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  1. Recently switch to a fuel cell in our E30 for a long list of reasons. Wondering what teams are using for a fill neck? We have the hunsaker 5gal cans with clear 2.25" od hoses. Ideally would like a neck that could accommodate this hose while filling without any reducers. What fill neck plate is everyone using? Also would like to be learned on the fuel cell vents. Our fuel cell top plate has an internal ball check valve in the event of a rollover. Is this sufficient. Any other trick to venting a cell. Mounting location/routing/height? How does this discriminato
  2. Install currently in progress. But a 22 gal ATL box fit perfectly between the frame rails.
  3. No rust or damage, like new. Set up with dual pumps, transfer pump and lift pump with oem sending unit. Great upgrade for early pre-1988 BMW E-30's. Pick up in MN, or can bring to Road America, Autobahn, Gingerman or Mid Ohio. Shane DirtE-30 Racing $125/B.O.
  4. We just purchased from Phils, 2 sets of 15x9 Joengbloods with custom E30 offset, no spacers required. He could order more if he gets the demand.
  5. Have (6) 15x10 Basset Black Steel wheels I will sell, $300 for all 6, will include the proper lugnuts too. We ran them on our E30 for past 3 seasons. 245 Hankook RS4 stretched on there real nice. Awesome performance.
  6. Next on the Getrag 260 if Nate doesn't take it. Will also be at RA in October. Shane- DirtE30 Racing.
  7. So in an ideal world, with 4 drivers, stint 1 - 1.5 hours, stint 2 - 1.5 hours, go to church, stint 3 -2 hours and stint 4- 2 hours. Any other strategies? Assuming 2 hours can be made on fuel. I'm guessing if we can go 2hours at NCM and COTA, we should be able to at Gingerman???
  8. So it's a courtesy noise compliance break? Interesting.
  9. Can someone explain the 1hour planned mid-race stoppage on Sunday?
  10. How many entries are the max for Gingerman? 50/60??
  11. Use the thick hd black plastic rolls (2ft x10ft ) sold from Speedway $19. Strong, semi rigid but pliable and lightweight.
  12. Last year (June) this info was available during the practice day. The db level of your car is different each day dependent on temp/pressure/humidity, etc... Email the track to be certain, but I'm sure the info will be available from ncm race control.
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