter causing our venting/filling issues. The good news is that Hunsacker was aware of the issue (bad batch and some got out for shipping by accident), they sent me two new ones! Excellent Customer Service...love those guys!
  4. Thinking of adding a wing to our E30. Rules say no wider than the body (excluding mirrors). Are wheel flares considered body panels? How wide are you E30 guys running your wing? 64" more, less?
  5. That's why -1000 is best, still easy math and always keeps EC cars separated in all races (even 24hr races).
  6. DirtE-30 NCM Recap 13hr pull from Minneapolis, MN. Arrived Thursday evening and dropped the trailer. Ran practice on Friday, the #212 BMW E30 was pretty well dialed in, we developed a small transmission leak, but nothing major to worry about. All four drivers, each made two 8-10 lap stints and felt very comfortable with the track and car, and we all were running within 2-3 seconds of eachother in the low 30's. Gathered good fuel economy notes, and were all done by 3pm, a successful practice. Toured the Corvette Museum, well worth it! Saturday, we started P58 at the absolute tail of the 58 car field. The starts are always crazy and hectic, as drivers (who didnt practice) are getting comfortable with their cars and the track, but also the most fun imo! At the 1-hour mark I finally took a breath, was up to P8 and got by the 901 Motorsport E30 briefly, we raced eachother hard for about 7-8laps, and I finally had to let him get back by, as the pace was too fatiguing on the car (&me). Our cars were very similar overall, but the rear wing on the 901 allowed for much higher speeds on the high speed corners. Great Fun! At the 1:55 mark I got black flagged for passing under yellow, didnt see the flag stand as I was in a pack of 4 cars coming up out of the T21 sinkhole. Took a 2 minute penalty, and pitted in P7. The next two Drivers Joe and Cory did an awesome job of racing clean and getting us up to P5 after the third stint. With 50 minutes to go, our fourth driver, Ben, was holding P5 with a half a lap lead over the E-racing E30 in P6, (we were running similar lap times too) We were hoping to snag a Top 5 in only our second race with the DirtE-30. Unfortunately our driver forgot to put his lumbar support in, and had to make an unscheduled pitstop for a driver swap due to back spasms. I scrambled back to the trailer to gear up, jumped back in and ran our FTD of 2:32.10, We finished the day in P6. We'll take it! Sunday, we started on the pole with a wet track, we ran up front between P1 and P3 but after about 1hr:30, our brakes started fading. We had replaced the pads the night before, but somehow we unknowingly grabbed the box of street pads (stored in the race pad box). Our second driver (Cory ) made it through his 2hr stint(running only 3 seconds off the pace) with nothing left but the backing plates, wow! We swapped front pads in 11 minutes, and Joe went back out for the 3rd stint in P22. Around the 4:15 mark, he radioed the he smelled fuel in the cockpit, but we attributed it to the fact he was following the white E30 that was dumping gallons of fuel around every left hand turn, and soon after the Brew Crew E30 was having a tailgate BBQ as well..yikes. We pitted at the 5hr mark in P17, and inspected the brakes (pads almost gone again) and checked for fuel leaks, didnt find anything. I went out for the 4th and last stint at the 5:15 mark , and after about an hour the brakes were so bad that I had to almost double my braking points. I was smelling fuel too, and a few laps later got the Meatball flag, was told we were leaking fuel as well. After seeing one burned up E30 already for leaking fuel, and no brakes left, combined with a leaking water pump, it was a no brainer to park the DirtE-30 at the 6:15 mark. Suspect over-pressurization of the fuel tank due to excessive heat and too small or clogged fuel vent. Will report actual problem once identified. Overall we had a great weekend, NCM is a very racy technical track, lots of fun to drive! Had some fun racing battles with the other E-30's of 901 Motorsports, RVA GFX, Brewe Crewe, and E-Racing. Next race is Hastings Motsports Park, NE in September. Sent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone
  7. Spoke with Champcar President at NCM about the EC topic. After my conversation, I didnt get the feeling anything was going to change this year as far as handling EC cars in Timing and Scoring. He seemed to think the problem will self correct next season as EC will have to be VPI cars. Was reluctant to make drastic changes as they can have unintended consequences. Also said rule changes need to be voted on. I disagreed with all of those responses, and last time I checked there aren't any rules stating how/where EC cars need to be displayed within T&S and results? So should be within his authority to make needed changes? I'm just one voice, but hopefully he heard enough concerns from other frustrated members and a 20page thread to give the issue some attention going forward. P.S. Race Hero wasnt working at NCM, & I did have an EC team ask me if they could peek at my phone (I had RaceMonitor) to see they were still "winning/leading" the race. Mmmm....I had to bite my tongue...yep you are leading the EC class!
  8. Has anyone had a problem filling these? I have 6 of them, originally ordered two jugs, and 6months later, I ordered a 4- pack. 3 of the cans from the 4-pack fill perfectly through the vent tube with all the caps removed. The other 1 continuously backs up the vent tube while filling from the vent tube. It's such a slow painful process to fill. It's almost like it has an obstruction in the vent from the mould, but as far as I can tell it looks clear. It's only one can that is a PIA, any ideas, suggestions? And yes it's the all black plastic is removed from the fill hoses...1.25" open hose.
  9. I'm trying to create a race day pitcrew checklist combined with race strategy, notes and maintenance log, and post race checklist . Looking for ideas, or if any of you have a good checklist they want share. Pre-Race: The idea is to help the team members (new and old) get the car ready before you leave the pits. A safety checklist more or less. Set tire pressures, torque lugs, check fluid levels (fuel,oil,etc), remove fire bottle pin, hood and trunk pins, working brake lights, clean windshield, radios/cameras installed, load pitbox, etc.. Race Strategy log: A spot for driver list/order, time in/out, competed laps, green/yellow, Fuel used. Pre and post Pitstop checklist: Outgoing Driver: Helmet, Hans, Gloves, Shoes, Urinate, Hydrate, seat foam, etc Crew duty briefing, who is doing what, who will refuel cans, generator, etc Post Race Checklist: things that need to be completed before the next days race. An initials column of who completed it, what the vehicle hour meter reads, and % remaining/quantity remaining for tracking wear/consumption items. Event summary notes: track, date, drivers, weather, consumption notes, Starting Position/Finishing. Points/Vehicle log notes... Other track/pit/paddock notes The idea is to keep all team members easily engaged, and prevent one guy from having to remember (or forget) everything. There is ALWAYS something that can be done to the car and while in the pits. I'm gonna work on something, please share some of your ideas/input, things your team does. Bonus if you have a editable file you want to share. Thanks, Shane: DirtE-30
  10. Why does it matter if at the end of the race if it shows negative laps? Any positive display of completed laps wouldn't be accurate laps anyway with any correction (-100 or 1000). The actual lapchart will show how many laps were completed. All EC cars would start with the same correction, so relative position would be consistent within the EC group. There needs to be enough of a correction to the EC cars to prevent them from becoming unsorted in the timing and scoring with ABCD cars in even the most extreme cases (ABCD car DNF on lap1 of a 24hr race). Anything less will lead to much confusion. Again the only purpose is to permanently sort the EC cars outside the classed cars.
  11. If what you are saying is that you want to see how you compare against the rule/class conforming cars during the race, I get it! But what I hope you arent saying is you want to play the game, just dont want to play by the rules in said game.... And then want the recognition and trophy too for your success. That I dont get!
  12. Good ideas guys. During the race, set up two races. Race 1: Champcar Classed cars -ABCD displayed, this is what Champcar Live uses, mentions, comments on, who pace car picks up, etc... Race 2: All cars ABCD and EC displayed, for those EC cars to see how they are running during the race. After the Race: Race 1: Delete Race 2 : Apply a correction to ALL EC cars to be displayed below the ABCD Class Cars in their relative finish order within EC. Post to Speedive. Boom!!!
  13. This could work good too, but needs more explanation of how it works. Would "Race1" display ABCD cars with "Race 2" displaying just EC? If so that wouldn't solve anything. However if "Race 2" would display ABCD and EC cars, then we may have a winner! The only other challenge/confusion with multiple races will be with speedive or the official race results postings. Do you delete the Race 2 at the completion of the event then? What happens to the EC race history? If not, it seems you would have the same problem as before. It would lead to confusion from people not all that familiar..."Why are there two lists/races, which one is the official ?" "So who was the actual winner?" Not sure why a relatively small field of EC teams vs the rest needs to cause that discussion and muddy the watters? I get the feeling there are three or four types of EC teams. 1. Just want to bring a car to go W2W racing, share track time, meet new people, test out the series, realize they are an exception car not competing for a win, may decide to build /buy or conform the car at a later date. 2. Want to bring a Car from another series and compete with ChampCar legal cars, but don't want to conform to Champcar Class rules and not willing to take the penalty laps going through tech to do so. 3. Wanna bring/build a fast car, not conform to any class rules, go fast, pass lots of cars (big fish little pond thinking), and expect to be recognized for doing so. 4. Other.... Let's face it, most teams wishing to compete are classed cars ABCD, that's why they are in those classes (majority of Champcar field) and deserve recognition for their efforts when they do well. Im guessing group 1 couldn't care less where they are displayed in the results, and know this before they ever took the track. Group 2 and 3 want to be recognized for doing well with their "open" cars even if it was against a handicapped field. You got to be kidding me? The rules state they are not competing for an overall win, all teams know this going into the race, so let's not add to the confusion and take away from the class conforming cars. List them together within their EC group on the bottom of the T&S, that way they are still competing within their own "big fish group", and if they care to see how many little fish they "ate/or didnt eat", they can look at their lap count, and scroll up the page and see where they finished in the overall pond, easy enough. I just think listing EC cars mixed within the grouping takes a lot away from the legitimate classed cars in which the series was created and intended. Mixing them in, promotes series progression toward open EC cars... That's my last 2.5 cents...exhausted. If I offended anyone I'm sorry, not my intent, tone and sarcasm dont always come off correctly in text.
  14. Forget about starting laps down. Get that out of your head. Irrelevant. The debate is that EC cars will be displayed in Timing & Scoring (whatever procedure needed to accomplish this) below the Champcar legal classed cars. You would be grouped with all the other "EC - Experimental/Exhibition/Exemption " cars, and your relative position within that group would be accurately displayed. Not sure how any EC team who has read the rulebook could have an issue with that? Your other option could be to run through tech, comply with Champcar rules/points and jump into a class like all the other teams. The5, you mean to tell me you only race for a participation trophy? So if you are the only EC car registered, and you break/dnf 10 laps in, you want your participation trophy?....lol Or a team that normally registers C class decides they wanna run EC that race, because there are no cars registered just so they can get a participation trophy? That's hilarious. How does changing the name from "EC " to Class, "X,Y, Z , Meta World Peace, The Artist formerly known as EC" change anything?
  15. That's another great idea too, but it doesnt help the confusion issue with race control, broadcast, pacecar, racers and fans tuning in as to who the actual leader is or accurate running order.
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