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  1. That could have gotten very exciting had it severed the positive battery cable. Was nice sharing a garage with you guys. Sorry we had to hog it all day Saturday.
  2. Used to heel toe really aggressively, then I got into a fuel conservation situation and stopped blipping to save that tiny bit of fuel and discovered it wasn’t really necessary. Now I mostly don’t bother and focus on braking and line. No problem whatsoever getting all my downshifting done before turn in, just don’t coast w the clutch in. Brake hard, stab clutch and change gear at more or less the same time and then release the clutch just slightly slower than “dumping it” and everything seems to match up just fine. Probably using the clutch more than I need to but it’s OEM (at least for anothe
  3. Bill - I appreciate the quick response. Thank you. Glad to hear this is the case. I am still left shaking my head wondering how a majority of the board voted to "free the alternators."
  4. I'm the last person to believe, much less start, anything that might remotely be considered a conspiracy theory, but I'm honestly starting to wonder if Bill Riley is in the ear of certain board members saying things like - You know, I've been racing for a long time, and if you want this series to grow, you need to start doing X, Y, and Z, where X, Y, and Z include things like "allow greater build flexibility" and/or "increase the opportunity for sponsors to get their parts on the cars." And I can see how, coming from a guy like Bill, that might sound compelling, particularly if you
  5. OK, I'll just come right out and say it - that was really dumb. You had this mostly unassuming thing sitting out there at 5 points that a team with 5 points to spare could look at and say "should I go with that fancy alternator or should I make myself some dive planes [or other helpful item that can be made with ~5 points of material]? Hmmm, decisions decisions..." Now everybody has to go out and buy a stupid expensive fancy alternator to keep up with the big spenders. Perfect example of what everyone is complaining about. (I'm not even going to address the
  6. Let's talk alternators shall we? I don't think I've seen this yet. If I find a lightweight "racing" alternator (or even an OE-style alternator) that comes with what would otherwise be an underdrive pulley is the whole thing free or do I still pay points for the pulley?
  7. Late to the party here but let me just say: On the original topic of adjustable toe links, before the tech desk was a thing I specifically emailed to see if I could take an OEM BMW sway bar link, which is a solid, round metal rod with two ball joints at the end, cut it in half, thread the ends, and run them into a coupling nut secured with lock nuts to make an ajustable sway bar link and was told in no uncertain terms - zero points, fabrication and fasteners are free. On the topic of repurposing material to make items on the fixed point value list, this is 100% allowed
  8. Our OEM bracket and in fact the entire floor upon which the OEM battery was supposed to be supported was completely rusted out and supported with some carpet and an old license plate, so yeah, we had to relocate the battery bolt it down with some square tubing and threaded rod. It's in plain sight and tech never said a thing. Didn't even think about claiming it. We could probably debate points for relocation but I don't think anyone has ever been hit for it. There's also a very strong argument that all of this is safety related and therefore free, and I think that's th
  9. I believe it was added sometime in the last year and I relied on it when swapping out our stock rack for a quicker E46 unit. Not even afraid to put this out there. I cannot fathom a broader term than "component," so yes, go ahead and use whatever power steering rack your heart desires.
  10. EXACTLY! Teams are already making these choices. The teams that run RS4 instead of re71r will probably continue do so. The only time everyone gets excited about tires is when someone spends insane amounts of money and changes tires at every stop. The goal here shouldn't be to make everyone spend the same amount of money on tires in a given weekend. The goal should be to put a ceiling on how much more a well-funded team can spend. As for running old tires, I know exactly what state they are in because I ran them when new in the prior race and then stored them in my cool,
  11. All this talk about the power steering box. What am I missing? 4.3.2 - Fixed Point Value List Power Steering Components - 0 pts The only potential hit for a power steering component is 10 pts if you convert to an electrical system (next line item on the list). Pretty much anything else in the power steering system, be it the rack, pump, lines, hell maybe even a cooler - is a "component" and at least by my read, free. When you combine this with the free driver comfort items just about everything between the steering wheel and the tie rods is (arguably?)
  12. Not true, it's your choice to bring used tires (we do the same). You are already choosing to be at a disadvantage because you could choose to bring 2 (or more) fresh sets to every race weekend. You can still choose to run used tires under a tire limit rule, it's just the extent of your disadvantage would be reduced because you and your used tires won't be running against teams that are changing tires at every stint. Of all the options being kicked around here, a limit on tire changes makes the most sense. It is the easiest for Champcar and competitors to monitor while doing a good
  13. You can build your own supports easily enough and I bet if you price out the foam, glue, resin, fiberglass, sandpaper, and time required to make a wing from scratch - which will never work as well or be as durable as what you'll get from NLR - that $275 is going to seem like the bargain of the century. FWIW, we don't have that kind of money (or any money, really) in our engine, either.
  14. Have you priced other wings? Nine Lives Wings are BY FAR the most cost effective option out there with proven results. When coupled with a homemade splitter that cost me less than $100 to build it absolutely transformed our car. Worth every penny IMO. But if you insist on building your own, I would google around a bit to see what Eyesore Racing (a Lemons team) did for the wing on their Miata. If memory serves they posted a fairly detailed build thread that includes what airfoil profile they used.
  15. I have very carefully reviewed the Wisconsin executive order as part of my day job, and I put the chances of this race happening at precisely zero. In my opinion Road America is being incredibly irresponsible by not announcing that the track is closing. It's like they're playing chicken with the organizers to see who will cancel first because if the orgs. cancel RA (I assume) gets to keep some or all of the fees.
  16. If air dams made from repurposed material are free (this has been confirmed multiple times including on my own car) I see no reason why splitter diffusers from repurposed material would not also be free.
  17. When Road America makes a decision it will be posted here: https://www.roadamerica.com/covid-19 Note that as of my posting this, the last update is from March 23, BEFORE the Wisconsin Governor's Executive Order went into effect.
  18. Yep - This race will have to be cancelled. Despite this group's personal feelings on the matter, race tracks are not essential businesses.
  19. This ^^^ - Fatigue followed by fracture. Makes me consider dye-penning my hubs. Added - Did you ever change your rear wheel bearing and if so how did you get the inner race off the hub? I know lots of people (myself included) sometimes use a dremel and chisel to split the race, but if you knick the hub with the dremel, there's your stress riser.
  20. This was discussed at length when they modified the tire protrusion rule. Flares are charged at materials cost.
  21. Easy fix. Claimed cars are given 1 hour to remove safety equipment, driver comfort items (guages), camaras, etc.
  22. So is it 8+7 or 8+8? Title/Logo and event schedule are in disagreement. Also, anybody want to split a garage?
  23. Our top speed into 1 was about 119 and minimum speed through 1 on the good laps was about 43
  24. No, I don’t. If that’s how RH/RM work then it’s not a viable solution. My understanding was that negative laps could be displayed.
  25. Mark them EC in the standings like was done at Indy and add 1000 laps (not 100) to start. Job done. If you want to unnecessarily complicate matters further, make it 1000 plus whatever their actual penalty laps would be under the rules so the EC cars can "compete" with each other on "fair" terms.
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