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  1. At least one seat, up to two, available for the July 17th-18th Nelson Ledges race. Team and car have raced at Nelson before and the car performs well there. Car is a BMW e36 in the C Class.
  2. Still looking for a seat, Rob? Shoot me a message on here if you are. EDIT: Wait, I'm dumb, I'll just DM you now. No sense in waiting
  3. Seat has been filled. Thanks everyone for your interest!
  4. Updating - seat still available. Unfortunately not taking rookies at this time.
  5. One of our normal drivers isn't able to attend the May 28th-30th Watkins Glen race this year so we have an available seat in the #380 North by Northeast Racing BMW. It's a well sorted e36 and this is the home track for the car so we expect to be quick as usual. 2 stints + test day included. Please let me know if you're interested and let me know your experience as well.
  6. Well. Good to see it wasn't just all in my head how close that actually was. Thanks for finding that footage and editing it so nicely
  7. I actually started off Champ (Chump back then) in a MkII Golf so I was born into racing with a super low-power platform. I think we were actually the 52nd slowest car out of 54 entries in the 36hr race in Spokane. Still came in 7th too! It's a trip to actually experience racing with straight-line speed now, though. Did have some great fun battles with you through the day so I can't complain too much. Was great racing with you
  8. I was the last car in the group to get past you as you swung back across, but it was close. I was watching you the whole time and kept you in my periphery as you started to come back on, but since I knew there was no way I'd be able to slow down enough to let you safely cross my nose, I really was just praying to the gods of full throttle to save me. Was very glad to see you and the car back out there after the haul-out from the truck. Our race in the #380 T&A Racing entry went as well as could be expected considering the situation. Both days, two separate transmissions let go enough that we only had 4th gear both days. Luckily that was the best possible gear to have for our car and that track, but it was a little heartbreaking since I was leading early on Saturday and only fell back because I had no trans. Also heartbreaking was getting beaten in a drag race by the Miatas on the final turn onto the front straight. Certainly made for some very fun battles though since we always had to consider a line that kept us in a 4th gear rev range. Unrelated...here's the best bit of footage I have of my own stint. Stupid T-Rex arms... K1jj7G.mp4
  9. They always go the fastest right before they pop...
  10. Hello all, We had a driver and crewmember drop out for the VIR24 due to some personal issues and wanted to open it up to the forum to see if anyone was looking for some stints. The #380 Tim & Aaron Racing 325 BMW is podium-capable race winner that is a reliably built/maintained C-class entry, sponsored by Wilbert's U-Pull It. The team have been racing this specific platform for 3 seasons successfully, and we've been racing for many years prior so have lots of experience in car prep, strategy, and obviously the on-track work. Due to our dropout, we have up to three stints available, but you certainly don't need to buy all three if you don't want to. If you're interested in either driving or crewing, please contact myself here on the forums or Tim. Look forward to hearing from you guys!
  11. To be fair, the yellows were localized and the rest of the track lights were showing as green. I think the data feed was a little confused compared to the track lights/flags. That said, thanks to the T&A team for providing a great and incredibly reliable platform yet again. Thanks to ChampCar for giving us the opportunity to race at these amazing tracks. Final thanks to that Red "Belgian" Jetta that I drafted for the last 4-5 laps of the dusk stint. That tow helped us fuel save long enough to make our strategy work perfectly and allowed us to have better lap times than me just fuel saving alone during that time. Guess I need to order myself a new track map for the side of my helmet now that I've checked Daytona off the list.
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