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  1. It seems you guys are running the minimum rules cage to save weight. I'd hate to get t-boned in that car... TBH that is the only thing I don't like about the car. The lack of side impact protection is scary to my eyes.
  2. Yes. Technically that is correct. First time building a car with a fire suppression system so it's just an inexperience thing, but the rules should be more explicit here so that new teams don't make the same potentially dangerous mistake we made. Keep in mind this setup passed tech for three previous races. Right. So modified "OEM-equivalent" parts are legal. Cool. It's clear now thank you!
  3. I may do that. It's important that we are all on the same page safety wise.
  4. @enginerd You beat me to it, just with less math.... Genius!
  5. So stock BP-4W (What parts badger is running) = 140 crank hp. Assuming a 15% drive train loss = 119 whp. So 20% higher than that (what you state would be a problem) is ~143 whp Parts Badger car made 146 whp with a legal engine. The point I'm trying to make is that just because it makes 20% more than a stock engine on the dyno does not imply that there is a "problem" unless aftermarket parts were not claimed. As far as I can interpret the rule book Parts Badger did not have to report ANY internal engine mods like the decked block/head, late model pistons. The rules simply state the parts must be be of OEM origin. Am I wrong? (seriously, it's happened before lol!)
  6. So what is the issue with that? Not trying to fight, I'm just trying to understand your thought process.
  7. But that doesn't necessarily make it illegal, right? Reworked stock parts, like a ported head, are legal, and AFAIK no points. Or am I misinterpreting the rules?
  8. We were told the third time through tech (they like to spot one thing then send you away, rather than looking for as much as possible before sending you off with a list. Granted it was our fault for not double checking our window net!) that we didn't have "Nozzles" on our fire suppression system. Now, It is a safety item so it was addressed happily and without complaint, BUT IMO this rule is not specific enough. At tech they told us the nozzle needs to be sized properly for the extinguisher and have the same cert number. Race Parts at the top of the hill saved us, thankfully. This requirement is not stated. If they want new teams like us to follow this to what they want than they need to be more specific and state what nozzles are acceptable. By definition a "nozzle" Is just a flow structure that converges-diverges. We had that so we thought we were rules compliant. We had no idea specific nozzles like the ones we bought from race parts existed. Live and learn! IMO this kind of thing will be rampant in a rule book that is only 30 pages long and it only hurts teams as they have to spend more time in tech, or not race at all. This is especially concerning seeing as it's a safety item. Safety rules should be the MOST explicitly stated with no room for interpretation.
  9. It needs to be longer. We were hit with something in tech that is not explicitly stated in the rule book, and I think that is not cool, man.
  10. Exactly. I wonder how many FSAE guys there are out there running Champcar. In college the rule book was what you couldn't do, anything else is on the table. CNC (A tool, right?) heads, anyone? I'm not knocking this at all. Open classes that restrict aftermarket parts force you to be creative and resourceful, not filthy rich. Poor teams like mine are good at that...
  11. Damn, should I tell the machine shop to wait a bit?....
  12. Like others have said. If you don't enforce it, it's a "guideline" not a rule. Either enforce it or leave it open. IMO enforcing things like compression on stock heads with a deck and cam lift on regrinds is a bit tedious and takes the fun out of the engine being somewhat open because then you have to determine what lift and compression limits you can have per engine, per car. Yuck. However, illegal aftermarket go fast bits should be strictly enforced. Get that nonsense out of here and let the best engine builder win! (I am in no way implying anyone had illegal aftermarket go fast bits)
  13. This is what Love Racing discussed after our race. We lost the clutch about 8 hrs in. 1 hr to remove, 1.5 hrs to go find one at an autozone (thank god for Miatas!) , and 45 min to get it back in. Had some good racing afterward and I am extremely grateful that we are all pretty damn good shade tree mechanics (we have four drivers and four crew.... So four people total). Losing 1.5 hrs to not having a wear item in stock plus all the time hauling/searching for tools without a cart or proper toolbox we deemed unacceptable if we were to progress. We also have one odd man out driver that's 4 in taller than the rest so we need to work on ergo too. Besides that, our little 1.6 ran a mid 1:48 with simple, wooden aero and a good tune (engine is "Sealed" SM plant). We were consistently in the low, 1:50s all day. That's 7 sec off every drivers pace from last year. We are learning a lot quickly. We do want to keep the little 1.6 for now; Two massive money shifts and it ate it like a champ, so well that it took it out on the clutch! We also have some work to do on fuel capacity/mileage. 1.4 hrs ain't gonna cut it. As for the Parts Badger car... Wow. Everyone is just jealous they didn't cut and re tape the hood gaps at every pit stop, and fix even the most minor imperfections all while fueling and driver changing in about 2.5 minutes (took a minute to observe pit stop technique while waiting for the guys to return with the clutch) That much effort into an engine tune and weight reduction and it's no surprise to me they were running the pace they were. They are our muse now. We have some work to do!
  14. We (Love Racing) had a pretty eventful race. I'll give a full report during lunch but every one of our four drivers dropped 7 whole seconds off of their PR from last year. Still plenty of pace left in the car, and we are learning a ton as drivers.
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