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  1. Having seen issues like this pop up in my professional life, I'm a big fan of documentation and transparency. Cars should have a "digital logbook" which is posted here on the forum. Anything being claimed should be logged here. For instance, we would have "Car #128. 1990 Mazda Miata. 1.8 platform swap. (300pts). Aluminum Radiator <$300 (10pts). Non-adjustable, non-oem struts under 2x price cap (10pts per corner)" and so on. It would make it easier for other teams to know what's on a car without getting into things like spring rates, settings, secret sauce, etc. It wo
  2. My wife had a street one for a few years. Replacing the shifter mounting bushings with metal ones (shift unit to the tunnel) REALLY helped with not missing the gates on shifts and eliminated a ton of slop.
  3. There is absolutely no need for idlers or other pulleys on an NA/NB Miata if you remove the AC and PS. Simply remove them and do not use the outer belt groove on your crank pulley. The inner belt groove runs up to the water pump, over to the alternator, and back down. No additional pulleys needed at all. The AC and PS were in the same plane, and deleting just one of them also just meant a length different belt, as far as I know. My wife's street Miata still has PS, but the AC is gone. She just has a shorter belt running only the PS. This is how most Miatas race, a
  4. @JeffFK7: Thanks a lot for these. These look great, and some of the ones as dusk approached look fantastic! Thank you for sharing. Phil
  5. We run TR Motorsports wheels (mainly): Tire Rack. Currently 15x7.5 and 225/45-15 Hankook RS4s. The wheel is run by a metric ton of Spec Miata cars. Used ones are out there. We're thinking of moving up to 15x9 and running 245/40-15 tires. We'll need to add flares and take points for those.
  6. Yeah, we got dinged for having 4 8" LED mini- light bars AND two apex lights aimed down and out. Too many lights, even though the total size/area of my lighting, number of LEDs and overall brightness was much less than the guy that had the hood-width light bar that was bright enough to alter bird migration patterns. I'd love to see more consistency in how these lighting rules are applied, as I'm not sure "total number of lights" matters when someone has the Bat signal strapped to their hood. Thanks for the recommendations to check out Diode Dynamics.
  7. I can see the bucket list argument. That's what drives our team to try to hit up one "new to us" track each year. To be able to say "We were there." I love watching a pro race, and KNOWING the track first hand. IMSA coverage is awesome for this. And, to be certain, my comments are not directed to track amenities, or even the "mow your own" pit spots. Not all tracks can be COTA or some country club, and I don't think any of us want that. I'd compare Nelson overall to, say GingerMan: A small outfit kept running by folks who love the sport. My biggest concern was
  8. I'd have to echo DEE DEE's sentiment here. While a "classic" track, some aspects of this track's design and safety features are also a bit classic. When a driver needs to radio into the pits to have them tell someone that they are off, instead of a corner station seeing it (even at night), that is just plain scary. Tire piles instead of tire walls helped a few cars to get up in the air, and sometimes over the barriers. No braking markers, maybe just a few bike reflectors. The fastest corner (the kink on the back straight) had no lighting, and plenty "light pollution" in the background fro
  9. On the topic of the scavenge pumps to create crankcase vacuum... If you listen to The Smoking Tire podcast with Matt Farah, find the Steve Dinan episode. He did exactly this when building IMSA race engines for Chip Ganassi. They were starting with the S62 engine (BMW V8 from the E39 M5s). He claimed that pumping losses at 7,000 rpm were worth 60hp (if I remember correctly). By running high crankcase vacuum, using Roots-style scavenge pumps, he was able to eliminate an entire piston ring, which meant a shorter skirt, less friction, etc. He goes in to some detail on it. They even used the
  10. I'd be happy hitting Autobahn, as it is all of 12 miles from our race shop. Please? Anyone? Bueller?
  11. Oh, it was a Supra? We were trying to figure out what that car started life as all day long at it loomed large in our mirrors on every 4th lap.
  12. Car 128 - Hakuna Miata race report: We did fairly well for our first Champcar race. Our team has been racing Lemons for 3 years, decided to try something marginally less silly. We were the lucky dogs who got spot #1 for the start on Saturday. Car was running well in the damp. We are running Azenis, and they had two previous race weekends on them, both soaking wet. We figured we had enough rubber to run all day, then we'd switch to our previously lightly-used BFGs. As the track dried, our times came down, when I handed the car over to the wife
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